Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie review (Spoiler section)

Review of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, plus some of James’ favorite films of 2017 he wishes he reviewed. There is a spoiler section at end, with a warning. Twitter James ✜
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Restless Nomad says:

Luke drinking blue milk again was awesome.

RonPaulSwede says:

This movie is on par with the new Ghostbusters.

Jack Sheehan says:

This movie was much better than force awakens, not as many crazy coincidences. The siege-type plot on the rebel ship was a really unique concept for a movie and plot wise it was pretty interesting. I’m disappointed there was no real lightsaber duel in this movie, just the odd little fight, also, all the throwaway jokes ruin it, Like *Porg Screams, every one laughs*.

N Frigano says:

It kinda sounds like you two have your fanboy glasses on. I completely disagree with about 90% of your likes.

trexguy says:

Hell yes!! Colossal and a Disaster Artist are my favorites too.

Анерокес Варрис says:

movie is SHIIIIT!

Saturday Morning Cheap Seats says:

i put 2 above one solely for the Dooku/Yoda fight. but, still the worst two

C J says:

*Original trilogy is still the best.*

Tory Collins says:

The original trilogy sucked. Only nostalgia keeps people blinded.

Chip Manly says:

So much wasted potential

madferny says:

Who the fuck was Snoke!? The worst Sith Lord ever! No one knows who the fuck he is, why is he so deform, why if he was so powerful did he not see that Kilo was going to kill him? Fuck that! That was the most disappointing thing in the movie…

Donosaur says:

Loved it. We’re very used to treating Star Wars as a rehashing a lot of themes, and i’m glad they mage TLJ their own thing. I think this was better than TFA, considering TFA was literally a new hope. My only gripe was Snoke, he is just sort of there, no motivations or backstory, and its obvious the take on snoke was to just be a baddie, but he literally does nothing, I think we were expecting him to be a much more menacing figure. The Luke, Kylo scene was just gorgeous.

Tommy Bonetti says:

Thank you Ryan for making these fanboys cry and not putting in these ridiculous predictions. Fuck snoke(darth sidiuous number 2), luke is not perfect, and everyone can be force sensitive fck yah. Movie was great, a couple plot holes, but overall great.

Boozal m says:

Why are they reviewing every other movie lol>?

jesters08joker says:

Pretty sure Anakins parents didnt have the force.

Pat Pesa says:

This movie was absolutely terrible. Where are they finding these writers? If you’re a Star Wars fan this movie killed the franchise forever! Send these new WRITERS back to the 60’s give them some good acid and maybe we have a chance.

Not Impressed says:

Disney is loving the fanboy tears. They got your money already, so just sit back and enjoy what is there. Get over yourselves.

whatifallpotsinzeldaarecuccos says:

wow, disney has a pretty strong lineup of movies this holiday: the excellent coco and this.

RascalKyng says:

AVGN is a Disney shill….

Joey H says:

“harrison ford’s character” dude

Stephane Guenette says:

I didn’t hype it cause I saw a lot hated it and didn’t want to hate it… but I hate it …

Dwak Solo says:

Mike is right about the original trilogy.
Those movies were lightning in a bottle,
One of a kind.
Everything about them are just perfect and you just can’t recreate it.
The planets have to be aligned for it to happen, once in a life time.

llleolll says:

these guys have horrible taste for movies, no wonder his movies are huge piles of shit

Shish kebab H020509 says:

porgs are so cute. I am hoping Disney make a spinoff movie featuring them.

Jere Aho says:

The Jar Jar Stuned tongue scene is the Greatest SW moment of all time Good Sir!

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

I just returned home from the was good. I enjoyed it.
Thanks for the video

Killerbeast 2508 says:

I like how nobody mentioned Kylo Ren killing Snoke instead of Rey. People literally applauded in my theater when that happened.

