Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Han Solo gets an origin story. Here’s my review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY!

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cecillbill says:

So, this movie is exactly what I thought it would be: checklist of Han moments shoehorned into something that Patton Oswald would eviscerate in another cameo Fillabuster scene on Parks and Recreation.

night breed says:

pointless movie is pointless.

Sheep Hater says:

Just remember it is ROTS, RO, ANH, ESB, ROTJ the rest does not exist

haleylindemann says:

You look great too, pal!

Christopher Nunn says:

Why are you shouting?

Prakritish Dutta Baruah says:

Didn’t even see the trailers. Definitely skipping this one out. Hope Ep. 9 is really good. Rogue One’s still the best of the new lot, although I really did enjoy Force Awakens.

Christopher Schott says:

Can’t listen to this ….Rrrrrrrrr..spastic

MiniatureMasterClass says:

Darth Maul shows up at the end of the movie.

GHOST says:

You know Jeremy I no longer trust you, criticize this movie too much but believe episode 7 and 8 are good sorry I see either bias or maybe some money was involve during those reviews

lilitalamo says:

I agree with you, but one thing bothers me. t means present time, t – 1 means past, if you thought about the future, you should have said t+1.

where am i says:

But you loved Suicide Squad

Linkman247 says:

Damn. Savage! And here was IGN blowing smoke up all our asses posting only positive twitter reactions. XD.

Guess I will be passing on this one and waiting for Netflix or a rental.

mathew mclaren says:

Why would they spit on the faces of original SW fans, then make a solo origins movie that would only appeal to the fans of the original trilogy. But they already spat in the faces of these fans, I dont understand Disney’s logic here…

steveninthe says:

But was it better than The Last Jedi , which was total crap

wrigh2uk says:

Next up :Greedo – a star wars story

Mike Steele says:

Fuck dude you are irritating

Joey Barrett says:

Jeremy, way to stay true to yourself bro! I feel like there are some reviewers who are pressured to support certain movies but not you man. THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BOMB! Subscribed…

John50 Beach says:

Congrats man you’re trending

Ori Alon Elkaslasi says:

What about Emilia Clarke???

Corey Towner says:

Was really hoping this would make me want to see it. Might still go, I don’t know.

Danny Doyle says:

Darth Maul is in it

General Vos says:

Star Wars….. A Franchise Of Missed Opportunities Story

Tristan Coward says:

I think ill stick with my original 6, the older books, and the games thank you very much.

DaHassleHaus says:

It has been 1 day did you forget it

Igniting Mental Fires says:

Would you say you’re a… Dong Lover fan?

Bogart1980 says:

I thought this was coming out in December? Oh well, maybe I’ll DVR it on Hallmark next year.


Love the thumbnail brotha.

auritone says:

Well, if the script is better than Last Jedi I will probably watch it on blu-ray….

MNK 90 says:

It’s just the same thing with all the new ones, they’re simply soulless commercial garbage… It’s fanwank from A to Z.

Donald Glover stands out because he actually loves SW and Lando and actually gives a shit, the rest from Disney to producer to director to the other actors are just in it for the money…

I mean fuck’s sake, how can you fuck up a Han Solo movie?!?

JustinianXLIII says:

If everyone loved the Last Jedi, you’d have loved this movie, Jeremy, you’re a shill and sadly I discovered that in TLJ review back then.

Frost Bear says:

Guys… GUYS…
Lando Calrissian solo film?

Alex R says:

Bantha fodder , I will only watch this movie when it release for free . I am sad to see the star wars universe ruined by crap like this . Move along …

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