The Equalizer 2 – Movie Review

Denzel is back as the man with a particular set of skills…who is not Liam Neeson. Here’s my review for THE EQUALIZER 2!


szewei85 says:

Haha interesting

Victor Kreed says:

I agree.

Estrio21 says:

My favorite movie with Denzel will always be Man on Fire. Creasy was such a good and memorable character for me.

tytetee says:

It’s a good movie. But you explained why i thought it drug on until the ending.

Sondrol Productions says:

Denzel could get nominated for an oscar in every movie he does . The man is a straight badass

Malt454 says:

Although it’s a slightly different movie than the first (this is the Equalizer being the Equalizer rather than how the Equalizer came to be the Equalizer), it’s not nearly as bad as many reviews would indicate. It has both better acting moments and better acting, and the action is still top notch. With sequels, many people really don’t really know what they want; they want it the same as the first, “but different”, and I think a lot of people want to retroactively turn this franchise into John Wick, which it never was to begin with.

Jose Mota says:

I’m sorry but this movie wasn’t good don’t waste your time or money

Daves GoldenDuck says:

Denzal wanted to help those in his community

Ethan Butler says:

I loved Denzel in Remember the Titans and also a pretty underrated movie, The Magnificent Seven.

marley1221 says:

Dude, I honestly enjoyed this one more than the first one and I really liked the first Equalizer… I was fully engaged throughout the entire film

Ciprian Droc says:

Agree with your POV of the side stories, but for me, this one was better than the first. I went into watching the movie thinking why does the first one need a sequel? And it really didn’t, but to be honest the story was better than the first, it explained the character. The first one didn’t. It was just a random plot with no ties to it.

firefly4f4 says:

I cannot believe how boring this movie was. It was paced so glacially that I almost fell asleep. The bits with Denzel doing the cool killer thing were fine, but there was so much time between those scenes, switching back and forth between the different plot elements, that I was losing interest all the time.

chance goode says:

Denzel in man on Fire was he best action role I’ve seen him in. That should have won an Oscar. He was clever as well as tough but developed a soft spot for a little girl with a witty personality that got kidnapped. Towards the end we find out the cause of all the grief was the little girls father trying to collect some insurance and the culprits flipped the con. This movie was the best.

Kino Uy says:

This comes to our country at Sept 5 😐

Tristan Rivera says:

uncle Denzel shoots hebscores

george Vargas says:

I fell asleep I thought it was boring

coupon zila says:

More like the sequelizer

Paint it Pink! says:

I really enjoyed this movie.

romahnae says:

yeah.. i was saying thw same.. the movie felt like it was taking on a bit too much. but the score.. the score was great as the first one.

frtwl says:

Really enjoyed this movie. Compared to some of the other pure action/drama movies I saw earlier this summer I think this one has been one of my favorites.

K20civicsirturbo says:

Ma nigga

joneshugh says:

FAV!? Mo’ Better Blues

plutoniumcore says:

“The unfocused stitching and editing” kinda like this video. After every sentence, cut/edit.

AllMaul says:

This movie was good…YA BUGGIN’!!!!

phoenixomega says:

i actually like equalizer 2 more than the first one. it felt more like a nice blend of superhero with something that could happen in real life.

SweetTacular says:

Saw it yesterday and was really underwhelmed. The main plot is directionless and superfluous, the villains are hardly developed at all and are soooooo over the top evil, all of the subplots are contrived and end in the most cliché ways possible. Denzel is great, the movie is well shot, and I really liked the final set piece. But still, the movie is always engaging but never involving. C+ for me

Gryff Longprong says:

Just fucking shut up…..or is it just me.

Steve Official says:


Aaron Chris says:

Good review. Thought movie was okay.

LegendaryKing says:

John Q

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