The Equalizer 2 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Equalizer 2, starring Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.


PhantomMatrix says:

If Robert McCall fought Ethan Hunt in a hand to hand fight. Who would win???

Marcel Mikulík says:

Chris could you review The Road and The Others? I feel like these are one of the best movies in their genres!

Paul Regan says:

Better late..than never !

Francis Smith says:

The thumb nail of denzel Washington looks photoshopped to shit

Each Day says:

I liked the slow start and the extra storylines, made it feel more like reading a novel, less of a refined standard movie story, like the difference between french fries and baled potatoes with the skin left on.

Sara Barbosa says:

Great review

Timelord 007 says:

Spot on review Chris, brilliantly summed up mate.

Stephen Royes says:

I have to disagree with this review. The first film was so good. This movie may have been ok at best. But because of my expectations from the first, I really disliked this one.

Supreme says:

This movie was not worth it

MisterDevos says:

B, not a B-

Jasmina-Christine Gonzalez Rivera says:

Please do a review on the Netflix movie Mute please… I beg lol

ReeLoy Kenjins says:

Late review

Alex Cross says:

Can you review monty python and the holy grail

Diogo Avilla says:

I though that this movie was so boring. Just didnt work for me. The few action scenes were fun but still all the rest was just uninteresting.

DJGamingSmash says:

Being John Malkovich.

P.J. Dales says:

The Fuqualizer

Dankest Media Group says:

The first Equalizer was such a dope film, the sequel was a disappointment

MyKittyPercy says:

Agree with everything. Denzel is awesome, the movie is generic, but I wasn’t mad I watched it. Because Denzel is awesome.

Hayden Eccles says:

Most badass Lyft driver ever.

The Casual Subculturist says:

You took so long to review this. I wanted to see your review first before I dive, and now most theatre don’t even run this anymore 🙁

MrSpockFA says:

Whatever happened to Chloe Grace Moretz? She’s been very under the radar since Neighbors 2.

Rodrigo Bento says:

Wait so Chris didn’t grew up with the Equalizer??

Jeff Winbush says:

This is one of those Denzel flicks (John Q, The Preacher’s Wife, The Magnificent Seven, Unstoppable, Taking of Pelham 123) I can miss when it it’s in the multiplex and catch in on HBO or Netflix. The first Equalizer was okay, but instantly forgettable. More of the same? Thanks. Miss me with that .

Cooking Sauce says:

u need to start telling us where u get your shirts

MattWagnerMovies says:

I admit I wanted at least one more action scene in the middle, but I overall enjoyed it. It wasn’t bad.

Kyle Brackman says:

What made you want to be a YouTuber?

Jared rose says:

Okay real quick.

Where can I get that shirt? ^

Amoré Johnson says:

Will you be able to do your analyze videos again ?

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