Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story, starring Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Paul Bettany. Directed by Ron Howard.


RobbieCFC1888 W says:

Excellent t-shirt.. BR

kevin boudreaux says:

fascinating………………ive thought since the first trailer that it was a mistake putting Emilia Clarke in this movie

Mr. Bubblegum. jr says:



Jay Jay says:


Potato nugget Bun face says:

Still better than Book Club. I f***ing hated that movie.

lindinle says:

Im not going to watch this piece of shit. I know enought about the preproduction of this to know its a hunk of shit

Joe Joe says:

I can’t wait until the movie about Chewie’s Grandma’s neighbor comes out.

iambic76 says:

Thank you for the honest review!

mason verdicchio says:

We need Obi Wan and we need Ewan Mcgregor. Simple.

papa johnny says:

The Last Jedi and Solo are missing an essential part of all movies: A LIKEABLE STORY

tony corleone says:

You’re the guy who praised the last jedi haha. I can’t take you seriously Dude!

Potato nugget Bun face says:


Chihuahua Zank says:

This link is the trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s new TV Show

Angelourb says:

C? U just killed it.

chris stanford says:


Adino1 says:

That t-shirt is boss.

WizzBizz RF says:

Another huge justification for this film, especially considering the Story Group’s involvement, is world building.

Star Wars has the one time opportunity right now to expand it’s canon mostly through film, decades of film. In conjunction with books that will detail what already has been expanded upon.

Manwell says:

They should just leave the OG trilogy alone. Fuck the spinoffs with established characters, fuck the second trilogy. Give a great director the Star Wars universe and just say have at it

baloonia1 says:


Luis Rivera says:

….Kennedy what are you doing????

That guy says:

Ya I’m not gonna bother seeing it. I’m sick of generic unoriginal cash grabs that Hollywood keeps shitting out. I like passion in the films I see. Something I can tell my friends about. Tarantino and Wright do that perfectly. That’s what big studios don’t understand.

Richie 1138 says:

Kasdan wrote good stuff…… 30 years ago

nicodimus2222 says:

Star Wars is all about selling toys and other merch. The films are just marketing (that the customer also pays for…crazy.)

Sjaakadelic says:

SOYlo: a Fem Wars movie

ydoomsc says:

Pando has already been ruined…
Lando is now PANSEXUAL!!
Droid L3-37 fights for Droid rights & promote Droid LOVE…
BOYCOTT SOYLO!!!! for LUKE!!! for O.G. LANDO!!!

Thelonicus Gaming says:

Both Rogue one and This film seems like they just want to make feature films based on lines from the old trilogy. Im still much more hyped for Episode 9.

schakalakadingdong says:

I’d like to punch him in the face every time I see that idiotic tattoo. And his ugly shirts.

Matthew Vail says:

Han Solo dies

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