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The story of a group of friends who have remained so for 30 years because of their ongoing game of tag. Here’s my review of the comedy TAG!

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Matthew Gilligan says:

This movie actually looks funny

Paradoxar says:


Will Hicks says:

Reminds me of the movie Watch It.

Jerry.m Hut says:

Can anyone tell me what they all sang at the end of the movie? That song is stuck in my head!

Botmin says:

what’s up with jeremys twitter? rip.

The10Liam says:

Review Hereditary man!

Travis W says:

My longest friend in this life and I, made an agreement around 15 years ago; when we hit 50 years old, we will go play a game of catch with a football.

It will be on my birthday, because he is the elder, by 2 months. Why do it?? It was our absolute pass time when we were kids. We were ALWAYS tossing the ball. I thought it, only appropriate. ❤

Tom Warner says:

my favourite friendship movie is human centipede. its just how they stuck together through the shit times that got to me

Jeremiah La Joie says:

Yo Jeremy, when are u going to review Hereditary!??

jdeboyer says:

Best film friendship: the fox and the hound

Get Trolled says:

Every 5th like gets tagged.

Brandon Roman says:

Stand by Me

CerealBro1 says:

For me this movie hits home. My friends and I often get together to play Battlefront 2 on our Xboxes and do movie binges in early June. It’s just what we do and what keeps us together after so many years. It’s also awesome having 8-man Battlefront through a LAN party

John Stiff says:

you ever wonder how long you’ll be able to support yourself making youtube videos you old fuck

Jake Gibbard says:

Hereditary review when?


favourite movie about friendship: any Toy Story movie

jigar talaviya says:

Boy do i miss “Awesometacular” rating.

Guillermo Sanchez-Vela says:

Toy Story

LV223 says:

This is based on a group of people from Spokane, my second grade teacher’s brother & his friends were the group this is based on. They did a Q&A at a Spokane theater before some of the opening showings, it was pretty freakin neat.

mechasentai says:

Honestly, the whole plot just seems boring.

Zone Flux says:

Favourite movie about friendship Captain America: The Winter Soldier

krazykid09100 says:

When are you going to review Hereditary?

Daniel Thomas says:

Favorite friend ship movie Star Wars III revenge of the sith

Jack Harper says:

Stand by me was my favorite movie about friendship since I was a kid.

Travis Hughes says:

Review hereditary please please

Conservative Atheist says:

Only funny parts were in the trailer. Boring movie.

deeznuts69420lmao says:

“Magical things happen in May” my father died this May

fackingsacks says:


Dankest Media Group says:

more magicals things prolly happened 9 months before may, haha

flinty braz says:

Tag is mediocre

misslittledove says:

Fingers crossed for a Hereditary review soon because I saw it and really don’t understand all the hype. Also, Last of Us 2 gameplay was released at E3, just sayin…

Holden Caulfield says:

I got my GED in May. On May 4th. 2012. The Fourth was with me.

Kalle Strand says:

The Shawshank Redemption?

Mostly Harmless says:

I saw the movie today, I thought it was hilarious.

Kiera Thomas says:

I’ll wait for NETFLIX

Mikey Simone says:

Stand by me

H Turkeyville says:

Soooo is hereditary review just not happening or?

shihoblade says:

Characters were too one note. Really bad movie. Loved it anyway. Fun waste of time.

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