Star Wars The Last Jedi Angry Movie Review – [NO SPOILERS!]

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex are shocked by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, did the film continue the momentum of The Force Awakens? This is a NO SPOILERS Discussion – Full Spoilers Discussion is to follow on soon!

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SoulCharter says:

I really didn’t like it. It felt like a marvel film in the star wars universe. I wouldn’t give it more than a 5. It wasn’t funny, story was really odd, but the visuals were great….
One thing that really pissed me off was the Saber fights……What the fuck was that about….

John Brown says:

They referenced Red Letter Media and I Cllllaaappppeeed!

Kevin Garcia says:

Honestly, this movie was shit.

oliver clark says:


he uses is for snoke as if hes currently alive

xDieHarDx - says:

Disney are ruining star wars. Every other main character is female , not because they’re good actors or characters but they cast them just because they’re female and we have to otherwise we’re sexist. Too many heroic suicide missions to save the day! Crappy childish humour. The dark side aren’t evil. Disney stop making star wars ‘ multicultural’ why feel the need to pick Asians and African Americans Mexicans just because of their nationalities

TheYgeth says:

Not bad, but not good enough

hyperM plays says:

With Episode 8, they got the turn and finally created the movie that was supposed to be Episode 7, in my eyes.
Episode 7 was much worse than 8.

Jesus Flores says:

I stopped watching them once Lucas stopped

ark13700 says:

This is the Halo 5 of star wars

Thomas Currell says:

I really liked it… I’m surprised by all the dislike

TheLine says:

wow Joe’s reviews got a lot better. I like how it’s more focused now. might check them out more.

hyperM plays says:

With Episode 8, they got the turn and finally created the movie that was supposed to be Episode 7, in my eyes.
Episode 7 was much worse than 8.

Bad- Hair-Day says:

So many words when ‘shite’ would suffice.

MrCottos says:

this is easily a 9/10 I respect your opinion but all I heard was how it didn’t answer a lot of questions. Its not supposed to its the second movie of a trilogy the third however needs to answer these questions.

Perkele Itse says:

Disney just fucked SW for me, for good, and I think for lot of other people aswell.

They’re just not SW movies anymore, the soul is gone, and now it’s just a generic Disney “Whole family” movie with stupid comedic bullshit and forced relationship shit and what else.

This was not entirely a BAD movie, I’d give it a 6 or 7 out of 10, but it just fucked SW EVEN more than Shit Awakens.

George should have NEVER sold his baby….

Bill Faulkner says:

This was hot garbage! 7/10?! Dude, you’re gonna look back at this like your Suicide Squad rating.

Metal Boss says:

7/10 is too focking high. its a 2/10.

Keef Fontaine says:

!!!Minor Spoilers!!!

Heroes aren’t heroes because they’re truly heroic. A hero doesn’t wake up heroically, put on his hero pants, eat his hero breakfast, drive his hero car to heroics, and save the day every day. Try it sometime, it’ll cripple you after a few months. Soldiers do it for years at a time and most of them come out of it with physical or mental (or both) disabilities that burden them for the rest of their lives. And even they don’t do it every single day.

Heroes are heroes because when the moment comes, despite all their flaws and weaknesses, they do what needs to be done and they do it for the right reasons.

Regarding the Finn/Rose dynamic. I found it interesting and it helped develop and drive Finn’s character. Finn had a tendency to give up and run away when he’s scared. It’s something he struggles with. At his heart he’s afraid, but he also cares and wants to do the right thing. He’s not the best fighter, he’s not the strongest. It’s obvious the Force is with him, but probably not enough for him to ever be a Jedi. Rose was a driving force for Finn. She pushed him. She brought him shame when he felt like running and emboldened him to be better. At the same time she had her own growth as a person. She started practically worshiping Finn as a hero. By the middle she’d accepted him as a flawed person. By the end she loved him, not for being a hero, but for being Finn. That doesn’t mean Finn felt the same way about her. It wasn’t a forced love story. It was necessary drive to push Finn forward to continue being the hero the Resistance (I’m still not sure why they don’t call it the Rebellion anymore) needs.

