The Post – Movie Review

The true story of The Washing Post and information they came across involving the U.S. Government’s involvment in the Vietnam War. Here’s my review of THE POST!

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dawolfe30 says:

Hey Jeremy,
You think this movie is “Relevant” today for all the wrong reasons. You are being played. Look up Project Veritas on the tuuuuuuuuuuuuubes.

Agtsmirnoff says:

More like The Compost

Bob Sagit says:

Us government vs media..? LOL Criticism =/= Censorship

BooBop1987 says:

Meryl Streep is not a trustworthy person at all! Please stay away from her films!

The Baehood says:

I loved this movie! As a journalist it hit me even more than non-journalists, so I loved it more than most!

Justin Moodie says:

The Greatest Showman?

Aldo García says:

Can’t agree. That’s why Spielberg is genius. He made me feel that tension and nail biting feel with scenes of people talking on the phones or reading papers, he didn’t need a chase or something more “spy-thriller- related” to create crazy tension with a feel of characters growing in front of your very eyes.

Turbo9987 says:

Spotlight was the better journalism movie.

Keaton Farmer says:

You should review The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, I adore the heck out of it

Maya Murdaugh says:

Are you gonna review proud Mary?

Pugster says:

Trump impression was spot on

Sarah Caravettes says:

A movie about how important our media is lol, will Hollywood ever do a movie about the hypocrisy of the left? You all realize that the media and the democrats are in it together right? Its called the democrat-media complex. Stick to movies JJ, you are clearly uneducated on politics.
Triggered? Reply below! Maga!

JOE knows says:

I love how tom hanks, without being asked ANYTHING relating to trump or the White House, tells an interviewer that if trump were to ask hanks to screen this movie at the White House, he would aggressively say no. The cunts that chant ” love Trumps hate” while looting and burning and attacking innocent people….I just have to say how much I love you. Your ironic stupidity is hilarious and often helps me fight through a bad mood. Thanks for being you. Anyway, where was I??? Oh yeah, mr. gump! I once loved this man as an actor but I feel like he’s been calling certain movies in from the sex dungeon he calls a home. I don’t feel his passion anymore Maybe all of his energy is being used at Weinsteins hotel” get togethers ”
Bc it just seems like his old age has doubled down on his abilities and his range. Can’t really think of a great performance that blew me away from hanks since The Terminal. I hated those da Vinci movies and thought he was pulling a nic cage/ national treasure movies. Where he has a weird hair cut and spends a lot of time acting like he’s deep in thought and the rest of the scenes he’s running from A to B while trying not to have a heart attack. Please hanks!!! Stop being liberal just to get high fives from teenagers. You are coming off wayyyyyyyy too creepy.

AllisonakaSakura says:

Damn since I graduated Highschool there’s no way in hell I’m going to see this movie until I get real bored and click on Stars, Showtime, or HBO

smirkingdevil says:

Any teacher that shows a Hollywood movie as a history lesson needs to be fired.

ValkeersYT says:

Tell me about press integrity in 2017 when all the large papers are owned by superrich sociopaths like Jeff Bezos, who doesnt even pay people in his amazon warehouses a living wage. I hope people dont mistake the washington post (and other major publications) of then with the bought up versions of today.

Holy Mackerel says:

A lot better than I thought it would be, considering how he did this last-minute. The movie was kind of like one of those “information movies,” like The Social Network, American Made, Molly’s Game, Goodfellas, Casino, Wolf of Wall Street, and Lorenzo’s Oil, and I tend to like that style, even if it’s not always intense. Still, I found it to be fairly intense, especially the phone scene and before they print the papers.
It’s better than Tintin and The BFG, but not as good as the rest that Spielberg’s made per this decade. Definitely one of his best films though.

newb431 says:

Streep is a cunt… can not watch

deborah martins says:

can you please review the greatest showman and jumanji

WhoImpala says:

Wished jeremy reviewed pitch perfect 3

Charlie Dawson says:

I saw this before you and I live in Australia.

DanDanTheFag says:

I thought it was a very solid movie. No where near Spielberg’s best but not a regrettable watch

Benzaiten says:

could you do “the greatest showman”? it’s interesting that while critics are shredding this movie the audiences seem to like it.

Tiago Cruz says:

Spot on Trump impression haha.

NoImDirtyDan says:


Hafizh Wassil says:

“well made educational oscar bait no alcohol required”

Antonio Cendejas says:

I’d like to see a review for “The Greatest Showman”

The Dead Immortal says:

Jeremy should just drop this failing movie review business and get into the much more profitable business of making impressions

Mayhemm007 says:

Aaaand now it’s owned by the founder of Amazon…

Venom Wolf says:

I was at the premiere of the post and saw Steven speilberg, meryl Streep and Tom hanks. It was awesome!!!

purpleshamrock17 says:

There were definitely some slow moments but I loved when Katherine stood up to all the lawyers and said something like, “This is my company and I’ll decide what to do.” Also loved how we only heard Nixon and saw his silhouette and the ending was great!

tropicAces says:

I really enjoyed the movie and agree it doesn’t have a “punch” but the final shot of the film is brilliant

haley says:

do “call me by your name” wtf jeremy

Bob Sagit says:

Streep < anyone else

ChickHeartsStuff says:

This movie was boring as balls. Hit the nail on the head with that history class scenario.

Zerimara Ramirez says:

Can you review a tale of two coreys ?

Moses Jones says:

I lost my shit when he did the Trump impression haha

Mr Blue says:

Sadly I do not have time to watch movies now. So much work

Rafael Vela says:

Jeremy, review Den of Theives, it’s good.

Captain Jakemerica says:

Gosh I gotta see this movie!!!

Definitely Catherine says:

If this movie came out earlier my teacher probably would have played it in Journalism class. It probably would have been better than the one about Stephen Glass.

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