Teen Titans GO! To The Movies – Movie Review

A meta animated comedy about the Teen Titans who want to get a movie made about themselves so they can be as cool as the REAL super heroes. Here’s my review of TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES!



Becca R says:

The show…. Why? But. Okay.

GER MX says:

So will Teen Titans show be in DC streaming service and the teen titans go continue in Cartoon Network?

Sonar Goggles says:

IDK who made teen Titans go, all Im trying to figure out is how to make them teen Titans go to the Polls!

Arturo Games says:

Why is everyone pissed about GO!, sure it has crap episodes (Ex: Waffles, Return of Slade) but it has gotten a bit better with it’s comedy. I grew up watching the 2003 series, and I think the 2003 will ALWAYS be better in terms of storytelling and character development (That’s why they’re bringing it back), but GO! is supposed to be a parody, it’s supposed to be loud and annoying, not replace the 2003 series. I mean, the Teen Titans is one of the more cheesier DC teams (besides the 2003 iteration and animated movie iterations, this opinion doesn’t apply to EVERYONE), but I think some people take their hate WAY too far, resulting in shows like TITANS, where it goes way too dark and… edgy. I’m not saying you HAVE to like GO!, but I think some people take their hate way too far, not everyone though.

Steve Nicin' says:

Wow, I’m shocked at some of the disapproval by OG Teen Titans fans. TT GO! didn’t come out yesterday, it has been out for a super long time (2013?) for a cartoon. Hence, it has built up enough following for a movie. Not your Teen Titans?? You obviously have not watched the new show, and you might not really be the TT fan you think you are. Just saying!! GO!!

NeverMindGaming says:

This looks awful

TKinfinity says:

They got Nick Cage as Superman!???! OH MY GOD

CactusKind says:

TTG is very much in line with the TTG TV show, which airs currently on Cartoon Network.  Same characterizations, same animation, same creative voices etc.  If you enjoyed the movie, you would probably also enjoy the show, and I would suggest checking it out sometime.  It airs all the time on Cartoon Network.  There’s a lot of humor aimed at adults on the TV show too, and to me, it’s one of the most consistently funny shows on TV.  The fans that don’t like TTG are fans of the older Teen Titans TV show, which had different animation and a much more serious tone.  The hate against TTG on the internet is mostly lead by fans of the original show who are still butthurt that it was cancelled and then later replaced by TTG.  I, like you Jeremy, never watched the original show and can enjoy TTG for what it is.

Isaac Torres says:

My kids love this show so we went last night. My wife and I laughed our heads off, and the last line of the film killed. And for those of you who love the original Teen Titans show, the mid credits scene should have given you some love.

Giovanni Duenas says:

Okay but can we a review for sorry to bother you

Violette Verse says:

Teen titans go to the movies is the greatest movie ever

Ismael Mercado says:

Did anyone else think this was almost the same as the incredibles2?

Drio says:

I watched this movie ironically for my friend’s birthday yesterday, and surprisingly found it semi/enjoyable.

anthony cheesman says:

I feel like I’m the only one who hated this movie I feel like you have to be either drunk or high or both to like this piece of shit .

Random Stan says:

The last line killed me lmfao

VïVï Moon says:

So are people still salty about this show?

Jackie Chan says:

A good movie based on a bad show?

Tamara Hopkins says:

For me, it was Zombieland & the (1st) hangover movies. I thought they were going to be typical gross out humor (which in some context I don’t mind), but they turned out to be hilarious.

Dosun Sweet says:

the old teen titans is a series i can enjoy and look into and Go is just hilarious not because of the show but of how cartoon network has failed

Sarah Sharpe says:

Check out the Arrowverse shows! Spider-Man and Hulk have literally been name-dropped on them! DC definitely doesn’t shy away from referencing Marvel!

Remy LeBeau says:

If the og teen titans come back, they wouldn’t have to worry about using easter eggs and could just show the actual character of batman

enniobg13 says:

If you are a Teen titans 2000 animated series fan do yourself a favor and never watch teen titans go the series. The movie could be fun, but the serie is awful. I dont know if producers think children are dumb.

Mario Reyna says:

“But even the one who’s playing the voice of Superman, that cracked me up”

Jeremy….that was Nicolas Cage xD

Yep finally long after that canceled movie, he finally got to play Superman

Nuzhat Nayeem says:


G Jay says:

Why does DC do better with animation, not live action?

Aliquid Gaming says:

As someone who grew up on the 2003 cartoon I don’t outright hate this show for exsisting. My younger sister loves TTGo and I gave the show a shot cause of her. Got to admit its slap stick is on point. The movie itself was a fun and entertaining kid movie. Over all people need to stop outright just hating it. It isn’t bad like at all. It is a good spin off. Always never understood blind and hateful fan boy rage. You can miss out on some unique stuff just cause of neostalgia. Stupid reason to not watch something IMO

Daniel Clark says:

“We think we’ve found a way back”.

Anthony Kimm says:

are you going to review the love action bleach movie that just came out?

Julian Hubbard says:

cool, Titans Go gets way too much hate

yes, the OG series didn’t get treated very well, so don’t get mad at this show/movie for that, get mad at Cartoon Network for mishandling the show

the show is super old, time to move on fanboys, if you want teen titans, read the comics, go back and watch the OG show more, watch Young Justice

just for the love of god, don’t be those “OG TT or nothing!” people

Vegitaaa 90000000 says:

Godzilla 2 trailer review maybe ????

Bossman WilderMEZ says:

Normally when it’s this short, JJ thinks it’s shite but I was pleasantly surprised.

No alcohol required?? Is that right?

Kzero says:

I’ve been saying Teen Titans GO! is genuinely good overall. But you can’t even mention the show to anyone who even remotely likes Teen Titans because they go into inaudible screaming and shaking their heads “no” at mach speed. I was sort of in the same boat when I first saw the trailer for the show years ago. I was disgusted. But of course, my kids started watching it, and so did I. I started coming around and now I can appreciate the show for what it is. Even the cast and crew who work on it, worked on the original Teen Titans, and they’re having fun with it.

Basically, don’t be a fucking dumbass about the show or the movie. Give it a shot. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. No need to go on 20 minute screaming fits about it while i’m trying to finish up a sale and I need to tell you a total so we can move on with our lives….mongrels.

The Best badness420k says:

What I loved was that they mentioned riding “time cycles” and I IMMEDIATELY started thinking that they should play Take On Me. To my delight they did it.

carlos salazar says:

I don’t believe you, that shit show was made into a good movie. I would understand if it was the original teen titans

jonanthan valle says:

Teen titans go to the poles…

The Chatterbox says:

I feel like the one thing people ignore about this show is that it’s supposed to be a spin-off/parody so you can’t be too angry about it. It’s so supposed to be funny not a reboot, then again the first season was the only season I liked a lot because lately it’s more of meta jokes that are getting old

kemuael says:

Wonder woman thought that be crap but it was actually good.

Sith Lord says:

This movie was great and fun as hell.
Especially if you have a child or children.
You can watch it with them and enjoy things that are done and said that go over the children’s heads and they won’t get until their older.
Just that alone is awesome.

Justin ProVideo says:

Zathura. Thought it was going to be crap, and it turned out to be one of my favorite kid films

ZeeNyte says:

Peoole are too stupid to like teen titans go

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