The Nun (2018) – Movie Review

The latest chapter in The Conjuring universe takes on Valak aka The Nun. Once again exploring minor characters and diving into their origins, the extended universe of The Conjuring tries its best to expand itself beyond the tales of The Warrens. Does The Nun have more success than Annabelle in its first outing?

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Fact Feature says:

Yes Cody, I totally agree.

Sergio Ramirez says:

I saw that shit in IMAX and it scared the living shit out of me. Like big ass speakers on the left and right side with a wide ass screen. Overall, I enjoyed it. Love to watch it again.

Candypie 2010 says:

We needed James Wan to Direct this movie and that’s a shame he has to be the only man who can make a good horrror movie these days

Johnny White says:

Haha loved that intro!!!!

Chatterbox Reviews says:

You should review ‘Mandy’ with Nicholas Cage!

Eric D says:

I love how they used ‘YouTube removed our ad because it was too scary’ to promote their movie.
When it was simply because it had a ‘jumpscare’ in it.
AKA a startle

Not even remotely shocked by any of this. They’re banking solely off of the image and that’s it.

Sid meningitis says:

Another bust, movies shouldn’t be concentrating on jumpscares

yoitszombieAC says:


Kevin Riley says:

Horror movies have gotten so bad lately they need to take the o-r @ the end of horror & replace it with i-b-l-e

Daimon Atkins says:

Have you ever seen American Horror Story?

Neko Chan says:

Could you please do a review on Candyman and the two sequels?

Manoftomorrow79 says:

Cody summed up The Nun in seven seconds.

David Cottone says:

Hopefully halloween will be the best horror movie fingers crossed

Manoftomorrow79 says:

I haven’t seen any of the Conjuring Universe films are any of them worth seeing?

Justin Stapp says:

Don’t get me wrong the MCU is kicking ass. I used to hate it but I’ve come to appreciate and like the movies. But so many movies are coming out and leave out so much material because they want to make a “shared universe” of movies. I hope this trend starts to die out so we get richer movies.

Nova Shadowfeather says:

I am so happy I was totally drunk watching this at The Alamo. XD I literally laughed half of the movie.

Great if you watch it as a campy monster-hunting movie.

Mr Dr. Pepper says:

Yeah this movie was utter shit imo.

Daimon Atkins says:

Nice intro


This movie was so bad I took my girlfriend and her littler brother and none us were scared waste of money

MatterCrafter says:

Honestly, the last horror film that legitimately terrified me was The Babadook. I loved how that movie used atmosphere to unsettle you instead of cheap jump scares.

I don’t normally get scared by movies nowadays, but that’s why I prefer psychological/atmospheric horror. I wish more of them were made.

Fak Enam says:

Hey Cody, heard on a recent ScreamStream that you took your 7-year-old daughter to Hereditary. Congrats! You’re a bad parent. Do you really not know that children are highly impressionable and things they see (even as simple as a single violent or sexual scene in a movie) can cause them to from complexes they carry around for the rest of their lives. But hey, “she liked it”, so no problem, right? It’s not like you even vetted the movie first. You just went in blind like a complete fucking fool.

Friday The 13th Game Guide's 12 says:

The nun is Scarry af

Daimon Atkins says:

I worried about the crooked man movie that’s in development

Alex says:

Couldnt agree with this more. I cant say i was disappointed though, i knew what i was walking into.

Kobra_Kid says:

The general feeling my friends and I had when leaving the theater after seeing The Nun was “… eh… it’s fine.” I still think Annabelle was slightly worse but not by much.

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