The First Purge – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The First Purge, starring Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Luna Lauren Velez, Marisa Tomei. Directed by Gerard McMurray.


c0mpu73rguy says:

No laws for one night? Time to illegally download movies all night long!

jenuel ARTS says:


Nate Jennings says:

When I saw the red hat advertisement I figured it was another Left wing anti-Trump piece. Apparently, I wasn’t wrong.
I watched the original Purge movie and wasn’t impressed. The premise exhausts my capacity to suspend my disbelief.

corey Alexander says:

This movie was the biggest piece of human debris I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t pay me 100 bucks to watch it again.

Derek o neill says:

I really enjoyed the movie

Mats Maes says:

Tend sophisticated principal occupy continuous protein simple skirt risk.

We Run Guns says:

‘The First Purge’ seemed more like a political propaganda film than an entertaining movie. It was so racist and tried to portray all white people as evil. Supposedly the NRA was backing this evil political party. Only in your anti-gun rights dreams would the NRA endorse a racist and evil political organization. People need to learn the facts before trying to put good Americans down. The NRA is actually mostly non-white if you do the research.

Also having a bunch of white cops beating up a black man in a baseball park is insulting to good police who work tirelessly to build positive relationships with their communities.

Don Patton says:

One of the few times I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I’d say it was a B+ but I’ve only seen one other Purge movie, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Dionyssis Karkantzos says:


myplane150 says:

Worst Purge by far. My fave thing in this celluloid tripe… the movie was obviously a PC attempt at making a black guy the hero yet he was a merciless drug dealing murderer. Gotta love the irony.
BTW, didn’t they already go over the whole trying to eradicate minorities in number 2?

edward6000 says:

The Purge has a stupid premise

edzisdead says:

It was wack just watched it

pinchelizbeth says:

I saw the early screening and although there wasnt much difference, the few changes they did were better left untouched, and that black screen that came wasnt something i remembered from it either

OtakuNation #WeeabooPower! says:

I see it’s problems but I don’t know… it has a aspect to it that I love, I give it a C

raystrop says:

I pretty much hated everything about it.

hannah ༄ says:

i don’t even care about the movies tbh i just watch for his commentary lol

Savage 1 says:

This movie was so horrible! 1st time i ever walked out on a movie

EricVierthaler92 says:

I want that shirt!

TheCrap says:

omg i hate cgi blood why cant they use real blood

Uncharted 4 MP Epic Gameplay says:

its all just antiwite jew crap

King Tay says:

I’m going to give your youtube Channel a F-

Brandon Hozey says:

I’m sure the message is “white people are racist and evil and all black people are struggling to survive” cough cough aka bullshit.

King BRAYLON BB says:

You suck

Zachary Rose says:


Aston Redmond says:

Love this concept but this movie was awful tbh

00 spoking says:

The message was pretty pathetic.

pirucreek says:

I liked this and the first movie best.

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