SkyScraper Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex all think Skyscraper was AWFUL! Just how awful? Find out and save your money this weekend!
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Andre Wakefield says:

its not THAT bad. Its a B-movie popcorn flick. I think its worth watching once if you’re a Dwayne Johnson fan

enin washington says:

You know what I seen the movie, and I thought it was a damn good one. Instead of taking this guys word u make the assessment. I give it an 8/10.

RyuShinkuuHadoken says:

Could other Joe grow a beard so whe could have the three versions of Joe?, Handsome Joe, average Joe and the other Joe.

Late Bloomer says:

What exactly was Alex sipping on?

radio ron santos says:

I think rock sucks anyways stick wrestling worst actor ever

GravellerGear says:

When I saw the trailer, I thought… Die Hard.

2004mojo says:

The Joes, Double Toasted & Stuckman all thought this was garbage. But the Schmoes thought it was popcorn fun like many fans. It’s the Rock. I’m going with the popcorn crowd and see it.

SparklyDude says:

This movie is so trash Dwayne leaping into the skyscraper definitely haven’t seen that before

Kamron Croucher says:

Let’s get some game reviews going

Nima Sadeghi says:

dwayn johsnons movies are all shit it seeems like he makes one a day bollywood style

Virtual Robots Revolt says:

I really liked it. But I’m a guy and I like action movies. I dont care about character development and symbolism when im going to see a Rock movie.

Cosmic Castaway says:

Biggest issue with this channel is how often you interrupt the other two. They hardly ever get a word in and when they do, they barely get into it before you cut in and go off on your own tangent. Love the show otherwise, but this issue is present in every. single. review.

Let the boys speak.

Grant Pirie says:

I enjoyed it

Benson says:

Man you have a problem this movie was awesome I loved it so much

TitanXPrototypeX says:

I had a feeling after watching the trailer that this movie would flop…

Ball Daily says:

Why the fuck are we getting more movie review videos than Game Review videos.

BananaLuxray says:

The funniest part of the movie was when the little girl said “Are we gonna die?” to the mom. She didn’t look worried or scared but was just looking normally and saying, “Are we gonna die?” That part had me laughing out loud like crazy.

Landon Baker says:

What’s the metal song at the end

Gianni Rossini says:

Damn other joe getting on that Lakers bandwagon

IntoTheFray says:

I didn’t go into this movie thinking it was gonna be some huge classic. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie aside from some campy parts. It’s not terrible IMO

Crystarium Network says:

He’ so fucking drunk here lmao . I want to get drunk with AJ.

Francisco Perez says:


BananaLuxray says:

Dwayne Johnson is the king of mediocre movies.

Thanos Fonias says:

Rock is catching up to Cage… FAST!

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