Star Wars The Last Jedi SPOILERS Movie Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review! Explained! Easter Eggs! Luke! Rey! Kylo Ren!

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Star Wars The Last Jedi aka Episode 8 in 2017! Ending explained! Easter Eggs! Kylo Ren kills Snoke! Rey’s parentage revealed! Luke Skywalker uses force projection, and tried to kill Ben Solo! Porgs! And how about that stable boy on Canto Bight! Enjoy this SPOILERS breakdown of Star Wars The Last Jedi in 2017 now that you’ve seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Lord of the Rings – 00:00
Rian Johnson – 1:13
Visuals – 1:25
Worldbuilding – 3:02
Comedy – 3:23
Luke’s Trick – 5:33
Luke’s Secret – 9:23
Kylo & Rey – 10:37
Lightsabers – 14:16
Rey’s Parents – 15:49
Carrie Fisher – 17:22
The Resistance – 20:25
Women in Star Wars – 21:27
Porgs – 24:42
General Hux – 26:00
Kylo Ren – 27:37
Snoke – 29:21
Yoda – 30:16
Poe – 30:53
Rose – 32:13
Death in Star Wars – 34:08
Rey – 35:14
Leia – 36:41
Finn – 37:40
Phasma – 38:44
Del Toro – 39:40
Droids – 40:53

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!


EvanSol919 says:

Kelly Marie Tran is Vietnamese not Chinese.

DirtyDinner24 says:

Such a horrible movie and a disrespect to Carrie Fishers memory. Do yourself a favor and go watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. A movie actually made with craftsmanship.

ft55555 says:

23:45 Dropping the f-bomb in a room filled with kids. Classy move, woman in the audience.

rollotwomassey says:

@1:50…that’s exactly what RJ did NOT do. PLEASE bring in Nolan or Villeneuve or even Spielberg or Cameron to do epi 9!!!!

T Grambo says:

funniest Star Wars movie. Grace….go back and watch Empire Strikes Back please…or even more recently The Force Awakens…its all 2017 humor anyway

chailfield says:

Thanks for the vid and appreciate your work.. The feminism spoilt it a bit for me. The Last Jedi portrays all the men as idiots, emotionally crippled, or evil patriarchal rulers that cause all of the problems in the world. Each man needs to be corrected by superior, morally perfect women. All of the bad guys are white men and all none-white or none-males are good guys. I watched this with my young son who is a white male and reflected that his generation is growing up with messaging that says that he is somewhere between evil and idiotic just because of what he was born as. What self image is he going to grow up with when the sexes are portrayed this way?

This may seem like an over-reaction but when you imagine the sexes reversed it becomes obvious that we would not accept these portrayals the other way around. When a film shows women being ditses that rely on men to solve all of their problems, we identify that as unacceptable. When LOTR shows all the good guys as white males and darker skinned races as the baddies, we see that as a problem with the film, and it is.

As well as degrading men, it short changes the female characters too. The women in TLJ do not come off as human, flawed and complex. There is barely any character development for a female character in The Last Jedi because it sees them all as perfect from the start.

The only exception is Phasma. However, we don’t see her face and we’re not shown her as female other than by voice. This film is comfortable injuring men but won’t allow women, even Phasma, to be hurt on-screen. Kylo, Snoke and Finn are all badly injured on-screen, but no woman can get more than a nick in either film so far. I think this normalises and gives the impression that violence against men is acceptable, even glorified, but not against women. We can see Rose tasering Finn and see him temporarily paralysed. There’s no way they’d show this if the sexes were reversed.

I’m afraid the film is bigoted. It’s such a shame that we still have so much vile sexism in films. We should be moving away from this, not inflict sexism on another generation.

Beatriz Franchin says:

rey was literally uncomfortable in the shirtless kylo scene and you lirerally notice kylo using it to push her boundaries further and you think theyre “intimate”? what the fuck are your standards for relationships…

CrKhan 4457 says:

Woah woah woah you think the guy who saw the light in one of the most evil villains in film history, attempting to murder his nephew because he was showing dark side tendencies is “So Luke”….no ma’am that is not “so Luke”.

Nico Havranek says:

Because of mark hammil’s warnings i didn’t have great expectations on his character development, but i still got disappointed…just to mention 1 bad thing about this movie

Florian P says:

God you’re so wrong ! xD Do you know anything about Star Wars and how it works ?
I hate this film with so much passion, i can’t stand the dozens of plot holes and inconsistencies with the previous films

Elisabeth Delong says:

I don’t know grace I think kylo just said ray’s parents are nobodies because he doesn’t want to reveal that they’re actually related

marshall b says:

Luke secret, its so luke. What…What…you know nothing of Luke….stop now..please…

STARS & Lightning says:

When Leia said “I like him too” I thought they meant they genuinely like him for the way he is, like he is a troublemaker but he has a point… I didn’t think it was cause’ he’s kinda hot.

TBrusk Versace says:

18:15 “Little bit of connection with the Force . . .” Clearly you never read, or at least heard some things, about the recent novel “From A Certain Point of View.” Yoda actually wanted to train Leia, not Luke. She was stronger and more sophisticated, she was a princess in government power.