Trever P says:

I love this movie. I love Luke in this movie. It’s so interesting to see him older and more Jaded then redeems him self at the end. Say what you want about Rey, she is a bit of a Mary Sue but I like that and I like her. I still think Snoke is Darth Plaugies and Rey is the new chosen one and Snoke created her like he created Anakin to leave the force in darkness, or to bring balance to it ;D . Also I’m thinking we’re going to get multiple Jedi vs multiple Sith in episode 9 since Kylo “killed” Snoke and now there’s no master and he can do what he wants to he’s probably going to start a Sith order.

blood raven says:

BIG JOE isnt movie tired yet which i think is a good thing

Camper Dave Lifestyles says:

Dude in the middle. Let the others speak . All you do is cut them off!!

Andre Novacaine says:

Shut the fuck up. This movie was not that damn bad. Perfectionist ass fans will not let these movies exist under their own merit. A good film with uninteresting moments that ultimately warrants its ticket price due to the visually impressive universe and the lead (Daisy Ridley). You SW fans are impossible to please. I wonder where this franchise would stand if the internet were around to give A New Hope shit for being “generic”, “too far fetched”, and “goofy” back in 1977. Seriously, some people would probably call the fucking Force contrived.

Roland says:

For me its on par with Return of the Jedi.
Yeah I said it its about on par it has its good and bad moments, its plot holes, and disappointments just like Return of the Jedi with its ewoks, Boba Fetts laughable death, and its own numerous plot holes. Its not as good as Empire Strikes Back or New Hope but I feel its about on par with Return of the Jedi if you take away the nostalgia and really look at it.


The movie is complete shit. Stop kidding yourselves. It’s just SJW Disney fluff to move more merch. Fuck Disney and RIP to Star Wars canon.

Malachi Massey says:

“Yeah oj I’m a little dilerius. The movie is a 6/10” yeah that’s probably not the best review.

Seth Houser says:

Horrible Movie:
1.) Snoke, the main antagonist dies. He is suppose to be very powerful, dies by his apprentice. Snoke even says he know Kylo and everything that he would do, while near him. Then there is no background about this person. Then he just dies.
2.) Luke is not who he is suppose to be. He was the hope of Star Wars. He had hope to get his father to turn back toward the Light side. In this movie, he is a coward and anti-hope. He tried to kill his nephew, because he was turning to the Dark side. What total bs on what Luke is in the movie.
3.) Rey, the Marie Sue. She can do anything, without training. It took Annikan training to learn, and he was the most talented Jedi ever. Her back story still was not answered, only thrown away. You parents were drunken smugglers, how pathetic.
4.) Poe and the Admiral Holdo – They do not get along and she does not tell anyone that would need to know about the main plan. She deliberately does not tell anyone, which is the main cause for the mutiny.
5.) Phasma is still worthless. She is suppose to be great as Bobba Fet and yet loses again to Fin, whom should not have bested her. She is just thrown away, like she was in Force Awakens.
6.) General Leia somehow learns force bubble and uses it to get back to the ship. How!? She never used the force, she just knew how to sense Luke and others.
7.) Rose and Fin. There is nothing there for them to be together, at least not enough time for them to get a relationship.
8.) The whole Casino thing, is stupid. They just use it for animal rights.
9.) No new designs, talking about the designs of the space ships and vehicles. They are just slightly re-designs of the old. Unlike what George Lucas would have done.
10.) General Hux does nothing. He just a face that get trashed.
11.) Somehow Rey and Kylo defeat the guard that were suppose to be very powerful, since they do guard Snoke. Kylo and Rey get out of it unscathed.
12.) The rebellion could have rammed one of their ships into the ship that was chasing earlier in the movie. They just finally thought of it after only one ship was left? That is just stupid.
13.) The Last Order blew up the capital planet and several other Republic planets. Where is the outrage of every other Republic planet!? Where are the other Republic ships from other planets!? Where are the smugglers that actually did business with these planets!? There would be a whole army going after the First Order.
14.) Yoda just blasts the First Jedi books with lightning and makes a joke about it? WTF! Yoda would not do that, he believed in the Jedi, as well as Luke. They had a undeniable faith that the Jedi were the best choice in the galaxy. Then he just destroys the first Jedi books, do you know what that could have lead to?
15.) This movie just a rehash of Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Nothing really new here.

