The Cloverfield Paradox – Movie Review

We have ourselves a 3rd Cloverfield movie, and we didn’t know about it until a couple hours before it went up on Netflix! Here’s my review of THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX!

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John Castillo says:

I loved Cloverfield (2008) and when I saw the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer I was so excited it looked amazing, and I really just didn’t like it. So then I heard about a film called God Particle (later called The Cloverfield Paradox) which was supposed to be a prequel to Cloverfield and with the fantastic cast I was extremely excited again and once again was very disappointed. I would have been happier with just a straight sequel to Cloverfield instead of making it some sort of twilight zone alternate dimension type bullshit. And you gotta figure out what the hell is happening by going online and playing their viral marketing game campaign bullshit which gives you all the clues you need to know.

trickledown808 says:

I think you’re being a bit harsh.

Grays weird and WONDERFUL says:

I watched the film last night, it was absolutely….

Unfukinbelievably SHIT.
Netflix wasted $50.000.000.

Erik Persaud says:

Did anyone else see Gerard Butler 52 seconds inn checking his text message looking worried GEOSTORM Connection ?????

RazGerb says:

So many people are giving this movie shit that it really doesn’t deserve

Fantastic Bombastic says:

They don’t seem connected because all three movies are in different dimensions. I mean the movie explained it very well. I don’t understand how you can be confused. It’s not rocket science.

Marshal Arnold says:

I enjoyed it, I mean yeah it didn’t really answer everything, but leaves to door wide open for many more cloverfield sequels and that’s ok with me. All of these films f with you, 10 Cloverfield lane had some weird stuff that made no sense in relation to the 1st film so at least this one kind of ties some shit together. Love that I was able to watch right away and again I enjoyed it for what it is.

Hopfot says:

Okay, SPOILER WARNING. Cloverfield Paradox DOES link the movies. It’s a prequel set after the other 2 movies. How can it be a prequel if it’s set after. It’s literally in the title and the details. Time Paradox. The crazy guy on the tv explains it. Starting up the energy generator causes portals to open into other dimensions and universes, not just in the present but the past and future. Each time we cut to what’s happening on Earth, we are witnessing strange things caused by the portals. By the end it’s discovered that creatures have come through. It’s split the timelines even, by activating the device, they basically completely screwed up reality. The body for the arm is there, just existing on a seperate dimensional plain, as is the arm that is missing.
The point is, it can’t be explained, because basically they broke the universe, or at least the local area of the universe. The laws of physics in one universe aren’t necessarily the same in another universe, and that is what they’ve opened the doors too. That and Universes with strange and dangerous creatures.

Fishing With Adrian says:

Why do people keep saying it does not make sense ??? It makes sense perfectly with the previous movies… i liked it better than watching the rock on kevin hart on another movie, i liked it good movie

rockman1389 says:

Did you watch altered carbon?

tom k says:

A shame

O. gwap says:

Omg , shes from Beyond The Lights!! and the other white lady was the Gold Chick in Guardian of the galaxy Vol.2 . I knew I seen their faces somewhere. I just couldn’t put it together.

Devilmonkey says:

I really liked the movie….
of course i liked Bright too.

uutakke1 says:

They explain everything but they rush through it at the beginning so a ton of people missed it

Kabab Man says:

HAHAHA 3 Words
3D Printer RPG

Happy Sam says:

A lot of it receives zero explanation and makes no sense but it was fun to watch and had a couple scenes that were pretty tense. The problem is the way the shoe horned the clover field universe into it.

Nick Godi says:

Used a green screen to make your screen red…. Dont know if i can trust your critique now

Nix Caffery says:

There’s more Cloverfield reference than you think, clearly you did not do your homework before making this video and assuming things which sounds rather silly when knowing the movie is indeed shot as a “paradox” to the Cloverfield universe.

Preston Lockhart says:

It should’ve been called Cloverfield: Shit Happens.

Anthony Maucione says:

10 Cloverfield Pane wasn’t supposed to be a Cloverfield movie either. The original script for it was called, “The Cellar”, while Cloverfield Paradox was originally called, “God Particle”. Also, the only tie-in 10 Cloverfield Lane had was at the end where they showed some alien monster things, so how is this film any different regarding its connections and methods of connecting to the rest.

Starbuck says:

Didn’t have Emma Watson in it. Thus it sucks.

Tophef Tyr says:

Jeremy, you do realize that in the original cloverfield movie, the escape pod that escaped from the shepherd can be seen falling into the ocean right? You may want to re watch the other movies before you go “assuming” that they decided to make a prequel at the last second and spreading misinformation….

Sebastian Menendez says:

Review twilight zone and black mirror man

Drachona The Wolf says:

Just tell me if it was better than 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was pretty bad.

wonszlol says:

The premise and the beginning was actually pretty intriguing but that intrigue got replaced by annoyance, confusion and disappointment by the end of the movie.

That being said, spoilers ahead, I do like the idea of the Cloverfield franchise being a multiverse kinda thing because it opens up so many possibilities for spin-offs which I definitely look forward to.

Gary Scarberry says:

Your review sux. Yes you have to put the puzzle pieces together but I see a lot of reviewers that are lazy and can’t connect the pieces. This one included.

Osiris Paradox says:

10 Cloverfield Lane > Cloververse Paradox

Your Welcome says:

You didn’t understand the plot of the film at all, the particle thing links it all together basically that shifted time and space and brought different things to go to different time and places. The first movie the only real reason the monster was there was because of this crew they fucked everything. Also the next movie is about the world fighting Nazis and aliens at the same time proving that time and space is pretty much nonexistent anymore because one crew in an alternate reality fucked every reality by pushing them together

Raymond Safadi says:

This guy is so fucking annoying! Why can’t people review films like a normal human being.

Police 159 says:

It was good if your a fan of the series. It answers soo much. If you haven’t seen any of the others Its a prequel.

GFT Woodcraft says:

I liked it. What I liked the best is seeing the trailer… and then getting to watch the movie.

stringTheory80 says:

Usually I agree with most of your opinions but this movie was fucking awesome from start to finish no Walking Dead pun intended

Brady Wurtz says:

Not saying it’s anywhere near as good as this movie, but with how people react to this and movies like Prometheus, I’d bet that if 2001 Space Odyssey came out today, it would have a 15% on rotten tomatoes

Nhi Hoang says:

I enjoyed this movie! I think the problem with it tho is the fact that it’s not like a regular movie, it doesn’t set up a conclusion it just sets up a problem. Many things in this movie don’t even make sense but I believe it all serves a purpose! I think itll set up things that will happen in the next movies and hopefully in the end it will all connect. I enjoyed it for what it was but I get why some people didn’t like it!

Corey Barrett says:

Did you even watch the same movie Jeremy? This movie had so much that ties it with the other Cloverfield movies

Naama Weiss says:

Word! Everything you said was true!

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