The Meg – Movie Review

We’ve seen a shark kill people, we’ve seen multiple sharks kill people, but have we seen a GIANT shark (Megalodon) kill people!?…well…probably, but here’s my review of THE MEG!

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Sword Coast Boys says:

Shut up meg

Johnny Remade says:

Still waiting for your Bioshock infinite review

Moonman says:


Shut up Meg

Steven C says:

So the movie was filthy.

Chaos Is Coming says:

best shark movie ever imo is Deep blue sea. worst shark movie ever.. the squeal deep blue sea 2

jordan nguyen says:

Shut up Meg

Vega Thawne says:

Honesty I forgot about this movie in one day.

Voz says:

Favorite animal disaster movie? Easy. Air Bud. Second: Old Yeller. While not technically a disaster movie it was a disaster for that dog.

Khaleel Ward says:

Not gonna lie, it wasn’t bad. I was quite entertained

Serdar Can Özcan says:

Deep Blue Sea

Ahmet Kurum says:

I know it’s as obvious as it gets but does Jurassic Park count ?

Robert Hernandez says:

looks like a good movie to watch on Netflix

The Gman says:

It’s a megaloddon

Kezekial says:

Hey question for anyone who has seen it: Does the dog in the trailer get eaten? That’s all I want to know.

WrecklessEating says:

I wanna see it.

The King Of Norway says:

Good time if you’re drunk? I assumed dog shit

Robin Castle says:

Primeval is my favorite animal film other than Prey

Peschel Talks says:

This sounds just like the book it’s based on, which took a while to get going. I’m going to watch this tomorrow and really can’t wait. Also I need a decent shark movie as this week I watched GHOST SHARK and that is without doubt the worst pile of shit I have ever seen. Great review mate as always.

Tony says:

Spot on impression Jeremy

CABLE 715 says:

I love how you had to show a picture of Happy Gilmore for those lame millennials that never saw it.

Moonman says:

3/10 no real Megalodon

TheBraunMachine2011 says:

0:00 LOL, another great spot-on impression by Jeremy, sounded just like Statham lol

Brendan J says:

If it swallowed me whole could I shoot, stab or blow it up from the inside?

eventhorizon says:

Fave? Jaws, hands down. Even when the animatronic shark looks it’s most, um- questionable- the movie, at least for me, still holds up.

It freaked people out it accidentally lead to the extinction of an entire species of shark. I mean, clearly that’s a very very bad thing, but I think it speaks volumes to the actual quality of actually making a scary movie with a shark.

No other movie has remotely done that for me…

And for the record, I love sharks, and Great Whites- I actually was a dual major in college- psych and marine bio because I wanted to conduct open water research on large baleen whales- but a friend and I were also brainstorming about how few full-sized adult Great Whites were out there, that the problem was many died as babies before getting large enough to not be killed by random sea life- and that, at least then, it was impossible to raise the young in aquariums to be large enough to be released.

She and I came up with this whole sea pen idea and were trying to figure out how to meet their migratory needs until they were large enough to be freed.

And we were like “so many people would hate us for this…” LoL-

But much of our interest in this, to the point where I was considering shifting my eventual focus from baleen whales to Great Whites, stemmed from realizing how much of an impact Jaws had on them, completely unintentionally.

Mills J says:

When was the last time Jason Statham or Ruby Rose was in a serious movie?

Meal Stub says:

I loose it every time he says megalodon! Impression is spot on!

tara williams says:

I liked deep blue sea but Jason is a fun to watch actor

RichesMovieTrailers says:

You should’ve said “yeah now it’s a megaladon”

Operator Andrew says:

Old Meg

Sauron Merciful says:

Apart from Jaws the best modern shark movie was the deep blue, so good this movie sounds total shit

Dan Lorenz says:

I replayed the beginning at least 4 time, that impression was amazing! Thank you lol

Rickey H. says:

Jaws will always be the best shark movie ever made.

Zazzy235 says:

Am i the only one who remembers the book series?

Marelor Moon says:

Still waiting on Zombeaver 2 😀

That guy named Victor says:

His impressions are always so good

Stuntman Dan says:

I haven’t seen it yet, but I think I can explain why you don’t remember if some characters got killed or not. So apparently there was a lot of very cool and gory kills in the original cut, that they obviously had to cut out due to its PG-13 rating and the fact that the director said he didn’t wana spoil who got killed, then that tells me it was not just a random tourist the ones who died and cut out

michael ciugulam says:

You looks like lucifer

DonnyTha. 100k says:

I love how he said what character do u think wane wilson would play he played tht character i think he is talking about the office i love that lmao

BAM Movie Reviews says:

Great review as always Jeremy! Looking forward to checking this myself actually! Just want a big dumb fun summer movie! Enjoyed hearing your thoughts good sir!

penyuwan says:

My fav bad animal disaster movie is The Swarm.

trash-can scorpion says:

Jurassic park

StutteringCrisTop10 says:

Can’t wait for the Slenderman review.

Jamesbundy1 says:

let’s see they kill the fucking shark by scratching it and causing it to bleed and then all of a sudden other sharks come and attack it and kill it and eat it. no they don’t blow the fucking shark up or impale the thing with something no they just cause it to bleed.

Chxse OP says:

Shutup, Meg

YOJOSH says:

Sorry to bother needs to be next. Anyone who has seen it understands why.

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