Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Star Wars Episode VIII is upon us! Where do Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo, and Luke go from here? Here’s my review for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI!

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Feris Yunos says:

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

HD says:

The movie sucked. Hard.

aygecko says:

Jeremy Jaws should be crucified for this review…pussy boy

Rachel Nelson says:

This movie is very complex and walking out of the theatre I knew I needed to see it again before I can form a complete judgement of it. Some movies that are less complex and more straightforward are easy to decided if I like them or not after one showing. I usually leave the theatre full of excitement or “disgust” (for lack of a better word), I knew that I liked it or didn’t. But Last Jedi had me confused, I enjoyed it but I don’t know how much I enjoyed it.

Random Complex says:

What a dumpster fire of a movie. I don’t usually criticize the new direction Star Wars has taken. I don’t mind that they retconned the extended universe out, I really enjoyed episode VII, and I loved Rogue One. This movie, however, is extraordinarily awful.

Marko Obrvan says:

I am one of the few who really loves Force Awakens, but this movie has some issues… If I were to look epic space fights and graphics, it is cool. But i came to watch SW.
First for good part, Rey, Kylo and Luke are just ass kicking characters, i would say that 1h of movie, based around them, is pure awesomeness. Humor is great, fights are great, all of three character have depth and development.
Snoke is under developed, Finn unnecessary, to much Ex Machina moments, Phasma sucks, story arch developed over “Not telling you best pilot, ex. captain and impulsive fighter that you have GOD DAMN PLAN for your fleet!”, who dafuq is Rey?! (at least we were told that Anakin was child of midichlorians, i hate it, but at least it is not THAT random) she is random girl from random planet so far. Yoda spirit destroys Whills instead of Luke?! Imagine that Luke destroyed Whills, had second toughs and THEN Yoda appeared to tell him that he grew wiser to left Jediah past behind and that he should go past that knowledge to Rey, but no, Yoda Ex Machina saves the day. One suicide rush decimates half of new order fleet? Why not suicide rush one bomber in each starship, I am sure there are autopilots or some suicidal maniacs in resistance. If bombers are too small, giving damage from cruiser, one medical ship could bring one down. Rey training falls to short, just so we could go and watch space drama as soon as possible.
I am not necessary saying that movie is bad, but I can say that movie has wrong focus most of the time. There is a lot better story to be told in background, that was shown in screen.

Jason Yuen says:

good call postponing your opinion on the Last Jedi. I just watched it. And I feel your dilemma. It was pretty darn awful. And instead of just blatantly lying like other reviewers, you decided to postpone it to a later date.

Damian Martini says:

“pussy out!” “Give us rating man!” (funny how the rating system was a joke all along and now you get the hate for it) You create your own problems I guess. And people are assholes, yes mostly that.

the Name says:

it sucked saw it heres spoilers kylo kills snoke cuts him in half yoda is in the movie as a force ghost rays parents are nothing but junkers AND YES ALL OF WHAT I SAID IS TRUE WASTE OF MONEY I WONT GO SEE PART 9 BIG WTF TO DISNEY THANKS FOR TRASHING STARWARS GEORGE LUCAS SHOULD NEVER HAVE SOLD TO DISNEY

CNVideos says:

The Finn and Rose arc is one that accomplishes very little but perhaps moral exposition. But maybe there’s a seed at the end?

Purefoldnz says:

I just saw the film today. Sadly it was disappointing. There are many plot points and characters that go nowhere. Parts of the film were shuffled to make it seem less like Empire but it does follow some Empire story beats and its waaaaay too long. I would give it a 6/10. Any questions let me know.

not your damn business says:

i dont give two shits about star wars, but i get that he doesn’t want to give it a “rating” yet.
the star wars fan base is one of the most cancerous of all. besides maybe actual fans of cancer.

Balkanishenjebach says:

In other words its….. OK, I guess. I would say its a good time, no alcohol required.

floyd75dylan says:

I’ll wait for redlettermedia’s review. They’ll give a more in-depth, & critical review like they did with Force Awakens.

Crazy Dude says:

I’ve seen it. And I have no opinion on it. I just don’t know what to think.

bradley willson says:

I have never come out of a cinema so dissapointed. And I mean that whole heartedly. Near the end of the film I was just thinking star wars should’ve been left alone. I know it sounds crazy but Star Wars has a standard and TFA was pretty nice this film was honestly shocking. As an avid fan who came in open minded I am so dissapointed. I think Jeremg has been too soft to this movie. I’m willing to make points with people questions. I think people should see this movie once or twice and then not see it again. This movie honestly would have been better if they ripped of ESB then this. The ‘originality’, Rian Johnson was going for just painted the view for this whole movie. Overall heavily underwhelmed.

Aron Van De Wijngaard says:

This review is exactly how i feel about the movie. I know what you mean with saying you want to watch it twice. I got into the movie with an extreme hype that it did not fulfill because no movie could’ve ever done that. Now i want to watch it and just look at the overall picture.

lionheartlamont says:

I normally don’t “comment below” but it kinda sucks when you go to watch a movie review and said reviewer doesn’t rate the movie!

Kevin Nguyen says:

Dude, you gotta destroy the past.

Scott Fletcher says:

Let me guess, this is just reverse ESB right? Just fuck off…

The Grand Warden says:

Minor spoilers:

Kylo kills Snoke with Anakin’s lightsaber

Luke dies


Rey and Kylo have an epic fight against the praetorian guards

Kylo becomes supreme leader

thekickback says:

did anyone feel like the dialogue was significantly quiet and the music was louder in their cinema? might just be my cinema but i asked my friend and he said the same thing as well!

