The Shape Of Water – Movie Review

A love story between a woman and the creature from the Black Lagoon. Here’s my review of THE SHAPE OF WATER!

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Wetdookie says:

Review “what happened to Monday” came out on Netflix but it was really good.

daniellekingdjk3 says:

i like Del Toros work this might be one for me

Grant Wilson says:

So he’s saying it sucks

orlendatube says:

I am visually impaired, and cant see facial expressions well-is this a bad movie for someone like me? Has anyone seen it with audio description?

Sam O'Loughlin says:

Did anyone else see that cut or something at 2:20 and 2:21

mgcarrigan says:

Give Guillermo the Dark Universe. I was hoping this could be the real start of it.

dork knight says:

Still waiting on that Punisher review…. love to hear ur thoughts!

Mr. U says:

I’m in love with the shape of water

SteamPoweredWerehog 1896 says:

Saw that you had uploaded this just as I was leaving the theater. Glad you enjoyed it!

There can be Only One Potato says:

You haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth

jack sammy says:

Del Toro needs to do la llorona !

Kingston Gapate says:

I hope Michael Shannon wins an Oscar one day.


Went to see the movie today, it was great. Highly recommend it! 🙂

Faisal says:

Do Mr Robot

Savage Ben says:

Review Hellboy ya bitch!

Trayton Sutherland says:

Bet they don’t shy away from the fish fucking

sravan kumar says:

Who directed hellboy?

Derek Buitron says:

Review “life is strange” both games

tweet2999 says:

Is it just me or did this video look a little washed out?

GodWontSaveU says:

Guys! Jeremy Jahns like this movie more than the last Jedi… lulz

Gg Op says:


Mysterious Cowboy says:

Homosexuality now beastiality, what’s next? Oh yeah, humans with robots, yeah!

Zman Jace says:

Probably one of the best movies of the year

Ken Burke says:

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again: WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

David Ortega says:

Not a fan of Gullermo de Toro but love Art house dramas so im watching this.

Omar Reyes says:

wow, I knew Del Toro was directing this but I didn’t know that the actor that played ape sapien was the same as this one, how much close to a spin-off/prequel can you get?

Dragonborn says:

These fairy tail type movies are easily one of my favorite genres, because they can also be the best:)

The OmniReview says:


Nikolaj N-G says:

So looking forward to the top 10 Best and Eorst

Ashwin Hastir says:

waiting on that top 10 video.


Jeremy. You forgot to mention one thing. SALLY HAWKINS IS THICC IN THIS MOVIE.

Jun Kazama says:

Are you going to review Call Me By Your Name? Also, have you even seen Moonlight? :))

Gfresh1620 says:

Del Toro is mostly underrated director but the vision and style he brings is truly unique

Garrett Corrado says:

Loved this movie, one of my favs. Michael Shannon deserves an Oscar for his performance, he was scary as hell. Also, Sally Hawkins delivered one of my favorite performances of the year and it was highlighted with the emotional monologue where she said nothing. It was tremendous

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