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

They explained Reys powers, as Kylo got stronger his equal would rise!

mok egg says:

only hate the part with Rose and the code breaker, that was totally unnecessary…

BeyondCashed says:

you guys missed something, i think the point was that like james says its not about the “lineage” and that the force is in everything, and like at the very end, the little boy clearly has the force, so that ties in to rey just being a jo smo who has the force, are we to make speculation that that little boy at the end has to be luke’s son? no because the point is now that the force is everywhere yoda makes it clear in the movie , it was really good some interesting twists that we haven’t seen before

Bryon Miller says:

This movie was ok but it didn’t feel like a star wars movie. It was like a Marvel movie complete with one line jokes and complete bullshit (Leia in space?! WTF!). This franchise will be beaten into the ground, there will be a plethora of terrible movies released.

Miguel Lee says:

I think a LOT of people tend to consider the original trilogy as the best only due to nostalgia. Don’t get me wrong, they were great but this new one is by far much superior than Return of the Jedi. Let’s think and compare the story, execution and character development… this new movie was very good and apparently already underrated.

brollicon says:

I think it was a Puppet and Frank oz voicing. Very good decision if the blogs were true.

WolfyOfHonor says:

Force Awakens was WAY better than this one. I dont know what you guys are talking about

Jeremey Stevig says:

I actually had a conversation with a friend about how filmmakers doing this Star wars, partly, they give the fans what they want, and also at some point they have to throw the fans for a loop to do new things, and thats risky, but when you risk, big and it pays off, Bam!

Biosynthnut says:

I know people hate the prequels. This Rey has to be connected to.. thing. Needs to die. Did we forget the Jedi Order was made up of Force sensitives from around the galaxy? No one was related.

Dwaven Gully says:

The fact is Disney wants to destroy the Jedi because they want EVERYONE to be magically in tune with the force, even little kids with no training whatsoever. Hence they have to have an awakening of the force, and secondly, they have to kill off the Jedi and Sith and anyone trying to learn it – so the last Jedi it is. Couple that with Rey being a Mary Sue.

THIS is Disney Star Wars, where everyone gets a prize just for showing up. There’s no hard work to learn the force – even for the force sensitive people.

It’s that same molly-coddling culture that has turned the millenials watching it into triggered cry babies when things don’t work the way they want.

THAT is what I hate about this sequel trilogy more than anything else

Dwaven Gully says:

Utter drawn out rubbish.

MaximusJohal says:

The film was rubbish! just seen it and thought WTF….. so disappointing, just shows if you hype it enough people will believe it.

Avid Writer says:

100% agree. Star Wars is 4, 5, 6. I’m not even a big fan but I don’t like anything else. Rogue One was ok but it really had nothing to tie to Star Wars. Change a few names and places and it could be anything.

KnuckleDuster2004 says:

I can’t believe all the YouTube reviewers hating the direction of the new star wars… I feel like they don’t like it because it’s not the story they had in mind when they were playing with their action figures

Lord Renek Gamer says:

TLJ shocked I never though there could be a worst movie then TFA boy was I wrong.

Syzygy says:

It’s hilarious to see people even suggest that this film is worse than the prequels. Star wars is and always will be a children’s movie. If you went into this expecting citizen Kane, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. This movie was hokey as fuck, but enjoyable nonetheless. Anyone saying this is the worst one, or killed the franchise wasn’t old enough to live through the disappointment that was the prequels. Unless you remember going to the phantom menace on opening night, you don’t know true failure in a star wars film.

Timeghost says:

If you like The Last Jedi, please stop watching movies. You cannot comprehend the damage you’re doing to the industry.

Arodiscool11 says:

Episode 2-3 are comparable, don’t know how you can defend 3 as notably better. They both were passably entertaining and heavily flawed

farrar101 says:

Colossal was the worst film ever wtf genre even is it

Premier league best in the world says:

Best scene Luke drinking milk from a 4 tit alien ….Wtf

Quaselfasel says:

It’s just another Marvel-movie and worse. Soulless, mindless, senseless plot. They killed Star Wars and the characters of the OT. It’s a incoherent mess with too much cheesy humor. The prequels are masterpieces compared to this.

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