The Nutcracker and The Four Realms – Movie Review

We have a new Nutcracker movie….sort of. I’ll try to make this massacre short, sweet, and classy. Here’s my review of THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS!

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michael ciugulam says:


Andrew Seyfried says:

Oh wow…. That’s a new raiting for me.

Caleb Brockett says:

Didnt say ANYTHING about Morgan Freeman.

CrossOverNewz1318 says:

Bohemian Rhapsody…?

Artie Araiza says:

I’ve never heard you swear before

Marcus Is Broken says:

This video cracked me up, made me spit out my bowl of nuts…

Jundenver Llenares says:

“I Can Hear it Cracking: My Nuts”
– A nut cracking movie

Jason Boaden says:

Busting the Nutcracker’s balls. No? I’ll show myself out.

Jebpmarine Hafey says:

So this movie is a nutcracker? It hurts.

Ramza says:

Good CSI pun, there.

Mark Townsend says:

Review the Haunting of Hill House!!!

coupon zila says:

I love a good review of a bad movie.

Argos P says:

My girl made me watch this…. sooooo boring

AugieB 913 says:

2:35 lol

Matthew Oconnor says:

Been a while since you have given a movie the dog shit rating

link biff says:

This was even worse than the Macaulay Culkin version

mariannebossu says:

That picture of Keira Knightley looks a lot like Paris Hilton.

Victor Vaz says:

I feel sorry for Mackenzie Foy being part of it. She’s such a nice girl and promising actress. I hope it doesn’t kill her career.

Tyler James says:

I lost my shit at 2:14

Recnid says:

This… is a movie… that’s coming out? Surprised I didn’t even hear about it regarding it’s fucking Disney.

Kevin Gomolchak says:

I’d rather have had the actual Nutcracker ballet.

Jane Smitherson says:

I guess Jeremy got his nut cracked.

AM 21 says:

Your awesome!

Liam Brant says:

Are the visuals nice?

Chad Descoteaux says:

‘Return to Oz’ in the 80s did that thing where it was a kid’s movie, but with creepy parts too creepy for most kids.

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