The film depicts the meeting and early friendship of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, the actors behind the 2003 cult film The Room, a film often hailed as the Citizen Kane of bad movies, the troubles making it, and their respective careers after the surprising success of the film.


the meme man says:

I love tommy why so

Alex Beyer says:

Nah, fuck it, nothing weird having a handle of vodka on your nightstand. Doesn’t scream raging alcoholic or anything like that.

Aaron Branson says:

I think your problem with the content of the movie stems from the source material. I get the impression that they were really trying to capture what everyone loved about the book, which is from Sestero’s pov. I would be willing to venture that the part of the journey you wanted to see, either Sestero was not privy to, or he just didn’t think was very interesting or compelling within the story. I can’t help but consider that this is a bio written from the perspective of a person who was there and was telling the story the way he though was most intriguing.

Matthew Joe says:

Wheres the Turkish airline transformer?

Simone Fong says:

Keep up the great work, Ralph!

KAzooo says:

16 year olds shouldn’t be drinking…

Adam Morrow says:

Ralph love your videos your like the opposite of Uwe Boll and Tommy Wiseau. Your own movies aren’t like theirs because you learnt from the masters of directing like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Quentin Taratione, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, D W Griffith, Steven Spielberg and Akira Kurosawa I know you might not know some of them but you learnt of why there movies are important. Keep up with the videos and best of luck

Cailah M says:

what a story mark!

Lovaloo says:

james franco is fucking insane tho

Baron Von Kek says:

Oh my god, Boston! Can you stop committing crime!?

Whip antenna says:

Nice review. Every internet critic is reviewing this okay-ish movie because of a fascination with The Room. Ironically, The Disaster Artist is starting to be seen as a masterpiece because of the movie it’s based on. If the whole thing were fiction, this project would have flopped. It’s also worth checking out the book “The Disaster Artist” by Greg Sestero. Surprised nobody mentions that piece of work.

FrostyTheDark says:

To my understanding, this movie essentially came out in place of a documentary called “room full of spoons” because tommy put a cease and desist on the people making the documentary to make sure that the disaster artist was successful. I wouldve rather seen the documentary.

FreshPrinceofSoCal says:

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InsanityMuncher says:

Are you even old enough to drink?


Ralph even hates movies he likes

Judson Montemagno says:

I will be in Boston tomorrow, if you wanna hangout??

Connor McClenny says:

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TwentySixAnd says:

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Velvet says:

Ralph the sex symbol is back

Silver Ranger says:

This is good and all…but Justice League.

Alan Gohel says:

You can rearrange the letters in, “Ralph Sepe,” to make, “Rapes Help.”

UmbraLin says:

Hey Ralph what’s the song in the background you’re using? I’m digging it.

Some guy you found on the Internet says:

I did not hit her it was bullshit

Oh hi mark

Liam Ace says:

You said at the start that you don’t have the same problems with James Francos directing, then went on to say that if this had a better director it would be better. only complaint in this video.

Bara Lucas says:

I want your genes. And I’ll get them, one way or another

Mike Blouin says:

Look at the camera pls

Collin C. Brehmer says:

Oh hi, Ralph!

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