The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – Movie Review

Invaders have decemated Lego land, so the crew must save lego existence from the Lego Apocalypse. Here’s my review of THE LEGO MOVIE 2!



Josh Dixon says:

The reason you get no more veiws now is because you think you can review a movie in 3 minutes.

ForbiddenFruit73 says:

It is amazing how just five years ago feels like a completely different time with completely different values, I’ve never experienced that before.

Mohamad Izzuddin says:

Everything is awesome.. everything is cool when u apart of the team.. everything is awesome

NinjaWalrus says:

It not being as good as the original makes it disappointing for me. Because I adore the original

Pelger says:

that stupid line about men taking credit is enough for me to not want to see the movie.
it sounds like it’s going to be a preachy sjw shit fest of “men are baaaad”.

Max Madmax says:

Every Lego movie is worth watching.
Ninjago was fun to watch, geared towards kids too, but still funny.
I like that kind of fast humor 😀

Liam Thrush says:

get letterboxd

tleeg74 says:

I saw this movie at a screening like 3 months ago and unless they changed alot of it in 3 months….I thought it sucked. There was too much singing, the songs sucked and the characters were annoying as hell.

Nick Terranova says:

Dude you are so much better than Chris stuckman

Brian K says:

a cartoon about legos, made for kids?? surely you jest.

folsum53 says:

Agree about the solo thing

ItsMeBruh ! says:

Have not seen it yet but 9 out of 10 for me

Reginald Lavish says:

Could you review the Avengers endgame tv spot? I know it was only 30 seconds but I feel like you could come up with a lot to say about it!

Bruno De Marques says:

This movie is for kids, because “it’s a good time, no alcohol required”. Otherwise it’d be weird

Rikeilan says:

1:20 5 years?? Now I do feel old, thanks Jeremy

J94 says:

where did you get your jacket? is it a Schott?

mandece says:

I still think Solo was awesome. But yeah, want to see their version. You’re hilarious btw

The Gaming Geek says:

1:07 that’s how I felt about Ralph Breaks The Internet. That’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first

David Harris says:

Needs more Vin Diesel

Marcus Chang says:

Wreck It Ralph 2 was the Lego movie sequel we needed.

WesternWOLF says:

What if The LEGO Star Wars Movie was made??? :0

ShandalfGreyhame says:

I’ll be honest, I never got that line in the trail “The hapless male took all the credit while you did all the work”. I mean it was Emmet who found the piece of the kraggle. It was Emmet who came up with the plan to put the Kraggle back together and it was Emmet who ultimately convinced Lord Business to end his wrongdoings.

MrHenry84 says:

I Would love to see Lord & Miller take on a Poe Dameron spin-off.

darious manning says:

Dbs Broly review I’m still waiting! I know you’ve seen it Jeremy!

Craxin01 says:

I got to see an early screening of The Lego Movie 2. It does remind me of why it’s important to go see a movie in a theater. You get caught up in the audience reaction too. One scene, in the trailers so not a spoiler, featured one of these child-voiced star Legos saying, “I feel dizzy. BLAAAAH,” and proceeds to vomit a rainbow of glitter. The audience reaction of “Awww!” gets to you. Another scene, spoiler free, had the audience going, “ewww!” I didn’t, but I would have missed that watching it alone on Blu-ray.

gr8latino says:

The first movie was way overrated.

Silent K says:


Julian Marco says:

That last joke is very funny to me because it’s kind of a spiff on these new movies too. Because the progressives have been saying for years to make their other characters useful and now they are but now their main characters are kind of useless so the story is kind of useless.
I have had a couple of occasions when a movie’s main character annoys me and I am like: fuk it, just kill this guy, the story would be much more interesting without this character.
You can imagine the director facepalming at how pointless a story is now that the main character is useless.

Captain Jakemerica says:

Jeremy Solo was unsalvageable

DrkKnightSilver says:

Am i the only one distracted by the hair due, and wanting to approach it with an electric shaver?

Yizhou Sun says:

Do you want to watch “the wandering earth”? I think it is good?

Piu John says:

ThankYou WarnerBros

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