The Nun – Movie Review

Another prequel to The Conjuring, this time we see the origin of the demon nun…cleverly titled THE NUN. Here’s my review!


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A Complete and Utter Failure says:

I bet we a prequel to this prequel and it turns out it be good.

Will_Cdc says:

nah , frenchie was the most useless fucking character in all the conjuring universe. ok that’s too much lmao but for realz his only purpose was to make people laugh. failed miserably with me , it made no sense at all

Lanzo Loper says:

Thats so funny coz i was really anticipating this movie with the banned youtube trailer the billboards, the hype, so very sad.

TEHNOOB916 says:

Startled me there.

Jie Peng says:

This guy is so ugly.

80s Halloween Horror says:

70 80 & 90 any movie after them date suck

The TZ says:

Just saw the Nun it was Ok. I feel like it is a better horror movie than it is a Conjuring movie. I did not have a problem with the dialogue. I thought the acting was good. I liked the set design and the make up/vfx of the nun. The story was mediocre at best but for a horror movie I can tolerate it. Does it have more cliches and jumpscares than it should? Yes but so do many other good horror movies. My main Problem with the movie are the colours. The movie is so dark/black that many times you can´t understand what is going on. Lastly the way the movie ties in with the Conjuring movies is perfect I was speechless. Overall I can recommend it but you should lower your expectations , you should treat this movie as normal horror movie and not a conjuring movie a 6/10

An Careless Opinion says:

I got an Ad for the Movie…

Mangekyō Sharingan says:

I really enjoyed the film but i didnt find it scary. To be honest i have seen so many horror films that nothing scares me anymore

simply brittney says:

If you like nun movies, the Devil Inside is really good

moony9013 says:

Aww bummer. They could of gotten super out there with this and it’s wasted

CrispyPigs 2 says:

Guys remember it’s a thiller/mystery film not a horror film.

Drd20 says:

Saw it today, was bad, really bad. This thing can be summed up as a bunch of jump scares with a very generic plot, inside a church basically, and it’s just not good. The acting was “okay” but nothing terribly special either. Anyway, just skip it. I was bored.

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Had a feeling you weren’t gonna be a fan of this movie.

simply brittney says:

I was so disappointed, The Conjuring, Conjuring 2 and Annabelle Creation we’re amazing but the rest… eh

David Graham says:

I actually enjoyed The Nun, it was The Conjuring meets Ash vs the Evil Dead, which isn’t a bad thing.

paolo carcel says:

i love horror movies and i think it was good. asian horror is better but this movie is good

The Gamer says:

This was one of the most boring movies I have even seen. I despise jump scares and there is no tension or anything scary. 2/10

Schweddy Ballz says:

Eh haven’t agreed with you on a few movies, and I actually liked this one. Not the absolute best in the franchise, but not the worst either. I didn’t fall asleep anyway.

10,000,000 views says:

5/10 another stupid jumpfest

Ryan Landry says:

I almost fell asleep during the trailer.

Akashi Seji says:


pat toomey says:

I worked 3rd shift 11 hours, got no sleep and still didn’t fall asleep seeing an 8 o clock showing. I liked it

M Aj E S T iK says:

I actually loved it

Philippe Côté says:

Nun stars outta 5

bandgeek89 says:

Uh, yeah except for the fact that the main character isn’t supposed to be a younger version of Vera Farmga. It’s just played by her sister.

Jay Saenz says:

If you like creepy videos about sinful nuns…you know where to find the videos you bunch of perverts!!!

Travis NEWgod says:

You wack now anyway! You fell off!

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