The Accidental Prime Minister | Not A Movie Review | Anupam Kher | Akshaye Khanna | Sucharita Tyagi

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of The Accidental Prime Minister starring Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna.

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Venkatram Akkineni says:

You are more predictable than five year old Suchitra. This is not a movie review, not doubt about it!! Though it is, as expected, a peddling of a narrative, an agenda. And you do it will all the vigour, rigour and loyalty of a royal butler. That’s alright, it is a free country.

Nav K says:

So biased you are. You should review the film dont support Congress. You lost credibility. Movie is nice. Akshyae Khanna did very well breaking the wall. The same was done in house of cards and you were like it’s amazing. You are pathetic

Siddharth Bhadauria says:

Accident hi bolte hai jab sonia gandhi ko ban na ho PM but according to indian laws you cant be a PM until you were born in india. So the “ACCIDENT” happened.

Archie says:

Gone are the days when sucking up to khangress and left was cool.. Today conservatism is the new counter culture sucharita. See your dislike ratio.. Need I say more.?

Pushpender Singh says:


Anurag Sharma says:

The movie is marvelous

Abu Shaikh says:

2019 will not be accidental …2014 to 2019 waste of the mandate if election were some on advertisement then what can be said

hannibalking86 says:

oh wow India is so democratic and free, 2 propaganda movies in second week of Jan

Shravya Eshwara says:

It takes hundreds of people’s sleepless days and nights to make a movie and this lady sitting at home making fun.

aditya tripathi says:

Mast review

Amit Paul says:

Thanks for this review. It was needed.

Siddharth Suresh says:

You should not review

Mohana Shewalkar says:

We just can’t expect movies that donot hold a propganda. If their propganda is not supporting a certain party then it is making money. That’s why they make movies on stuff that will either make controversies or emotionally touch peoples’ heart. We cannot say which party is good or bad. They all are corrupt. Nothing’s black or white. It’s grey. If you think it’s white you need to do your research. That being said I am gonna sit on this one and wait for it to come on TV.

Shivam Jaiswal says:

Haa isko rok sakte the

Pradeep Kumar says:

Gr8 movie…but this girl is surely a congress supporter…bad review

Sab B says:

BJP IT Cell has been activated for today – STAY ALERT

Abhisek Das says:

Make your facts correct, Sonia Gandhi didn’t accept the prime minister post not because of the fear of being assassinated, according to the constitution she is not eligible to be India’s prime minister, it is Dr. Subhramonium Swami, who saved the nation from having someone incompetent as a prime minister.

RAGHU.R Raghu says:

Khangress hatawo desh bachawo

Santhosh Kumar says:

Ouchh.. Lagtha hai Pappu Bhakth ladki ko lagg gaya.. Lol

kd singh says:

It’s been always clear to the sensible citizens that our PM is not functioning freely. Even the book released by Mr. Baru in 2014 has also confirmed it.
But now just before the election of 2019 its being portrayed in order to manipulate the country’s mandate.

One more question to all the so called intellectual who just became a new one in the house after watching the trailer.
We signed nuclear deal with USA in 2008 despite intrinsic resistance. It means MMS was not as weak as it seems so why you are not listening him today? When he said what the current leadership doing with the country Why you just want to listen the masala made bollywood scripts but not the real person?
Today everyone is wrong either it be MMS or Arvind or Mamta or CPI or KCR or anyone except one person what it is? I’m sure its not patriotism. हाँ अंधभक्ति जरूर हो सकती हैं। मत दो वोट पर काम तो देख लो जिसे वोट दोगें उसका विकल्प और भी हैं भारत की जनता ने तो इंदिरा का विकल्प ढूंढ निकाला था ये कोई मुश्किल काम नही हैं जनता के लिए।
हम सब लोकतंत्र हैं।
We’re the democracy.

Jai Hind
Hail Constitution.

mandargv1 says:

Expected leftist type review..

summonedv1 says:

Yes the country is rejoicing when congress won. Can these fake reviewers be more obvious. Did you guys rejoice in 2014 as well?

Atul Pandey says:

Many of my friends watched the movie and every one of them liked it !! So, I AM GONNA WATCH IT !!

Pranjal Shandilya says:

I trust her, but 2.0 dhokha tha sorry if u liked the movie abhi v bol rha hoon kyuki sucharita ke review ke baad hi ticket lia tha or bachon ki movie dekh aaya….

Shekhar Choudhary says:

Haha! I love your review. This is first review watched of yours and loved it.

Arpit champuriya says:

you review is unbiased.

Abhishek Dev says:

Sanjay Baru was kicked out in 2008. He released his book in 2014. Remember.

Hassan Sarhaan says:

The accidental prime Minister movie review:
Film companion:

allseethru1 says:

Stinky Italian cunt licker Singh is the most corrupt despicable and hated traitors in india.

Abhishek Iyer says:

Lol! best part of the review was where she says the reason for why Sonia dint become PM xD I expected a little more of study and standard from film companion. You can be anti-BJP, but atleast have some facts right before you choose a side!

Anurag Sharma says:

Hi. I have no idea why this video is called NOT A MOVIE REVIEW…..

karan k says:

Manmohan Singh greatest prime minister in India

Akash Shukla says:

Uri bhi fiction.hai…Waah….Aap and khangressi spotted.

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