Chris Thompson says:

SPOILER WARNING: not sure how I feel on some of the new direction its going. episode 9 will have a lot of loose ends to tie up. We still don’t know who Rey is. And they killed Snoke! without us learning any more about him. they need to explain what he was doing episodes 1-6 ! and Luke just force suicided himself? not sure that was the way luke skywalker should’ve gone out.

brushee says:

Very average movie……what with blessing the rebels with GOD…….theres no god in Star Wars…..:-(

Brandon McCarthy says:

Not happy with snoke dying that was fucked i wanted another sidious or at least for him to stick around till the last movie like the movie made him seem so powerful but then he dies, wtf happened to lukes green lightsaber i wanted to see it, also i thought we would see leia die n become part of the force but no shes still around i swear in the next movie we better have a good death scene im hoping they filmed some thing n that cringe scene where shes in space n uses the force to pull herself back into the ship like wtf was that

Jake MacDonagh says:

I completely agree, I really wanted to love it but it felt so underwhelming and the overall narrative just wasn’t interesting

TenguBE says:

Good acting and visuals but HATED what they did with Luke. And there were some other strange decisions.

Kamil k says:

Ma-Rey Sue strikes again ?

Amjid Khan says:

Having watched it last night, I totally agree with your stance. I left the cinema a bit deflated. All the ingredients were there but it just didn’t work for me. Too many laughs, some big characters underused and, for a middle film, bot much happened.

Zan0s says:

Everyone here complaining about Jeremy Jahns giving this movie an unfair review or something are forgetting one thing; it’s his youtube channel. He’s always said that he’s basically a movie fan boy and he’s just here to give his opinion and thoughts. He’s always said he’s just a random dude and he’s made it clear he’s a star wars geek so of course he’s going to treat it “differently.” It’s the whole reason his ratings are not “real” ratings. Smh at these people just looking for a number so they can categorize the movie into a box.

Uncle Traveling Matt says:

I got a new ide for a star wars movie, lets remake last hope…..But with a girl as Luke. Hmm, original ha. Jar jar love.

SassyWithMakeup says:

Jesus Christ people give Jeremy a break. TLJ was a complex movie and it deserves some more thought. Does it mean that it’s bad? No. it just means that there are things which don’t scratch the surface. I saw it yesterday and to be honest I will have to watch it again, but my first impressions are good. I feel like people who “love” star wars the most are the people who bitch on star wars the most. that’s not how the force works.

Benjamin Clow says:

Jeremy provides a well-thought out and complex review, which clearly shows both enthusiasm and thought…Bring on the Hate.
(Movie was awesome)

Zachary Swayn says:

I just saw the movie and i couldn’t spot the moment you were talking about. there were about 4 or 5 moments i saw the were wow but no one the really made me go wooooow

Simar Varaich says:

Recognised that scene immediately, just Gorgeous

James Neil Tucay says:

Saw it last night… TLJ definitely needs rewatching… There are choices that were made that absolutely need a second viewing to process… It’s like ‘The Sixth Sense’ in that way… and it’s not just Jeremy… his buddy Harloff had a different rating for his first viewing from the one he gave for his Schmoesknow review, so cut Jeremy some slack…

richardo valvel says:

I actually love this, i love the fact that this mother fucker is showing how much of a fanboy he really is, there goes your credibility. I’m OUT and i’m not going alone

Marco Gavin says:

Ive seen the movie cause i live in new zealand so it came out on what is 13 december in the usa. I can understand why he didnt give it a rateing cause it is complx and a lot to take in so i agree with jeremy i still think it will be awesometacular though and i agree with the surprises and how they take a twistcompared to other star wars movies i dont know if i like certain things or not however it probably is what the franchise needs though just wish the movie had a few different tweks here and there and probably could be just as good if not better then empire strikes back even uf it may already be. However, the movie is not bad its fun and is worth the watch

A Osman says:

Jeremy doesn’t want a fanboy backlash for giving it a low rating. Can’t blame him to be honest.

R0DisG0D says:

If you really enjoyed the theme of the movies, I’d like to ask you to reconsider your opinion on Finns arc as it relates to those themes. Yes, his journey is somewhat pointless, but that plays incredibly well into the themes.

melchaios says:

Oh Jeremy…… you want to know why you hesitate to give a score to this movie? Because it’s not a very good movie, it’s not terrible but certainly a dissapointment. Based on your score it would go somewhere between “better if you’re drunk” and “good time no alcohol required” but no better. Can’t go into details of why it’s not good without hitting heavy spoilers, but I’m gonna bet it’s gonna leave a sour taste in many mouths.

CodGob says:

Incredibly well directed and Mark Hamill was just phenominal, but awfully written. I’m also conflicted because of this. I enjoyed this when seeing as a stand alone movie, but not when considering the overarching story of star wars. I blame TFA for setting a stupid precedent.

cannonballbag says:

I watched an advanced screening of Episode VIII last night, I half expected to watch this review and see a Awesomtacular rating. But this is really fair, its exactly how myself and my friend felt walking out of the cinema at the end. It’s not a bad movie, but it might not be the Star Wars movie some people expect.

Zaidi Bin Ramli says:

I’ll just make it simple for everyone. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth like BVS.

richardo valvel says:


R Sánchez says:

No quiero arruinarles la peli pero Rey y Kylo se unen y matan a Snoke JAJAJAJAJAJA perdón

lider alfa says:

The movie is terrible. Lucas, forgive us all!

2Pains1Love says:

Jesus christ there are lotta guys here that wanna hate TLJ it’s kinda amazing

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