The Movie Review Show: Halloween (2018)

After 2 and a half years, we finally started this. We sit down and talk the new Halloween movie, as well as the original 1978 version. More coming soon!
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jumpingshounen says:

review eron greengo

Shimo Dragon says:

We did it Reddit

well idk says:

Make an episode about recommendations for Halloween, I need recommendations!

I Like Grapes says:


ThatStupidBritishPrick says:

Please make more plssplsplspls

Ashraf Alam says:

Review Fight Club!

Andres Arreguin says:

Hereditary next please

Alex .Tew says:

Watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World next

MrLuxInATux says:

Literally everything Matt and Ryan do is just gold, not mention the absolute classic ending. Thank you guys for the years of awesome content.

ElusiveMonty says:

Wow it’s actually here

JBelowHeaven says:

basic thoughts:
Ryan totally skipped the dinner scene i guess
Matt uses the cop who was there in the first Halloween movie to describe people reacting badly to dead bodies lol
no discussion of the music 🙁
no discussion of the meanings of things

i guess this will be more of a casual movie review thing, which is fine but not what i was expecting

MinzenK says:

what the fuck did Ryan say at the start?

Andrew DeCarlo says:

More of this

zim7787 says:

Ryan lost weight

eXXodus K says:


Josh Donison says:

I found the lighting was too harsh and reflected off of Ryan’s bigass forehead too much

RapterKingoftheBrozone says:

Man… no fair… I’ve been working on some of these too but now if I post them I’ll just be ripping off supermega….

EyEcEE says:

Repeatedly press the left arrow button at the beginning, you’re welcome.

Sakku says:

What the fuck, I have notifications and i didn’t get one for thi. Im late now…

Matthew Murden says:

The peanut thing got me hahah good stuff boys! Keep them coming 🙂

I Like Grapes says:


Redwolfjo3 _ says:

i miss you guys being side by side on the couch

nul says:

its awesome that ryan looks skinnier, but its weird that matt looks skinnier.

gankme says:


ihas choochoo says:

Honestly I love that you guys are branching out with your videos. Great vid doooodah

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