The Commuter – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, Elizabeth McGovern, Sam Neill. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.


Amrit Hari says:

u gave this a b and get out a b-?

Chris D. says:

Glad I saw this for free, or my money would have been TAKEN… It’s ok, plot points are ridiculous and highly convoluted yet convenient how they play out… C+ at best.

Mohammed Moummer says:

Can you review Killing of scared dear..i think you will find it interesting

lcambero says:

I had to take a shower after watching this movie, that is how much garbage it was. This would have been a perfectly ok movie in the 80s. We can do better!

John O'Neill says:

The commuter was awful… when the opening credits rolled and I saw Patrick Wilson’s name I was like I know what’s gonna happen… and the whole I am Spartacus non sense is a total hack move at this point!

Juan Tamez says:

Very entertaining movie, I highly recommend it to see it before Liam Neeson quits to do action/thriller movies.

Alec McGrath says:

Can you review “A Walk Among The Tombstones”!? I’m surprised you haven’t yet. And I’m pasting this comment on all of your new videos until you do, or acknowledge me. LOL!

Movie Hub says:

To be honest, I think the hate that this film received by critics was totally unnecessary. For starters, no one goes into a Liam Neeson film expecting an excellent plot, beautiful cinematography and Oscar worthy performances, people go into a Liam Neeson film expecting an easy to understand plot, cool action scenes and some cheesy dialogue. The film wasn’t perfect and it definitely had it’s flaws, but it was fun, enjoyable and quite funny at certain points as well. Good review Chris.

flixl23 says:

Michael Mccauley… on Heat…..Neal Mccauley and Michael Cheritto

Julie Hostrup says:

Did you see the korean zombie movie “Train to Busan”… fantastic use of the train setting and a great zombie film in general!

Ben McDonald says:

Woah, this is so weird, this is just like the incident that happened in 2015 when Transporter: Refueled came out and Jeremy Jahns said it was total crap while Chris said it was enjoyable

Freedom costs tax says:

I got an ad for this film before the video. A mixture of Taken and Non-stop. Neeson is the ex something with mad skills, uncovers a conspiracy, almost destroys something and by the end he is the previously misunderstood hero. Like Chris said, Non-stop on a train with a few tweaks.

bewbunyon1 says:

I noticed on the bookcase of movies to your right you have a movie pulled out on the lower shelf. I can’t make out the title. What is it? Maybe a future review? Or just pulled out for future viewing? I do this on my movie wall alot. Love your reviews. Still waiting to see one for Grave of the Fireflies.

TMK Roblox-Trolling-And Much More says:


Everyone: I am Pryn

Train worker(Honestly forgot his name): hey I am not pryn

K. Le Animateur says:

Well January is a bad month for horror movies

Tyler Durden says:

Liam Neeson in Schindler’s fist. Where he single handily takes down the third Reich.

Nisha says:

Where does Chris get all his anime shirts from???

Music Channel says:

Agreed, it’s entertaining and I really enjoyed it!

PlasteredDragon says:

Any plans to review “Bright” on Netflix? I feel like it has mostly been panned by critics but deserves better. Would love to hear what you thought of it.

Rajeev Gidwaney says:

Another great review. Love your reviews. You are my favourite reviewer on U tube.

Danny T. says:

Idk I thought this movie was awful. something we’ve seen before, cliche predictable characters, Liam Neeson doing the same thing he does in every movie except with less backstory and that jump from train to train was just laughably awful also terrible forced humor.

Milomand99 says:

i saw jonathan banks i wanna see this

SpunkDustbin says:

I’d suck a fart out of Vera Farmiga’s arse.

ChubbyChecker182 says:

Liam Neeson action Movies ROCK !!!

Non Stop is my favourite ‘dumb’ movie

Shane Shank says:

I always thought Liam Neeson was more of a dramatic actor… But after he made Taken, it’s like he decided to focus on being an action star, which is a strange choice to me. One or two movies was OK, but I lost interest in this type of film a decade ago.

Stellar Visions says:

I saw The Commuter and feel it must be said that the story didn’t make a lick of sense. It proves that writing doesn’t have to be good to get a film made. The inciting scene is a confusing conversation where a stranger offers the protagonist a task of finding hidden money as payment for a completely indescribable job of identifying someone specific that doesn’t fit in, and placing a tracker on their baggage. Try describing the plot to anybody. It’s totally stupid. A conspiracy of police setting up an ex-cop to take the fall for one murder, by killing anybody needed to convince the ex-cop to kill the witness of the original murder, who (detachedly listening to music) is catching a train to meet the feds for protection. Chris – you gave it a B … a B!!!!

Sara Barbosa says:

This sounds like a fun ride in the cinema.

anthony long says:

What a good movie this The Commuter (The Passenger in europe).

Intense and … that fight one shot scene … have been bette than all the Taken reunited.

The composer did also a really good job especially at the beginning of the film with this montage of daily life.

Yeah !

J. AV. says:

Movie was crap, made me fall asleep, first movie that’s done that since the last American Godzilla.

Zain Ali says:

1994 movie speed is the best action movie On a moving vehicle ever and my person best action movie ever

denise altea says:

let’s see u do a review.of mazinger Z infinity

Aaricia Lambrigts says:

Thanks for the honest review! Saw an interview with Liam Neeson about this movie, not my normal movie taste but willing to give it a try now. Will you be reviewing Voldemort origins of the Heir, fan movie or you only do official ones? Would be fun…

PandaNest says:

What happened to the guy who hopped in the train with Liam, the guy who works in the train. Did he die?

Ceenan Gallihugh says:

Hey can you review meet the Robinson’s?

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