Slender Man – Movie Review

A movie based on the recent myth, 4 girls summon the Slender Man, and now must suffer! Here’s my review of SLENDER MAN!

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Symbiote God says:

All horror movies should be RATED R. If they are not then they are restricted to what they can do. Slenderman is another example of this. The stories bring up how gory Slenderman and his proxies can be. Seriously Hollywood go back to rated r horror movies damn it.

HK Kobayashi says:

It really ends how I think?! So Jeff the killer, smile dog, and Slendy all have an orgy at the end!? FUCK YEAH!

Bruce Wayne says:

I thought you were wearing emo make in the thumbnail, I was kind of wishing you were.

Irfaan Faki says:

This channel is gone to dirt

John Smith says:

He was actually a pretty nice guy, he adores the children.

Stoner Jedi says:

Marijuana Required !!!!!!!

yuri cake says:

Instead of this i want a full showing of everyman hybrid in the theatre, its better than this thing. Evens acting is on FLEEK

Lisha Merican says:

A movie bout Slenderman?…What’s next? Momo??

Lucas Adams says:

I love how like half the reviews on the movie on Rotten Tomatoes is “it was just cheap jumpscares”

Bruh, how many people who are going to/have seen this film played or watched gameplay of any of the slender games? Every single one of them is cheap jumpscares.

So I’m expecting cheap jumpscares and maybe the chance to recreate some 2012 memes

vocalpunk97 says:

Movie came out 6 years too late

Gaby McConnell says:

Won’t show this movie in Wisconsin considering what happened…I didnt want to see it anyway

Hispanic!AtTheDisco says:

I completely forgot about this movie

Blake Heskett says:

Sounds okay, I wait tho.

The Quantum Box says:

Only monster in history that has to wear a suit to for people to take it seriously.

pmg7171 says:

Sorry I have to disagree with ya, soooooooo boring, bad acting, crappie ending, not worth the watch

vocalpunk97 says:

Website video

Omar Rivas Bustinza says:

So it’s a good video game movie?

Nikola Berisaj says:

Holy fuck, could this be the first movie based on game that is not bad?

DamageIncM says:

Fair enough… ?

Stephen Morales says:

I’m thinking of taking my girlfriend to see this movie cuz I wanna scare her , but I saw the low ratings. I just wanna make sure if the movie is scary or not. Can anyone help ?

Chris Motionless says:

This movie sucks ass

Rich Reviews says:

Have you seen the documentary Beware the slenderman based on the slenderman stabbing.

Novuscourvous says:

sadly its not out here till the 24th

Brandon L. says:

Saw it last night, but definitely feel like the bad reviews is everyone else dismissing the movie before they even walk in and see it just because it’s Slender Man. I thought it was actually good, and thought it was super interesting. Kinda wish it was around when I was younger, probably would have scared the shit out of me.

Agent Venom says:

This movie was terrible

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Interesting review!

Cole Frambes says:

Best video game movie yet ?

TheFastFlames says:

This movie was awful! I’m doing u a favor don’t see it

Brandon Ninja says:

Sounds like a typical horror movie…

Danny waldo says:

Movie sucked! No actual plot.

Kevin Merrill says:

Wow. With the thumbnail, I thought it would have received a dogshit.

thefatman69fude says:

Slenderman isn’t a UR an legend. He’s a creepy pasta. Big difference Jeremy gah (sarcasm )

Sa sori says:

Did anyone laugh their guts out in the movie when the guy was on top of one of girl main characters on the couch and his head was just flapping around and he was making sounds? I was dead

alphaswag95 says:

Kind of a reoccurring thing in movies these days. You’re fully invested in them at first then you get bored halfway through. I’ll just see this next weekend with an open mind

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