The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Movie Review

The sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, with Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander. Here’s my review of THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB!…..and here’s me being nitpicky for a couple minutes. Whatever, enjoy!


Daddy Paul says:

This will be my 5th time saying this.
SONY, You watch the Trailer You watch the movie.

Angus Swantee says:

Agreed – it sucked!

James F. Ewart says:

Overlord made more money than this. All is well.

McBehrer says:

Detective Pikachu trailer review when?!

Benjamin Clow says:

Can we pause just to recognize how good Goldeneye is

offal says:

it isn`t the sequel to the girl with the dragon tattoo, it cuts out the origional sequels in the trilogy girl who played with fire and the girl who kicked the hornets nest, and is based on a novel not written by the origional author (stieg larsson)

FollowerOfJesus 101 says:

The movie was surprisingly good to me. Obviously it’s far from the best, but good for its worth

MewDenise says:

So…. can you review the swedish films?

Kevin Kittle says:

I felt pretty much the same about this one. Sooo many stupid things in it. The ENTIRE plot moved ahead by chance alone!
But what was the “Daredevil” moment? I don’t remember anyone throwing a match down and LS appeared in flames?

Ricky V says:


Jarl Lillebø says:

That intro was missing “..and if you read the books but didn’t see the trailer, you might have an interest in seeing this movie. And you would be wrong, as movie adaptations never live up to their books” :p

Roberto says:

Made the huge mistakr of watching this over overlord, huge mistake

Ivanka2024 for POTUS says:

So the third film in the series coming going to have a lot of positive buzz

FloppyFlapjak says:

So it’s the sequel to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Maybe they should have called this movie…

The Girl with the Dragon TatTWO

Mortal Rock says:

Review The Hate U Give please

Michael Kelly says:

Do not listen to bad reviews. This movie was AWESOME!!!

Chanuka Perera says:

Outlaw King review

TaKen LinKzii says:


Toshiaki Mackay says:

Curious to hear your opinion on Outlaw King

Feline Fatale says:

I still prefer Rooney Mara. She completely transformed herself as Lisbeth Salander for Fincher’s TGWDT. Claire Foy did a decent job, but it was serviceable for this film which was just meh. It’d be like if they do Fight Club 2 and they cast Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Durden. Enough said.

The Dreaming Insomniacs - Official says:

Fuck Twitter!

Hullaballo says:

Thumbs up mainly for the Foyance joke, it made me lol hard

Hubert sobiewski says:


Kevin Thomas Murphy says:

Lowkey I thinks it’s old ish to be compulsive about video being wide or not.

The DreamDrop says:

Crimes of Grindy needs to be up right about noew.

Lovinlatex says:

In the original movie? This wasn’t based on any of the previous Swedish trilogy, but the 4th book. Which is why I’m not seeing it cause the US film series goes 1 and then 4 which makes no sense to reboot a franchise after the first film with technically the fourth film. Even the 4th book was written by a completely different person

sydneyca says:

I liked the Dad joke!
Hold up. Did you go to a restaurant with a Girl put in an order and now there’s a Mini Combo Plate on the way?

Kristinn V says:

Jeremy, are you not gonna review Rick Grime’s final episode of The Walking Dead?

Angel Sanjuan says:

You do a trailer analisis for the new trailer of the Detective Pikachu Movie NOWWW!!!!!! please

curlyhairdude535 says:

Are you trying to say, you’re gonna be a dad?!

Adrian Medina says:

You should do a review of the haunting of hill house!!

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