The Grinch (2018) – Movie Review

We have another Grinch movie, so let’s talk about a green grump who steals Christmas. Here’s my review of THE GRINCH!

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Domzdream says:

A Nightmare before christmas…every time! And Roald Dahl’s film Witches. I watch that every xmas.

The Poplio N' Bros Show - StuffedDigiDestined says:

I hate to say it but I knew this movie was gonna be a dud when the first trailer dropped, And it hurts to say that because I love Dr. Seuss

Kieran Stark says:

The Grinch: Have a merry…


Fuck it. – The Grinch (by the way, the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas book/film and almost all other original versions Dr. Seuss books/films except for How the Grinch Stole Christmas’s sewuel known as Hoe the Grinch Stole Halloween, okay, maybe it’s good, but ehat is hated about it is that The Grinch is again evil when he went from going back to a good guy in How the Grinch of Stole Christmas, which will always be a *LOT* more Awesometacular than Illumination’s The Grinch and Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas because they were a LOT less childish).

Milady Blue says:

I am afraid to name my favorite holiday special, because some idiot in Hollywood will want to do a “Dark and Gritty Reboot!” of it.

nyrew06 says:

The original Grinch and the original miracle on 34tg street.

RynKen says:

You’ve said, in the past, that being true to the original isn’t a good way to determine somethings quality. I’m not saying this movie isn’t forgettable, but I don’t think you can have some of the issues here, without changing your mind about previous ideals first.

Kristinn V says:

….So are you gonna make a video on Rick Grime’s final episode?

Jimmy White says:

My 3 year old loves both previous Grinch films. It was all he wanted to watch for a while.

Jester Katz says:

Overlord review!!!

Luis Dej says:

Home Alone!

Jacob DeMarco-Cronin says:

These people are gonna be touching our savior shrek in the future. They must be stopped!!

Craig Curtis says:

When you turn green, you look less like the Grinch and more like sad Hulk

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 says:

still waiting on a Red Dead redemption 2 review come on Jeremy

Gimbo Vortek says:

So essentially he just needs a partner a he’s a bit of a grump

YouTube Comment guy says:

One fish two fish red fish blue fish -2019 directed by m Knight shamalan

Andy Ramos says:


Victor Duran says:

My thoughts exactly! Great review!

Adam Droge says:

I really enjoy Jim Carrey’s Grinch movie!

Mark Zielsdorf says:

Twas the night before Christmas with the little mice

Sir Derpington says:

you are a mean one. mr jahns.

LtDan says:

Family movie.

Fred Gwynn says:

There is the original Boris Karloff Chuck Jones tv special which will always be great

and then there is millenial nostalgia for the bloated piece of crap that is the Ron Howard film.

Metalgear Dirk says:

The moment I saw another Grinch movie, first thought was “how sacrilegious”.

DComPrime says:

I think that the GRINCH should R.I.P… tired of this damn story….OMG

The Variety Vendor says:

With the animation and it’s inoffensiveness. I’d say it’s a better time if you’re drunk

GeneralRed256 says:

Not gonna lie, I love the Grinch with Jim Carrey.

Olivia Williams says:

Best Christmas movies are tie between Die Hard and Gremlins

La-Rel Easter says:

“The Year Without A Santa Claus” is one of my favorites — I always make sure to watch it every Christmas season.

FearlessAstridHofferson says:

My favorite animated Christmas movie house to be a 3 way tie between the polar express, Mickey’s once upon a Christmas, and a Charlie Brown Christmas. I know Polar Express is creepy with the uncanny valley but shit it just gets me into the warmth of Christmas.

Nicole Gerschwitz says:

Nightmare before Christmas. I’ve actually never seen the other Grinch movie, probably won’t see this one.

Antonius von Tersch says:

Are you gonna review bodied?

Rhino Thunder says:

I feel like this movie was released one month too early

Joe England says:

Seriously. I’m a fan of Benedict, but he’s completely miscast. The Grinch is supposed to be a gravelly monster man with a voice to match, not… just some guy who’s mildly upset. For all that the live action film is (rightly) criticized, Jim Carrey at least made a solid impression. And the original special, well… we never even NEEDED a remake after that!

Antonio Tovar says:

I want u to review Suspiria

wickedWitch456 says:

The Jim Carrey Grinch movie is totally my guilty pleasure Christmas movie, mostly because I was 9 when that movie came out, the exact right age demographic. This movie, even though I love Benedict Cumberbatch to an almost dangerous level, I saw it as an assault on my childhood on top of an assault on the original, the perfect half hour cartoon special.

DevilPoroNnj says:

Tim Curry is my favourite grinch. See home alone 2

InoMercy says:

Y’know what? Say what you will about the Ron Howard version, it was really visually creative compared to this. and considering this is a fucking cartoon, that is saying something.

Internite Land says:

This is what he gets for trying to leak Smash Bros….

DevilGearHill says:

Why didn’t he say anything about the horrible humor these degenerates are constantly putting into Doctor Seuss stuff ? The one that’s going to get dated in five years ?

Santos JFX AlP says:

Jeremy has probably seen fantastic Beasts 2. Lucky mofo

TheDestroyer73 says:

its just one of t hose movies that no one asked for and no one wanted yet someone out there was like ” lets waste time making a movie that someone already made” and thats how we get shitty un original movies

Jason Douglas says:

The brand New and super exciting

Jason Douglas says:

Best movie reviewer out there!!!
Thanks Jermey
We never miss a review

Jimmy The Nerd says:

Best theatrical Christmas animation is always going to be Arthur Christmas

Michael Kennedy says:

My favourite Christmas movies are
The Muppets Christmas carol and

LCW0531 says:

Well done, Illumination. You screwed Dr. Seuss’s legacy again.
The CEO guy has already half spoiled Horton when he was in Blue Sky Studio, and built his own company to ruin Lorax and Grinch…
Well, let’s just hope the Cat in the Hat will not be as terrible as the Mike Myers one.

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