The Possession of Hannah Grace – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Possession of Hannah Grace, starring Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson, Stana Katic. Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen.


Victor Moregore says:

When did you grow a beard!?

Cadmus says:

After watching your review, I see why no one is talking about it, at all. May this be forgotten in the annals of movie history, forever.

canadmexi says:

His Vegeta shirt makes me wanna see him review Paradise Lost!

foxdie1001 says:

It was a movie. Glad we’re all in agreement.

Red Onred says:

iwandered if it was anything like the autopsy of jane doe

Gold Rock says:

only a thing good little standalone but main thing is i think was for the pretty little liar fans tbh most the cast has gone off to do little horror flick and the main actress was from the pretty liars

Mason Ginn says:

Can’t watch tv nor YouTube without seeing a commercial for this damn movie that no one wants to watch

Emmanuel Orozco says:

I want your review of ROMA!!
I need it!

Ilder Ponce says:

Has there ever been a good sony pictures movies

robert glasgow says:

I saw several previews for this movie in the theatre. It looked creepy but not worth paying to see.

Juan Villalobos says:

I thought you’d mention the similarities between this and the great The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Loved that one!

Majin Sole says:


Yifei Gong says:

Ever seen The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Mrnightmare241 says:

You get a like because of your shirt.

I agree with everything you say says:

Chris grew up with girls going “Ghhhrk hkkk ghrrrk”

(post adolescence!)

MYDOG Boris says:

You’re beards a 10/10

Victor Rooroh says:

I watched Robin Hood and he gave it an F. Maybe this one I can bear…

Orgil Batsaikhan says:

Chris doesn’t watch youtube videos? Ad was literally everywhere on youtube.

atnam44 says:

You should review the Suspiria remake! It’s was super good

Yana Petruk says:

Watch the Autopsy of Jane Doe!!!!!!!!!! I’m writing this for the 4-th time, maybe I’m lucky this time

DPLawlorFilms says:

Have you seen the Autopsy of Jane Doe? I thought that was a solid movie.

Juan Villalobos says:

Thought you’d mention how similar this is to the great The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Loved that one!

CJC 3636 says:

Sounds like The Exorcism Before the Autopsy of Jane Doe

Lou D says:

I see an ad for this movie on almost YouTube video I watch lol

Luis Andion says:

The name is “Exterminadores do Além contra a Loira do Banheiro”. Yeah, pretty long title. It translates to “Terminators of the Beyond versus the Bathroom Blondie”, being the “Bathroom Blondie” a famous the brazilian version of Bloody Mary. Just watch the trailer on YouTube.

The movie just came out in Brazil, so I have no idea when its gonna be subtitled for international release, but its fun as fuck, put it in your radar.

Hero Breaker says:

Chris you are becoming a crotchety, grumpy old man waaaaay too soon. But — I actually like that tone of delivery when you’re giving a negative review. Your frustration with these phoned-in movies is clearly evident. I don’t know what else to say other than sometimes, on certain types of films, you SHOULD watch a trailer before investing the time to see it. This one, for instance, looked like garbage from the get-go. These days we can all tell when you think a film is bad based on the exasperated expression in the thumbnail, lol.

Diana Venzor says:

Chris, what did you expect? I knew it was crap when I started watching the ad being played before all the videos I would watch on YouTube. When they do that, their main audience is annoying high school kids that just want a cheap scare. But I’m sure you already knew all of this.

Dankest Media says:

Worst film of the year

Purple dragon 19 says:

I knew of it, because I was spammed ads for it on hulu

Hero Breaker says:

Chris Stuckmann: “demons apparently don’t really give a sh*t about travel-time….”

grvonny says:

Kind of bad timing, too. Halloween just happened and most people want to move on. Not to say you can’t have a scary movie after Halloween but it helps to have it before or around Halloween.

Michael Snyder says:

More people will watch this video than see that movie.

Karanvir Kooner says:

I saw the preview for it non too happy with it

Vegeta says:

Love the shirt!

Milk says:

I had new clue this movie existed until yesterday when I was looking showtimes for other movies haha. I did see last shift and it was awful so I guess this movies is terrible

Canadian Maker Project says:

Yes i saw the trailers all over tv. As soon as i saw the sony logo i said nope. Last few movies from sony studios been just … well not great films.

Battle of 2 Wolves says:

“No one’s really talking about it.”
Because YouTube talked about it enough.
And yes, Chris, we knew it was a thing. YouTube wouldn’t let us forget this movie was a thing.

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