The Predator – Movie Review

Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor…which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here’s my review of THE PREDATOR!


space man says:

Damn another movie im skipping first The Nun now Predator im hopokg Venom knocks it out of the park it may be Sony but at the end of the day Venom is from Marvel

jesse fay says:

Hollywood ran out of original ideas in the 90’s all downhill from here.

Mr. Baskins says:

No milkshake for my fries because I’m lactose intolerant

Kyle Binder says:

Fave Predator movie is Predator 2 followed by Predator than AVP than Predators than AVP Requiem

Ivy Vandeshire says:

When Jeremy Jahns drops a new vid 3:19


Next : Predator and the smurfs

Justin Bradley says:

I really wish they’d make Predator comic movies. A Bad Blood movie would be absolutely amazing

zGordi says:

Best comedy of the year so far is SlenderMan

wingman g says:

They fkd the franchise….should have went back to adrian Brody from last movie on the planet

Lucas Martter says:

Also AVP requiem is the worse movie in the alien and predator franchises jut so out of place

UnNuclear says:

1:44 U N S U B S C R I B E D

LithgowMovies says:

Is he under the influence?

iMck3nzie says:

I’m bout to go get a milkshake and watch Constantine.

Ardavan47 says:

2 things
1.I grew up watching the predator 1 and 2 over and over again
2.I dont drink much
I knew i was going to be disappointed BUT NOT THIS MUCH
it was so horrible that i look back on Predators with much more respect, hell, i give AVP more respect now even though i despise those
They tried to make it a Marvel movie

T.G. Moody says:

So Hollywood was trying to make everything “dark” when TDK was the shit, now they are making everything light-hearted cos of Marvel. Does anyone have a brain there or are they just sheep?

Blake Anderson says:

They fucked it up…. Sigh……….

Dave Alden says:

I love the classic styling of the original. And Ill see this one in theaters too, but seriously, it shouldnt be a comedy. I would personally like to see them going REALLY DARK and hardest R possible. Then I wouldnt mind some jokes to keep it from being too dark and dreary. Shane should have done that! If this is supposed to be THE sequel to the first one and he always intended to take it the funny route, then no wonder the studio benched him.
1. Predator
2. Predators
3. Predator 2
All the others were crappy.

Javier Gomez says:

warner bros needs to buy the rights to Predator

justin g says:



miguel gonzalez says:

Wow. That gave me nothing to go by. Thank you.

NinjaPenguin77664 says:

Fun fact they almost named this sequal The Sexual Predator

Edward D. Al says:

I got distracted halfway through the review because of the jacket lol. Nice one BTW

evf02d says:

MCU humor?! WTF?! oh, wait Disney just bought Fox.

Jeff Sullivan says:

This guy fucking sucks !! Shut the fuck up ! I want to punch this asshole in the throat

I diSagree says:

Someone take this guys free tickets away from him. Horrible.

A.R Pradipta says:

The third part of the movie was choppy as fuck.. i can’t see anything. But 2/3 part of the movie was entertaining

Watchman says:

The moment I saw the first trailer I had low expectations, it looked like a B movie. They really need to change the setting and get away from earth.

Guitar Is Life says:

What we all NEED is the main story being JUST THE PREDATORZ!!! from child hood to learning how to hunt races . and have aliens ..and humans will be minemum at best!! .. I SAID AT BEST!!. fuck humans we watch because we want to see a predator on screen as much as possible!…….sigh*

Annie Moses says:


Due Decimal says:

fakking Disney killed Hollywood, now even Predator trying to be funny. Whats next, Alien Princess? Musical Jason Vorhees?

The Dude 7 says:

I knew it was going to suck. I don’t judge movies by trailers, but this movie has a trailer so bad that you can tell the plot is shit.

X3 says:

The only new Predator movie I wanna see is a period piece with a badass new female huntress. Something…ya know…DIFFERENT.


Bro you need to play Spiderman PS4 …it’s is next level

NIe says:

you are funny 😀

Return to Reason says:

People are looking for more humor in movies because of how lacking it is in other facets it used to be prevalent in. Late Night isn’t funny anymore, not really any new funny sitcoms. People are starved for humor that isn’t some low-hanging fruit about Trump or some poorly scripted laughtrack garbage the networks try to peddle every Fall.

Legendarydrago123 says:

The “Sexual” Predator

James Haney says:

Thank you for destroying my hope for the movie, you cold-hearted bastard lol

Conlan Carroll says:

Is anyone else just tired of these movies that are supposed to be serious and thought provoking breaking the seriousness for an excuse to crack some below average jokes? Like in the last at least 5 years I can’t remember the last movie that kept all seriousness and suspense the entire time

Andreas w. says:

It looks pretty bad

Brian Conrad says:

I will see it on Netflix if at all, thanks.

Blake Anderson says:

So they fucked up Alien, Predator, and AvP?

So now we can wait 30 more years to see them on screen again so everyone can forget about all the shit movies they gave us?

Elias Barghash says:

I feel like the 2010 film “Predators” gets overlooked and not praised enough. I thought it really changed up the Predator formula, captured the original spirit while expanding upon it greatly, and delivered some super unique scenarios and fights with the actual Predators. I really really enjoyed it, and thought the cast did an incredible job. My rankings:

1. Predator
2. Predators
3. AVP (despite its flaws, I thought this movie actually worked well)
4. Predator 2 (this is the one I’ve seen the least but mainly remember Danny Glover and the Xenomorph skull at the end)
5. (but really, if we’re numbering, this would be the bottom of any damn list) AVP-R

I’m guessing this one will probably hover around where Predator 2 ranked, though I’m curious about the tonal inconsistencies you mentioned.

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