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Chris Stuckmann reviews Skyscraper, starring Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Noah Taylor, Roland Møller, Byron Mann, Pablo Schreiber, Hannah Quinlivan. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.


32lilbruce says:

I enjoyed it. This is over analytical Chris were talking about it. Its a fun dumb movie, doesn’t need to be Oscar worthy to be enjoyable.

LukeyWukey says:

I’ve seen it and I couldent help but think about how similar this is to other movies and it’s another one of those rock movies where he survives everything

He Richard says:

god start to have rock fatigue , this guy is everywhere………….like a fucking McDonald fast food

אבי צ'ילי says:

hey chris if you can please do in the future top 10 tv shows of all time


Chris be wearing the best shirts

voodoochile333 says:

The rock soooo wants to be sly or arnie but just can’t get a good movie never mind an iconic one.

Kameron Moinian says:

What’s happened in your life recently? You’re way more negative the last few months? Do you even enjoy doing reviews anymore, because as a viewer, you look annoyed of it.

Tam Jeff says:

This is a Chinese co production and cannot be rated R. The Chinese in mainland China need to show this film for better or worse. I am sure it will make its money back but I have been to the theatres there and skyscraper will probably be an empty theatre in the third tier cities.

Victor M says:

just another rock movie, i pay to go movie to see something else, the rock career has being awesome but these same bullsit kid, family friendly movies i dont go to.

Brady Sutliff says:

if people buy this ticket hollywood will only get worse. please boycot

Mounir Abbas says:

Honest review and he is right

Gabmoreno2 says:

i still remember RAMPAGE

Agustin Gamez says:

I thought it was meh at best. Just the generic title of the film should be a red flag for generic action flick. I still think there have been way more films that are far worse in this vein, but I found it semi-entertaining, but didn’t feel like there was any real danger for the protagonist and his family because it’s pretty predictable, and well, generic. I do agree that it falls under the category of “forgettable,” but I didn’t go into this movie with high expectations either. Why did you not talk about all that exposition? If anything, it was a movie to pass the time, nothing special, nothing extraordinary, nothing good, but it is what it is, generic action flick.

M 310 says:

A Die Hard wanna be….

Phillip Lee says:

I saw this movie the day it dropped and i 100% agree with everything he said

E Boogie says:

I can’t believe they spent so much money on that piece of shit. A D+ is being very generous to this movie. The only reason why I saw this was because I had the AMC A list and wanted to experience Dolby Cinema for the first time

Shadow Seeker says:

i knew the movie was very bad just from the trailer oh look another dwayne johnson cliche action movie anybody wanna shoot me in the head this type of movies like this one have died out decades ago

alan kulaksiz says:


Greg Schultheis says:

Wow Chris Stuckmann would rather review this turd than one of 2018’s best films… Sorry to Bother You. Guess this was the easy click bait review. You’re slacking bro

What am I says:

Not surprising

RyuShinkuuHadoken says:

When I was watching the trailer for this at the Ant-man and the Wasp premiere I leaned over and said to my wife “Die hard”.

Enda Donnelly says:

I’m going seen skyscraper n

Stephen Wilson says:

easily one of the funniest movies i’ve ever seen the rock is basically a god the entire movie he’s unkillable

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Look like San Andrea’s and the first purge and Jurassic world weren’t good

Umer Qazi says:

Review the Nathan Fillian Uncharted movie PLEASE!!!

OLD MAN MARLEY the south bend shovel slayer says:

Saw it today leave your brain at home also did you know duct tape is amazing …I mean it can be used for ANYTHING !

shaneisdad says:

Hey chris when do you think that we will get another video game review from you i would love to see what you had to say about the new God of war

Sebastian Schildhorn says:

I thought when I saw the trailer that I already saw the entire movie. Saved me money and time. haha, I knew its going to be bad. No doubt about it.

Kristie Olson says:

loved it! I never thought for one moment this was a legit scenario of movie and was fun to watch. Sometimes it is just fun to watch a movie.

2809kev says:

Is The Rock using the same agent as Nicholas Cage?

livefree794e says:

Ppl can’t go to the movies because critics have know imagination they bash movies for being a fuckin movie it’s a movie geez… this movie was entertaining and it stops movie fans from seeing a good not great movie then when it hits DVD or blu ray alot of ppl say it was good should of went to the theater to experience it on the big screen!

Lexy T says:

Because they know they can make a profit in China lol

Abhishek Tarafdar says:

How the hell could anyone think this movie was gonna be good at all?

Speedy Gunz says:

Chris, I’m looking at you, and am not buying your ‘Dollar Shave Club’ endorsement.

Grant Moyer says:

Do another blu ray collection video, I bet it’s grown tremendously

Cameron Dominguez says:

After reading comments I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking of Die Hard

Joseph Perez says:

Die hard with the rock

David Martinez says:

Rampage came out this year, really? I completely forgot about that movie

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