The Predator – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Predator, starring Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski. Directed by Shane Black.


civilwarfare101 says:

I’ll just rewatch the first two movies.

jman exe says:

You managed to enjoy *the Meg,* but didn’t like this Chris?

Take off your nostalgia glasses bud, this was way better.

Alexandar Grganovic says:

So people nowadays like predator movies because of the comedy?thats sad

Nerd Lingo says:

I usually take some time to digest the films I had just watched, but really I knew this truly was a disappointing movie

androssteague says:

The movie was funny and it was a mess. I agree on the lack of flowing cohesiveness. But there have been 4 of these movies now (not counting AVP). It’s safe to say that nobody goes to see a predator movie with Shape of Water expectations. It’s 2018. You can’t expect Shane Black to bring the magic that made the 1st one from 31 years ago into today. The soldiers in the first film were terrified. Do the ones in this film have to be? The predator in the first and second film were mysterious and elusive which gave them a horror element. Do the ones in this film have to be? I think it was a fun little movie that didn’t take itself too seriously. Could’ve had more suspense, but whatever.

Curtis 007 says:

A ultimate 10 foot highly advance in technology super strenght monster gets taken out at the end by a cocky war hero and woman. What a joke, the movie could have been great if not for the stupid constant cheesy jokes. The Predators did there job as far a brutal power and action , the Ultimate Predator was terrifying and intimidating. I thought it would take a collection of Predators to take down the Ultimate Predator, or the regular Predatory assist the humans to defeat Ultimate Predator. The end was just a total crash especially when woman out of the blue jumps off mound on head of a 10 foot beast ,unbelievable and disappointing.

TBH Reviews says:

Idk I’ve viewed all the other predator movies as dumb fun movies and that’s what I got with this one and it also happens to be funny and idk the humor worked for me it got ridiculous at times but overall I highly recommend it to people who have enjoyed the other movies because I’m one of those I haven’t hated one alien or predator movie

Ben Kenobi says:

Awesome shirt. Goku black rocks

Eric Maldonado says:

Where did you get that shirt?

Garesche1979 says:

I totally agree. Coming from a loyal Predator fan. This movie was like listening to a person tell a story but jumps from different subjects. Nothing flowed. Just a bunch of corny characters with no substance. Big disappointment. Dope predator costumes and tech. I tried to like it. But I have to be honest with myself. I’d give this movie a 2.5 out of 5. I really hope they do better and finally tell a legitimate story of the Predators. They’re to cool of character not to.

Jean-Frédérick Gauvin says:

Pense pareil. C’est turbo à chier.

Dope Artist says:

This movie was awful! I dont know what Shane Black was thinking turning this into a comedy, I blame him and Fred Dekker for their poor writing and storytelling. This film had no narrative, no suspense, tension, scares or action, unintersting and unlikeable characters who you dont really care about. Its a bland forgettable movie with really stupid moments, even for a film like this. After watching the film it didnt even need to be rated R. The movie had some gory scenes and people cursing, but honestly it wasnt needed, the movie might as well have been PG-13. I was in disbelief of what I just saw and still trying to comprehend! This is the Batman and Robin of Predator movies, I would even compare it to Terminator: Genisys, I would rather watch AVP than this film. Honest to God a part of me wanted to walk out of the theatre, looking back i wish i did, cause the film only got worse and worse, so many poor choices made, its actually incredible. I had no high expections for this film, but man did it turn out really bad. The Predator films didnt have to be reeboted, but after watching this film, they need a long break and a fresh start. That ending…OMG! was so stupid in setting up a sequel it really blew my mind.Go watch Predator 1987, Predator 2 or Predators, but avoid this one. I give a 2/10, the only reason im not giving it a zero is because the Predators looked cool and there were some funny moments, but thats it. Shane Black has made some great films but this movie needed a better story, characters suspense, tension, scares and cohesive narrative.

Chris Prusinowski says:

I never liked the trailers for this film anyway, they looked bad, and I also hated last years Alien: Covenant. However, watching Chris’s review makes me want to pass this one, I might watch it for free just to see how bad it is!

Josh Brezzy says:

Stuckmann! Only 5 minutes….lmfao

Deuante Kelly says:

Dbz life

Master Roshi33 says:

Boy you don’t even know about this movie lol the kid didn’t just push buttons and they came, they were already otw to look for that stuff he just was working on it

nina alfa says:

Just left the theater .. I have never felt sleepy in a movie but I did in this one , I could not engage and could not follow the plot .. I came to this movie wanting to feel excited and scared ( had really vivid memory of how scared I was of the older predator movie) but as you said .. the movie was a comedy and no one seemed to be bothered or scared of the predator .. stupid pointless scenes and stupid dialogues . This movie was a let down

Rob Vazquez says:

The movie was cut wonky, wasn’t really funny, Olivia Munn deserves a turd for a award. The team oh man let’s use guns that don’t work. Predator dog = dog shit. But still D+ I’m buying it just because I’m a nerd. Ha

Kumitefighter79 says:

I miss Arnold and I miss 80’s movies. Period! I mean, I like you Chris I am massive Predator fan as well. Regardless of not having seen the film, I can just tell by the trailer, it is a fast cut empty CG movie like all the other bullshit ‘transformers’ style movies that are made nowadays. I mean, man… the movies that are made today are so,… I dunno?… souless? Empty? There is a huge lack of drive and simpleness(?) in todays movies.

TheOriginalToonami says:


Trojan Hell says:

Honestly this movie was a Good Bad movie…….

fattyjaybird says:

Predator has been dead since the first two… both of those used to scare the crap out of me, the atomasphere was very unsettling, granted, i was young, but i dont think i wouldve felt that with any other predator movie

Doly Sinaga says:

John mctiernan is almost 70, he’s too old for this shit I guess

Jose Salazar says:

Went to go see it today me and my brother was is a good movie to me and me and my brother had a good time

DBZD says:

More disappointing than Fallen Kingdom?

Rob Vazquez says:

Well we still have predator 1.

MrSmilesCam says:

“The film received mixed reviews from critics and has grossed $10 million.”


Batpool Metallicdeadbat says:

No I’m a massive fan of the predator. It was not disappointing to a predator fan. You don’t understand because it requires paying attention. The part left out is the fact the son has autism and has a key to detail, that is shown in the chess scene. They are not wacky goons. They are PTSD Soldiers. The movie does a good job at creating a team and putting a cigarette out on a tongue was one thing one character did. Each character has a motivation and each character has a problem with PTSD. They joke a lot because they are crazy and it is established when McKenna gets on the bus. Who? What? murders someone for the first time in there entire life in the movie? The only time that happened is with the kid on Halloween and he didn’t even see what happened. So no murderers in the movie. It’s a good flipping movie and this guy made up a movie review from the trailer. I don’t think he actually watch the movie. He might have been in the theater but I don’t think he watched it.

Bernard P says:

Smh i knew it, messing up a Classic.

Nicholas Marshall says:

Turned your faggot review off after 1 minute, because the little boy didn’t trigger anything, looks like u reviewed the trailer without seeing the movie, fucking amature moron

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