The Movie Review Show: A Madea Family Funeral

We’re back and with a brand new format for this show. This time, follow us to the movies to see A Madea Family Funeral.
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Ganjfield says:

much prefer this over the first movie review format. glad you guys are gonna have more fun with this style too. love to see more of these. eat your greens.

Moe Farmer says:

The format is probably illegal, but I like it

Ben Rohrbaugh says:

I really like this format, it reminds me of the old “the guys do such and such” vlogs.

Corn Peen Muffsnatch says:

the drive in idea would actually be really good

Nisquitbiscuit says:

remedeable. that is all good sir

olivia says:

ryan looks so good mmm yes

Nico Yazawaluigi says:

this is a fantastic format thank you matt watson and ryan magee

The Montreal Surprise says:

Great job boys

aaron_my_lungs says:

I miss Super Mega vlogs

Lucy Is Trying says:

I think it might be illegal to film in a movie theater but

Thad !!!!!! says:

these are definitely a lot funnier, however for movie I actually give a shit about I think I would much rather hear your actual thoughts than see u boys goofin around in the theater

jay olivas says:

Yay reviews!!!! Love the format guys so much opportunity.

Emily Miranda says:

this was very good thank you

Shaggy Rodgers says:

The perfect Birthday Gift

SuperMega says:

Hey guys! We did the first episode of this show but after the fact didn’t like the format. So we changed it! Now these movie reviews will be a live action adventure, so we hope you enjoy the new format! Thanks for the continuous support!

mary boucher says:

this format good u keep do it

Cynthplz says:

I like this format better lol

Indie Plex says:

Do a combination both. Vlog going to the movies, then go to your set for a few minutes to give any final thoughts and jokes. That would be the best way to make the series both longer, and more fulfilling a watch for the audience.

Wheels RC says:

IKEA waldo is back

Josh Kessel says:

It’s really good boys keep it up

Sabrina Pennington says:

5:14 that picture depicts Ryans hand bigger than his face, he’s got cancer.

Jacob Sass says:

I like the new format, but what if you guys combined the two? You start the review with the new format, then end the review with the older format? Just a possible suggestion. Still very happy that this series is finally released! Keep up the great work boys!

HakunaMaPasta says:

im really tryna cop matt’s tee

Dylan Long says:

My daddy just died

Damian says:

Wow Matt is balding rly fast

Morbid Magpye says:

I liked this format and thought it was a real blast. Again pwease

Rachel Heggem says:

I fucking love this format kEeP iT uP bOyS

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