The Disaster Artist – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Disaster Artist, starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, Ari Graynor, Jacki Weaver, Alison Brie. Directed by James Franco.


Mallika Banerjee says:

The Disaster Artist was seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read and I am so excited to see the movie.

Wrestler Latino says:

Review The Punisher

Lanet Oliver says:

Please review the Netflix Punisher series

Jordan Grimbly says:

Home Movies! YES!

just a guy says:

I am seriously waiting for your a+ review of the punisher

Matt Earle says:

Do Mudbound

saibabax says:

thumbs up for stuckmanized 🙂

The FirstBourne says:

7:33 Dodged a BIIIIIIIG time bullet with that one, Stuckmann.

Liam Cooper says:

Would you be able to do a review of Silence of the lambs? 🙂

andy cruz says:

Do the punisher

Johnny Threefour says:

I love how you think you do a good Tommy impression.

Ned Kuczmynda says:

you mean he isn’t personal friends with Tommy Wiseau

Allen Garza says:

This came out?

Aidan Voon says:

Please do netflix punisher
N rank all the netflix marvel series

nay naynay says:

What a review Chris.

Owen Kennedy says:

Although your videos have gotten better, your Tommy Wiseau impression hasn’t.

Neo says:

Dude how did you get Tommy to be in your review??

Forensic YOYO says:

Best review ever!

Groovy Fox says:

The way you describe DA makes me think of Ed Wood

Ari Lover says:

can you review a dark comedy called el bar please, it’s on netflix.

casey gamaza says:

that cringy ass acting in the beginning

Jake Joker says:

Tommy Wiseau > Chris Suckman

marena1567 says:

Dope ass shirt

Brock Chipman says:

You are the man Stuckmann

El Cítrico says:

The Disaster Artist 2: And In-Depth look to Neil Breen’s story.

Spork says:

Nice Hot Toys collection.

morzansreddragon says:

James Franco is Not a great filmmaker. I don’t mean to be harsh since I absolutely loved the book and thought the film was incredibly ‘excellent’, though I don’t necessarily like Franco’s directing style of handheld camera overuse, here it was inventive especially with the material he was working with, though at other times it’s distracting and annoying. I’ll even say this film is most certainly worth the wait and the watch, it may as well be James Franco’s finest directorial effort ever (yet).

Spectoral says:

That was the best outtro. Approaching Fantano levels. Christhony Stucktano.

micklejo says:

Ooh man, I saw it on Adult Swim on April Fool’s Day too!! I thought it was a long Tim & Eric sketch and kept watching it hahaha!!

TheBlackKnight1o1 says:

Nice shirt

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Nice review Chris!

Hyperstellar says:

Your shirt is fucking amazing

Kai McKenzie says:

Oh hey Mark…

? says:

Who is this B grade Cal Chuchesta?

andy cruz says:

Do the punisher

A Troll says:

“Starring Tommy WIseau…”

No need to say more. It’s already perfect.

Pinkgreen190 says:

I keep rewatching this video for the Tommy impersonation. Hilarious!

Joseph Saltal says:

What does Tommy Wiseau think of this film?

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