SOLO A STAR WARS STORY – Movie Review – The Double Toasted podcast are here with their movie review for Solo A Star Wars Story! After the mixed reception to the last Jedi, Disney and LucasFilm are hoping to win back the fans with this film based on fan favourite character, Han Solo. They’re also hoping the popularity growth of Donald Glover will help the film, but what does the Double toasted crew think? Find out in this funny movie review, where we show the Solo trailer along with Solo a Star Wars story clip while adding our toasty humour throughout! Let us know your thoughts on the film below.

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Frank Aelbrechts says:

get rid of kennedy and i might be interested to see a starwars movie again

Patrick Glanville says:

SITH was a great movie. Not all prequels were bad.

Drew Chase says:

He looks like Octavia Spencer.

Tyler Martin says:

38:39 Korey grab this from JonTron?

Bill Murray says:

Wrong Movie Sucks Big Time! It’s crap for creepy Millennials who have no intelligence and live with there parents!

me001ist says:

Why you got Sammy up there he aint seen shit.

Streamer Minion says:

Martin is looking like James Brown

GKJusticar55 says:

What’s so interesting about Lando?

yakuza01 says:

All I need to know is if Itchy, Lumpy and Malla make an appearance.

Malthe Olsen says:


I literally face-palmed when Darth Maul showed up in the end.. smh. WHY. It didn’t even look like him

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:

Spaceballs 2: Space Jews and Space Jedi

lunatiksAlterEgo says:

Martin looks like that rapper/pimp Sugafree

me001ist says:

You guys seen Cobra Kai yet? you doing a Cobra Kai review?

D-WIZZLE says:

Yeah, I don’t like Temple of Doom either……..

Dave C R says:

“He’s not like Han Solo because this is before the Han Solo we know”. Dumbest excuse ever.

Ewolf5150 says:

It’s time for an origin movie about Luke’s aunt

No Filter says:

solo a homo story fuck you disney die star wars allready

ComicBookGuy Henderson says:

George lucus was making it up as he went along as well. The star wars film are so overrated. They are actually terrible. I mean look at the ewoks and the holiday special lucus wanted that apart of the Canon.

WhatistheMatrix? says:

They need to make an all out SJW Star Wars, where they push their bs to the limit.

Ivan Lopez says:

For a second I thought Martin was Neil Degrasse Tyson.

MrCaveman366 says:

Ah, sensitive Sammy, we meet again

Rated M For Movies says:

Chewy has a movie. That weird Xmas special where we meet his family and he gets entertained by that dancing lady. What an acid trip!

Jay30k says:

I fell asleep a few times during the movie. Saw the Kessel run which was fine but I think I liked it because of the Asteroid Field theme from Empire.

Zer0Hour17 says:

I’m done with Soy Wars

YoshiPlaysMC says:

At 33:01 when they start talking about THAT cameo near the end of the movie it was clear to me how many other casual fans of the Star Wars universe are going to be confused. The cameo makes total sense when you have watched other Star Wars content. It will just make no sense if you just pay attention to film canon. My fellow Star Wars animated shows fans will know who I’m talking about.

Tim Taylor says:

Robots can build themselves? WHAT? HOW? One day I’m gonna wake up and find out my computer, microwave, and toaster, have formed an angry robot? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? Not even transformers is that fucking dumb.

Tristan Milner says:

“It’s, a character’s back story, out there in printed material but not in the movie.” Oh, like Palpatine, the OG Snoke, before the prequels?

Nono Nono says:

Sammy has never seen The Last Crusade, lol.

Lyanna zul says:

The movie was fast fun fresh on the get go…gonna see it again!…darth maul is back!

Matt D says:

Last Crusade is honestly a good movie lol but yeah I did not like Temple of Doom as much.

Scott Giles says:

Corey hair grow fast AF

Mikhail Washington says:

Whose the girl

Tim Taylor says:

Solo? No THANKS! FUCK THAT SHIT! Lando is the only interesting part, they should have just made a Lando movie. No one cares about Disney ruining Han, like they ruined Luke.

Jarrad Schreiber says:

They hardly even mentioned Emilia Clarke. I guessing she isn’t that memorable in the movie.



ladygiggles says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t think the new Star Wars saga movies aren’t complex?

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