The Sisters Brothers Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex are in the mood for a New Western with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming up, how is this unconventional one? Find out!

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osvaldo german says:

Do night school

ClackMan says:

no night school? racists! lol

ShenaniGuns1 says:

I’m looking forward to this one, boy howdy

CyberSpaceCoyote says:

Joe watch Maniac on Netflix

Arif Wahed Hamim says:

what are you doing Joe? i subscribed this chanel before for your angry game reviews, now what are you doing? unsubbed man.

Nicholas says:

Whoever edited this video was either drunk, high, or in dire need of sleep.

Maarouf Osmany says:

Joe – you forgot to edit out the spoilers!

Kronos says:

Lol, when even the review is this boring, you can be damn sure the movie’s gonna be shit.

Phillip Marlowe says:

So, this is a real Western? I was thinking this was a comedy set in Western times.

thewolverinerivera says:

Joe is drunk i can see it on his eyes but it’s cool he is a badass just for keeping up and try to explain what he liked about the movie he probably left the spoiler because either he was wasted or he was really tired

DreaMDenza says:

***Sponsered by Red Dead Redemption 2***

Kardel says:

I feel like Angry Joe’s Texan accent comes out accidently sometimes after pretending to be like a Cowboy.

Starfield says:

Fallout new Vegas is the best. 2018 full review of Vegas & fallout 3 one day plz Joe 🙂

DatMasterHunts says:

When you want to play Red Dead 2, but then you realize you are a PC guy…WELP! TIME TO GET A CONSOLE!

teppolundgren says:

Ah, so I assume the brothers die at the end? Well, there you go.

Gungriffen says:

Another recent Western I enjoyed was
“Hostiles” with Christian Bale, came out last Christmas.

About a US Army Capt (Bale) who hates Indians is tasked with escorting a Chief through Hostile lands back home.

It was pretty good.

Zer0 says:

Forgot to edit two parts, not gonna lie tho, it was pretty funny

Richard Sylvester says:

Is there any structure to these reviews? It’s all over the place.
I had to facepalm when they left in the spoiler and forgot to edit it out. Unprofessional.

eduardo perez says:

Review Night School not no shitty as western i get it your texas and they love that crap over there

J L says:

Other joe HOT!!

Kid Kilo says:

So this channel is now a movie review channel and sometimes a del short review 🙁 sad days sad days

Spreken ze Vurm says:

thanks for the spoilah

CABLE 715 says:

24 minutes, really?

Mr. Testosterone says:

Angry Joe Tell me how smart you are and why you voted for Hillary??????????????? Go back to Mexico.

thing says:


qb_here says:

3:40 “did we spoil it? F*ck.” LMAO

Seafodder says:

Were they seriously putting makeup on the horse at 9:42?

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