Slender Man – Movie Review


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Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review Slender Man, starring Joey King, Julia Goldani-Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Javier Botet. Directed by Sylvain White.


Erik Hawkke says:

After watching things like Tribe Twelve, Everyman Hybrid, Keratin Garden, and the OG Marble Hornets I just can’t watch some lame Hollywood clone.

Nayak Cinema says:

The ending was hilarious!

Kiito says:

the slenderman fan movie was better than this

Doomguy says:

I had my worries.

Bush 08 says:

It’s disgraceful that you have not reviewed Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

JulianGreystoke says:

You know a trend is over when Hollywood makes a movie about it.

Chris Hansen says:

They won’t show this in my city because it’s pretty much where the slender man stabbing happened. Oh well no one would’ve seen this shit here anyways

Jeremiah Vink says:

Great “website-video” guys! xD

Brooke Babbles says:

JOHN! buddy. it’s not based on a gammmmme. The game is based on the photo contest/urban legend/creepypasta. C’mon man.

Laughtill YouCry277 says:

Love when ya’ll review shitty “horror” movies

Phil S says:

So they couldve shown it to the girls involved in attack and they couldve gotten some comic relief?! 🙂

Dyah Sulisyani says:

OMG, i cant stop replaying at 00:09 lol

The Unknown says:

So can we get a hilariosity for Urban legend

Yung Hollywood says:

They definitely dropped the ball. If made right this would’ve been the It of 2014

Andres Rangel says:

En 10 años John Flickinger sera despedido por disney por el chiste que hizo al min 3:00

Jared Richard says:

Its a shame cause the Slender man mythos is actually really good. Watch marble hornets instead.

MarTin ShorLux says:

Should’ve made this movie when Marble Hornets was a thing, now that’s the real slender man!!!

Joseph Garcia says:

i figured this movie would be bad. damn shame

Atomicomic says:

the gag at the end actually scared me cuz i had headphones in and i wasn’t looking at the screen

RafaelDB says:

I’m not scared of Slender Man… like, he seems like a Gentle man husband and Everyone portrays him as a baddie D:

Phil S says:

Oh no 🙁 lol

MonkGoneGamer says:

Who is the new guy? His lover??

king24lakerskobe says:

jeremy jahns said it was a good movie so I’m watching it

Dimas Mejia says:

I was waiting for this

koolgool says:

Just watch Marble Hornets. Preceded even the game and pulled the character off better… and was also scarier :v

WhoIsMaxi says:

I said this movie would be terrible, when I saw the first trailer. It looked like a boring and shoddy cashgrab horror film that didn’t even look remotely scary. And I’m glad I didn’t bother to watch it

Tarkoth says:

There actually already was a live action found footage slenderman series that came out on youtube years before the stupid videogame was ever made. Its called Marble hornets and it’s pretty much what this movie should have been.

Charmy Charmz says:

This feels like a spoiler review

Jordan rohan says:

Hey Chris have you ever thought about doing a review on Eyes wide shut?

AlexC'sFilms says:

I’m just waiting for the Jeff The Killer movie

Merthox Gaming says:

Slender boy is the big gay

Mr Patch says:

SlenderMan sneaking into my DMs smh

edvaira6891 says:

This would’ve probably been a better movie if it dramatized the story of those two girls who lured their friend to a sleepover and then tried to kill her…


I was actually waiting for your review before seeing this in the cinema. Now I’m not gonna spend my money on it. Thanks Chris & John !

Ruben Claudett says:

They tried to capitalise on nostalgia but failed horribly.

Scott Crosby says:

“This could be a great found footage movie”

Oh you mean like Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, Everyman Hybrid, Dark Harvest, MLAnderson etc?

Neil Price says:

If they did this movie as a parody of found footage movies, internet creepy pastas, with some creepy/scary moments and made fun out of the horror tropes that studios have used to death in the last 5 years it could have been a good watch.
Something like a found footage version of Slither for example.
Having jokes where the person with the camera wont put the bloody thing down to help, walks into things because they are only looking through the camera’s viewfinder and why do all the monsters ignore them could be funny as hell.

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