Krumbell Gorls says:

They fucked it up! Now the only movie with star wars i wanna see is a Star Trek crossover! Might as well fuck it up properly! I wanna see Sith lord play with space bear nipples!

Thomaz Clark says:

It would be awesome to have Leia, Luke, and Rey fight off Kylo Ren

pocketnunu says:

I know I’m late in commenting, just found this channel. At the end of Last Jedi, Rey rejects Kylo’s offer to go to the dark side to rule the galaxy with him. I would think that would kill any potential romance and Rey’s response is one of repugnance. That said, I think the possible sexual attraction is all on Kylo’s side, not Rey’s. It seems to me that what draws Rey is the force mind connection itself, that she can do such a thing at all perhaps fascinates her and that Kylo has exposed/revealed knowledge that is painful to her. And therein lies the “intimacy” between Kylo and Rey, the sharing of personal fears and doubts – with Kylo it was Rey’s realization that he feared he was never going to be as powerful as Darth Vader; with Rey it was the fear or shame that her parents were nobodies and that she was, after all, abandoned.

TBrusk Versace says:

20:08 Leia thinks Kylo tried to kill her, of course she thinks her son is long gone. Though, I do agree with you, they are bad parents. They’re the only people that loved Kylo and they lied to him about Vader. They betrayed him from his point of view. That’s why he wants to kill everything, ‘cause he has no sense of love. Not to mention, he is still looking for closure from that past.

Tiago Machado says:

It is no surprise that “Star Wars” is founded under the influence of Kurosawa’s movies and classic westerns. At some point in “The Last Jedi,” we can watch a piece of the story narrated by multiple viewpoints. It reminded me “Rashomon” immediately. Besides that, there are 4-5 astonishing gorgeous frames which reminded me “Ran” and the western duels from the past. I think this movie embraced its foundations like no SW movie has ever done, both visually and narratively. It is a way, way better film than its predecessor, the funny although way less inspired, “The Force Awakens.”

The Cooper Empire says:

SPACETIME (space FaceTime

Christopher Dones says:

The jokes sucked and were cheesy

Daniel Ferryman says:

Lord of the Rings hasn’t had the freedom of Marvel. Dumb observation.

Saïk Saïkataï says:

how someone who understood so well how rogue one is great can find find anything logic in the last jedi? nothing makes sense even from a random viewer no-starwars-fan point of view.
you disappointed me 🙁

Besus says:

I’m not understanding the “it’s so Luke to try to just try to kill Ben rather that pull the light side out of him” point. That’s all Luke’s chracter arch hinged on in the original trilogy was trying to make his father good again and in the end he accomplished just that.

MrReddy64 says:

Funny that in the midst of all of this feminist and SJW shit, Kylo Ren is still the best character (and actor) with the most dimension and story.

MrASxY says:

i just finished watchin it and i felt not only it was two long but it was 1 and a half movie. Or even that i just watched an entire tv season. It was really strange. Honestly think it should have ended after Kylo and Rey defeat Snokes Minions and purple lady slices up snokes ship. I really hated what came afterwords.

Horrornado says:

The iron “ship” was reminiscent of the 70s Star Wars spoof “Hardware Wars”.

This is Bree says:

Agree with you about it being visually stunning, loved almost every shot. I really like Rose’s character, but her falling for Finn was completely unnecessary, especially when he’s clearly into Rey. I agree with your review except for Luke’s death, that devastated me. I wish he could’ve stayed around for the next sequel. Loved Rey and Kylo’s dynamic. I’m sure it will be explored in the sequel. I loved the light saber battle with Rey and Kylo, thought it was a great action scene. I was so happy that Leia could use the force, but given real life circumstances, I think they probably should’ve switched Luke and Leia’s fates. I hope that in the next sequel, Leia sacrifices herself for Kylo and turns him to the light side. I think Leia only said that to Luke to make him feel better. Agree we should’ve gotten flashbacks of him and his parents. I hated how most of the rebels kept dying and how they kept failing, Princess Leia is capable of being a much better leader than that and I think Leia was hard on Poe because he reminds her of Han, I hope they touch on it in the sequel. I hated the Admiral until her talk with Leia, then her sacrifice, loved it. I loved Rey, it was sad when she was sidelined in the end. Pretty sure Luke did train her.

TBrusk Versace says:

1:25 The Rey’s Force-Mirror Vision wasn’t just for visual effect, plus I know the concept behind it. It has to do with light, distance, and time. Imagine a night sky Grace, Light takes (insert number here) to travel from stars to your eyesight on Earth. Since it has so long, you’re seeing the past in the night sky, not the present, so the same thing occurs when you’re looking at a mirror, just an 8th of a second, much faster. If you could control this occurrence, travel through the mirror/mirrors, you could travel back in time enough to see, you as a child, then maybe your parents that you never knew (Rey), or any of your ancestors down the linage.

Joshua Mcdaniel says:

luke vs kylo ren wasn’t even a fight in my opinion.

riceandpea says:

Oh dear I completely disagree with you grace, I thought it the worst Star Wars film ever, it was so badly written

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