The Best Movies of 2018


Chris Stuckmann talks about his favorite films of 2018.


Screen Fiend says:

I miss the days when reviewers took stances and judged films on their proper merit. NOT because they email the people working on the film or the met the director or interviewed them. Then we see movies that have no business being in the 10 ten standards popup with the most blatant bias we have come to know in this business. Terrible list order I am ashamed. Enjoy your screener copies

deputyduffy says:

well…if you don’t want to rag on bad films…then you better skip… Holmes And Watson

Austin Head says:

Thumbs up for Hereditary at #1

Jeshoel says:

Annihilation is on the list. Thank Goth!

Imke Salz says:

Thank you or being genuine and uplifting! I like your stand on the worst movies of the year videos!

Akhil M says:

one again we are going to search for movies alike 2018

Petros Mikos says:

Failed to see the magnificence of Burning. Thanks for all your work. Happy new Year.

Patrick Kemen says:

Class act as usual. Thank you for all your hard work!

Rainer Dietwerner says:

If I am hesitant to watch something, I first look for a review by Mr. Stuckman…I really like your videos, they are calm, serious, just pleasant and informative…you don’t yell, you don’t curse…I really like your style…thank you for your good work and all the best in 2019…

Hoodie says:

Chris is a student of the game when rappers know their shit the way he knows movies they tend to make great music. Can’t wait till Chris is releasing masterpieces

Sy Tyson says:

My movie of the year was bumblebee. I would have said avengers IW but it’s didn’t hit my heart and soul like what bumblebee did. Avengers IW is still a superior movie but bumblebee is my movie of the year.

Dylan Rogers says:

I admire and respect your choice to stop making worst of videos. I too know how hard it is to make a film. There are enough snarky worst-of videos out there calling attention to the negative.

Jules Winnfield says:

What’s the best way to know which films to look out for in 2019? Other than trailers at the cinema I don’t really know when a good film has come out until way after.

derrick green says:

No A plus cause lately you’ve been being very critical and not enjoying the movie 2018 every video came off as you being a video snob

Lastjustice says:

Some of the movies you talk about here interest me despite having not seen them. (The Burning to name one.) Others I saw, and just naah I don’t agree with you there such as Annihilation.(Just kinda went from 3 modes..Boring ,weird or beautiful.) Others I just know I am not the target audience and don’t have any desire to see.(Such as horror movies do nothing for me.) Ultimately I just accept you go to the movies for a very different set of reasons than I do. I am more about seeing action or comedy movies.

To your final note, I get not wanting to dump on people who are trying claw their in this business. As someone who works on sets,(I put the batsignal on a roof in downtown chicago for the CW Elseworlds crossover.) I understand mountain of effort it takes get stuff to happen. It’s one thing to acknowledge the bad movies as such honestly, but taking a second go around to tee off on them mean spirited. I am sure there are tons of worst lists if that what I need make my life complete, so it’s out there for whomever needs.

Ann Onymus says:

Hi Chris,

Definitely understand your stance on the worst of video but will you get a chance to do your overlooked or underrated video for 2018? I can’t speak for anyone but I’ve found some great movies but considering your schedule, it is understandable.

Венци Георгиев says:

Do the worst of 2018 next

Alvin Bong says:

Luv this man

gordy mc says:

why is no one mentioning ben fosters leave no trace.for me that could be the best of the year.i actually think its been quite a poor year for film.

inthenote says:

No Isle of dogs? 🙁

TARDIS MAN 111111111 says:

You Missed:
Deadpool 2
The Incredibles 2
Ant Man And The Wasp
Black Panther
Creed 2
Bohemian Rehapody
A Quiet Place.

Daftasabat1 says:

…..and get Polorized

Helaric says:

Hereditary was terrible, worst movie I ever saw this year… Not sure why people like it.

David says:

Where’s the overlooked and underrated video?

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