The Kid Who Would be King – Movie Review

The Kid Who Would be King is here!

Ted Bundy Review – Coming soon
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Sterling Rutledge says:

Oh I’m surprised to hear that it is good, interesting.

Mr Fi says:

Great review! This film looks like great fun, not necessarily great (technically) but I’m sure it’s really enjoyable. 🙂

The Film Freak says:


James Haack says:

seeing this in 45 minutes you beat me to it. glad it sounds like it will be a fun movie.

Shaun O'Rourke says:

I predict this film to be the first flop of 2019. It will do well over seas but will be like Mortal Engines or Robin Hood….DOA

#TheCloneWarsLive 24 says:

Did not expect it to be good. But to quote the great Sheev Palpatine, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one

Nicholas Faron says:

The Austin that will reign supreme.

Robert Burns says:

Your one of my favorite YouTubeer

Jacob Martin says:

I will likely check this one out.

Becca Crowe says:

Okay…is it bad that I was gonna watch this for date night? Hahaha I’m like in my twenties. Btw.

Ian Bigwood says:

Great video! I can tell that this film will probably not be a huge success. But anyway, great review!

Anders Aleckson says:

Nice review! This film does not interest me though. But still great video!

Asher Wiegartz says:


anthony cheesman says:

Yay another king author movie lol

John Smith says:

I think I give this a B. This is much better than the Charlie Hunnam movie.

The Fortnite Kid says:

I just saw it it was a 9.5for me

Xave2319 says:

I saw this a week ago and really enjoyed it. I also thought that some lines of dialogue were a bit off but other than that it was really good

#TheCloneWarsLive 24 says:

Still think that the title is to long. Not very market able

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