SPOILERS! Dragonball Super: Broly MOVIE REVIEW | MasakoX

WARNING: Spoilers start at 9:15
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#DragonBallSuperBroly is here and as promised I share my thoughts both with spoilers AND non-spoilers so there is something for everyone. Did this movie succeed where Resurrection F fail? Let’s find out! DBS Broly review time! #Broly #review

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Jakwan Webb says:

Make another what if goku was female video

ragu suelto says:

But masako why you think Goku saying kakarot it’s a big deal?? I don’t get it

KaptinFathead says:

Saiyan Scientist: Sir, Broly’s power level is immense and could be a great asset to Vegeta.

King Vegeta: Wait. My son, the planet or me?

Saiyan Scientist: ….Yes.

counterPoppy says:

Ohhh… So u went there to see it.. u still going to the o2?

Alani Perez says:

I’m still confused how did people get to see the whole broly movie before the English was realsed did the went to Japan watch it or watched it in the web or went to the premier or people just lie

Fred Parrish says:

Not going to watch the video, I have to see it myself. Just wanted to say you’re lucky as hell to be able to go to Japan and see it.

kairos says:

Completely ignores the most epic scene in the entire movie
broly turning into ssj after the death of paragus

The Judgemental Cat says:

11:51 you sound just like Melchett there 😉

Mewtwo 2.0 says:


MasakoX says:

Please take care while reading the comments, friend. Thank you for watching!

Josh Calhoun says:

Spoilers start at 9:45

EHeroAndrew says:

Sticking around for the non-spoiler portion. I’m only gonna go see it in dub so that I can get full context of the plot.

Master Blaster says:

Hope if you ever do the abridge version that you include a homage to the old broly to what happens at the end lol.


Are you still here in Tokyo Masako? I’d love to show you the best places for Dragon Ball hunting!

Geekdom101 says:


Uncle Jesse says:

Is this the one where Goku isn’t strong enough to beat the bad guy. But trains and beats the bad guy? Or is this the one where Goku isn’t strong enough to beat the bad guy. But trains and beats the bad guy?

Zenith says:

Listen I don’t want to disrespect your friend, an opinion is an opinion, right? BUT at 4:30 when he says THE CG worked better on ROF just goes to show how little he understands about animation. You bring any, any CG/Animation student and show then the two and its like 10X levels of difference. It’s like no longer a matter of opinion, its just making stuff up in thin air about animation

Kaden Hughes says:

Spoilers start at 9:15

vegeta son says:

Ola suscribete ami canal porfavor porfis

KingofHearts787 says:

Up Up Down Down- Keep it Tight

美的―Sᴛᴀʀ says:

*7.8/5 Not Enough Broly*

100 subscribers without videos says:

The only thing you got wrong is that the attack goku uses is different from hit’s attack because hit uses a continuous time skip on Jiren while goku uses his ki

Michael says:

I ship Chillai and Broly.

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