The Commuter – Movie Review

Liam Neeson in another Liam Neeson-ish role. This time on a trail. Here’s my review of THE COMMUTER!

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Ali Idris says:

50 bucks says the next one will be Liam Neeson on a boat

somlax12 says:

Jeremy are you going to review The Greatest Showman?

Paulo da Silva says:

Come to Brazil

Nathan says:


justkiddin1980 says:

WTF are you doing with your hair? Shoe polish?

Michael Bay says:

I will direct commuter 2 nuclear commuter!

Pulse666 Fang says:

It’s taken 4.

Alvin Joadianto says:

Please review The Greatest Showman please please please

Victor Tan says:

This is those kind of movie that either you like it or don’t.

Jason9811 says:

Regardless, I’d still see it. I like Liam and even movies like this, it’s one of them rainy day movies again.

Korey Marshall says:


OcihEvE says:

Between this and Proud Mary we have a choice of boobs or balls. They both come across as action, shit storms. Good for what they are if you know going in.

Chirag Maher says:

The trailer to the film was right before the review, perfect 🙂

Tony Bones says:

Never travel with Liam Neeson

John Smith says:

This was a stupid movie. Liam felt more like a super hero in this film. The movie is so Taken lite. The movie is predictable. Vera Farminga is a good villain though. It is crap.

Crazy Hyena25 says:

Please talk about the Slender man trailer please please

Uli Aguayo says:

Review the end of the f***ing world season 1 !!!

Ronnie DeVere says:


Can someone explain what happened at the end there? What does it mean when Liam Neeson shows her the badge? He’s going after her? She cant touch him anymore? What? Anyone?

Abs Rivera says:

“ANAKIN! DROP!” HAHAHAH That gets me laughing my ass off hahahaha

AlkisenSuper says:

Sure this movie had some clichés, but I have to disagree with Jeremy here. It was a really fun time. I haven’t seen Non-Stop, but this was one of the few action movies I went to see in theaters, and I’d rather have Neeson play a tough guy again (and he’s a great performer) than a single more Transformers movie shooting its way in.

And he did have *something* to go on, it just wasn’t very easy to figure out, as a mystery thriller should be.

Genady Mitov says:

Give a like if you want Liam Neeson to be the main villain in John Wick Chapter 3

Solomon Greenwood says:

Will you review before I wake

Sasuke Uchiha says:

Hey Jeremy , Make a review for ” Beyond Skyline “, it is a sequel to the crappy movie “Skyline”. However this is way better than the First movie to be honest part from some bad CGI moments but it’s just nit picky .Give it a try!.

Kisual says:

Who else had a commuter ad

oxy 75 says:

So a crap movie

oxy 75 says:

I think they did it best with the first matrix

Luke Redmond says:

I will see it purely coz I love watching Liam Neeson be a badass AGAIN

Anfmethodjor says:

Review PROUD MARY, plz!

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