Should You Watch READY PLAYER ONE? – Movie Review

Ready Player One is an upcoming film by Steve Spielberg based on the book by Ernest Cline. We saw the world premiere of the movie and sat down to discuss our SPOILER-FREE impressions.

Hosted by: Ashley Jenkins, Burnie Burns, and Jon Risinger

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Ken Kopas says:

Planing on Opening (Thursday) Night showing. Thank you, You have made me even more excited for this MOVIE.

Evil Roy Slade says:

I plan on Redboxing it. Honestly this movie has to break a record for the highest amount of character cameos in film history.

ZebulonFoof says:

I’ve decided to go see it because of this spoiler free review, so thank you.

Fox of Fire says:

i can actually see this becoming a reality in the future
step 1. Vrchat

jdzspace33 says:

I’m going to see the movie twice after re-reading the book. Once for the story, once for the easter eggs/references. Then i’ll ignore any money grab that comes after it. RPO is great, and has it’s own spot in pop culture. I don’t think it should be a franchise, because it goes against the original vision of the story. But I look forward to Cline’s vision

Lewis Gibson says:

Please say the Rush quest made it 🙁 or atleast a couple’a references

Clifton Coffee says:

I’m thankful you guys tempered my expectations for this movie. After seeing the race scene, and that the setting in the movie wasn’t in Oklahoma City, which is disappointing for someone who lives really close to the protagonists location in the book, knew there would probably be more changes to come. I hate that this seems to have a lot of deviation from the book, but knowing that Cline was involved in writing the screenplay, I’ll go into this with an open mind and try to enjoy it for what it is.

William Santiago says:

Was this out of focus for the whole interview? Even on max settings, it looks like 480p.

Mikes vlogs says:

Wow this movie sounds pretty good. Especially since we’re so close to the Oasis anyway.
I saw an elders react video where they react to VR. And an old man asked an anime girl in the VR chat game why she was a girl when the player was a a guy. And the guy said, “it’s just a skin dude sheesh.”

That reminds me a lot of the reference Burnie made at about 6:35

James Knight says:

the movie is nothing like the book

kdhorserider says:

I’m definitely going to see it, can’t wait to share my feelings on the movie

justin g says:

10:15 the second they started talking about cutting down books, I was waiting for this call out.

DinoShotgun Gaming says:

So is this basically live action SAO?

Syn's Arcade says:

Am I the only one who would rather see a faithful yet imaginative adaptation of Snow Crash instead of RPO?

Charles says:

It’s going to be a download for me. I just can’t seem to get pass adding the car race or watching people moving around instead of just using the gloves.

Christopher Edwards says:

As someone who read the book this is the exact review I was looking for thank youuuuuuuuu

J Dxvx says:

Can’t expect a 2-3 hour movie to be 100% faithful to any book.. Things have to be changed, added, combined, removed to make a book into a movie and it to work. I never understood people who think like that. Nothing wrong with being devoted to the source/canon, but would anyone really want it to be 100% like the book if that was even possible which it’s not?? I like the changes even when I have read the books, it’s what makes it fun, new and exciting and sometimes the changes are really good. The changes can also make for discussion which is also a great thing about seeing a movie, you can have fun discussing it with your friends, family and others afterwards.

Nicholas McCann says:

I love watching The Know 🙂

GhostTrainerComet says:

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the scene in the middle you were talking about was when the Iron Giant was introduced.

Maka556 says:

The fact that the Iron Giant is used in this movie is borderline offensive. Way to taking a touching film about pacifism and how your choices can override your programming and turn that focal character into a gun. I don’t know how Spielberg could miss the point that badly, but he managed.

AceinPolar says:

im interested to see this.movies noramaly give me anxiety but because i practically live on the internet im excited.

DinoShotgun Gaming says:

But VR Chat has some role playing in it.

Anthony Allen says:

Thanks for this review. You addressed my biggest concerns from book translation, etc.

Yong Hindy says:

I look forward to watching the movie after reading the book. However I believe this could easily be made into 2, maybe stretching for 3 movies. Totally recommend reading the book. If you read it you can already see the numerous changes made in the trailer.

John Hunter says:

i’m seeing it when I go to Australia cause its near the end of my vacation there

DinoShotgun Gaming says:

Did they have to get permission for every game they referenced or did they just change the names and models (kinda of like when duke nukem said “power armor is for pu*sies.” in that reference in his game)

OodustwindoO says:

I already noticed in the trailer differences that have me a bit worried

Stuart Abbiss says:

Work at a cinema in the UK got free tickets to an advance screening on the 20th 🙂

Jacob Barnes says:

It’s like pixels 2 *Throws up in mouth a little

DinoShotgun Gaming says:

I find it weird they are comparing this gaming like movie to real people, I would probably just compare this to SAO or any other anime like it.

deltron1207 says:

You are so right The goblet of fire World Cup scene was so disappointing, I was super mad since that was the only reason why I wanted to see HP Goblet of fire

Ashtarte says:

Having watched this I’m more likely to watch the film now. I read the book and thought it was a great idea but I felt the pacing was really bad and the second act was really bad. If they changed enough to keep the core identity while trimming the fat and altering the drier parts it could be enjoyable.

Andy Lindner says:

Burnie’s self control is improving – while he was talking he never once tried to unhook Ashley’s bra.

K. Tucker says:

Not interested in this movie at all. At this point its beyond repetitive and rascist that stories like these can be only told from a young Caucasian perspective.

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