Josiah Baughman says:

this review……. I’m, I’m done.

brittanyxxbabyxx ASMR says:

I think the most disappointing thing about the movie is how they portrayed Luke Skywalker. His character seemed off. Also could we get the original writers from the Force awakens? That seemed like a better movie than this. It’s not awful but it could have been written better. I find it’s mediocrity…disturbing. And another thing about Luke…
His death didn’t give him the justice I wanted to. It was kind of like the way Han died. Too sudden wasn’t very heroic like I would have pictured our old, original heros dying.

Callumarri says:

It’s a shame to me you guys didn’t like the scenes with Finn and Rose. I really liked those because it was different, but also to me fit perfectly within the Star Wars universe. The scenes reminded me of clone wars and how they go to many different planets that are all so different with various species. I can believe that there is a rich planet and then ones like Tatooine. I really liked the fact that the rich are awful people too BECAUSE it feels out of place for a Star Wars film. Not every planet can be wonderful.

Perkele Itse says:

“The Last Jedi”

“The Last Nail On The Coffin*****”

Team Tinfoil says:

Star Wars isn’t ‘murdered’, and for the people who choose not to watch a new star wars movie again aren’t true fans of it.

When the prequels came out, the same exact response surrounded the series saying how star wars “went to shit” and that it was murdered. The fact is, star wars isn’t ‘murdered’ and it won’t be murdered. Every movie, and tv series ever known has bad episode(s).

I didn’t enjoy this movie, but I’m not going to run around saying, “Thanks, Disney, for murdering Star Wars.” The truth is that nothing will ever be as good as the original trilogy, and instead of being so stuck up with nostalgia, try and get over that. No matter what disney produces, or any future org, nothing will be as good as the originals. So stop comparing them with each other, it doesn’t add anything to your argument, and just shows how much of your opinion is clouded in nostalgia.

That being said, I do believe that this was the worst Star Wars movie ever released. But, the series isn’t murdered/dead, there will be more trilogies to come, and some movies will be good, and some will be bad.

carrito1981 says:

Fuck this channel and fanboyism. I lost all respect for angry Joe when I saw him pathetically asking for a “canadian bud light” at the first Tennocon XD

Hambardzum Galstyan says:

It was garbage.

Iron 12 says:

7 out of 10? REALLY? ok whatever…

Jim Harkin says:

It was shit.

SpoinRoin says:

To be honest, i was kinda dissapointed, i don’t know what it lacked, but i left the theater kinda confused for some reason.

Metal Militia says:

The movie is a disgrace! First hour just holds together, then it collapses; it’s a 5, at t!

Buckwheat. says:

It was a SJW bullshit movie run by feminists.

Hiding Behind Anonymity says:

Im done with Star Wars… Dead people acting is so fucked up … it would be 10x better to just recast… but because they have zombie hologram actors .. the movie will not hold up with tech… even the OLD films held with the tech they had but…

HARDCORE WARSy votes…… 1/10 wouldn’t star wars again

Trever P says:

People do not hate this movie as much as they say they do. They sacrifice what they like for a witty bandwagon YouTube comment. If you are reading this you already know what’s up. Bunch of band wagoners. If you reply with how much you hate this movie I simply do not believe you. You mother didn’t hold you as a baby and papa dipped now you’re posting YouTube comments how JarJar is better than The Last Jedi…It’s not your fault.

Alioth Ancalagon says:

I think you are way too blinded by the respect you have for the original trilogy.
If Episode 6 had just come out you would shred the Ewok subplot to pieces.

Metal Militia says:

The movie shitted on any good aspect from Force Awaken and the last hour was atrocious; it was a disgrace on so many levels…. Rogue One was great! Force Awakens was fan pandering, but fun, and set us up for a great second movie. This Last Jedi is a monumental artistic failure.

Megatron0451 says:

You’re full of shit. You’re trying to hard to like the movie. This movie sucked 4 cargo ships of dick and a dump truck of ass.

Marc Roy says:

The comments have me a bit down, I was so looking forward to it. Thank goodness marvel is around to satisfy my sci-fi nutball needs.

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