The Prodigy – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Prodigy, starring Taylor Schilling, Jasckson Robert Scott, Peter Mooney, Colm Feore. Directed by Nicholas McCarthy.


R says:

Why is nobody talking about the infamous scene or scenes re shot because the test audience was too frightened? I want to know what the hell was shot.

James At says:

I thought The Prodigy was a firestarter.

Johnny 19 says:

I’m sorry but who else would like to see the amazing spider man 3?


Chrissy boy, please continue the pre-70s movie reviews or I will kill a cat.

If u do, review a bergman

Immanuel Vaiphei says:

Please please please do a Hachi movie review just for the feels.

Ali Taimur says:


Patrick Valo says:

Stuckman please do the hill house reciew you promised. Me and my gf are waiting for it daily

char90303 says:

I don’t mind viewing reviews before seeing a film. I can’t wait to see this now.

A Lor Fitness says:

Please do a review of Kingdom on Netflix!!

VictoriaLoL says:

So basically Lucius?

Rinaldi James says:

Review Spirited Away

Brandon Teppelin says:

-implying anything happens in Ohio
Falsehood. I know from living there. Ragnarok could occur and we would not be aware til 10 days later.

James Price says:

Hey Chris, are you planning on reviewing cold pursuit, the new Liam Neeson film, I really like his films usually but this is one of the worst movies I think I’ve ever seen. I even walked out, I’ve seen a lot of people disagreeing with me online so it’d be interesting to hear your thoughts. I’ve never seen such a divisive film before

triplesix says:

Love you chris.
My entire family enjoys watching you !

Shivam Shekhar says:

Review dororo when it ends.. It’s an anime btw

Cora says:

Are you going to review Cold Pursuit?

Bon Baro says:

What the hell happened to you last year Chris? Its seems like since the end of 2017 you just started to not really care about movies that much. From 2010 to 2017 I could really tell you enjoyed what you were doing and it was your passion and you just had so Much personality. Since about the beginning last year you just seem really off and honestly kind of bland and not that interesting and it feels like your more doing movie reviews because its your job rather than you’re passion. If your not doing well or just not feeling good I think you should tell your fan base that and maybe take a long break off of YouTube. We care about you Christ , many oft us are just worried.

TonyGMichael says:

One of the best first shots in a horror for me is Sinister. The image of that family,the music,the tone….Creepy AF at the cinema~!

Matt B says:

I thought the movie was great. The kid is a great actor.

Fantastic Mr. Fawkes says:

Hey Chris. I really miss your old style of reviews. I understand you are focusing more on real filmmaking now but I really miss the old Chris. The Chris that I used to watch and be engaged in. Be engaged in filmmaking. Chris the GOAT. Your older videos inspired me to want to make movies and I’m sure I’m not alone. Like if you want the old Chris back!

SkittleCuppyCakes says:

Storm of the century is not talked about its so amazing!!

James Castro says:

YEAH BABY! Chris, just saw your vid with John, and just wanted to say its so good to see you guys again. Seems like a while since Ive seen anything from John….Guess hes busy at the gym! But you, Chris, you are my go-to guy for movie reviews and I gotta say lately you’ve seemed to not like your job…? Dont know but its like you are not having a good time or just disinterested. IDK. But hey, remember you bring ALOT of joy to this world and you and John have a palpable, mutually respectful friendship that a lot of us envy. God bless…

microtech5871 says:

Is this the movie where the son is the wife’s dead husband? I remember seeing a trailer last year and I think that was the premise…trailer showed a kid running towards camera in a dark hall only to turn into an adult at the final moment

RoyalOutcast says:

Respect that you don’t give away what the movie is about. Real reviews as always. Can’t wait to see this film. Looks like my kind of movie.

Big Chungus says:

Can you please respond to Jor-Els Alexandria’s video on you

Happy 2BeHere says:


Raies Wolfram says:

Hey Chris, how are you? I have a question; are you planning on reviewing The Wandering Earth? I feel like as this is China’s first sci-fi blockbuster it might be very interesting? I watched in today here in Beijing, and I was blown away.
Hope you’re well. =)

Violet Mortem says:

I need help with finding other horror shows or movies similar to Haunting of Hill house! It was such an emotional roller coaster. Any suggestions?

Cody Marks says:

Surprisingly good film. Not great, but good film. Some good atmosphere, decent acting. and very well directed scenes that give some genuine creepiness. The jumpscares are actually pretty effective too. I agree about the ending, very mixed thoughts on it from me personally.

Stephen Lowe says:

Agreed storm of the century is a classic looking forward to prodigy

Tim Jung says:


Felly Setiawan says:

Do Netflix series. Kingdom!! So awesome

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