The Strangers: Prey At Night – Movie Review

After 10 years, THE STRANGERS gets a sequel! Was it worth the decade long wait? Here’s my review for THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT!

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Maggie MacLean Dawson says:

This movie scared the shit out of me not gonna lie

FreeForm Music Edits says:

I actually enjoyed the film, and it took reference to a bunch of hold horror classics, like Friday the 13th, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing. The acting might sucked but overall the cinematography was on point, thank you.

CMT Productions 2018 says:

I actually really enjoyed this film as a throwback to 80’s slasher films.

Alex Stafford says:

The movie wasnt that bad dude

Vinson Cole says:

But but but…..but ign gave it an 8.2!!!!

Archie White says:

Like these silver list remove draft basically darkness toxic firmly.

Sam M says:

Btw I think you’re wrong, Idk maybe because you’re like what, 35?There was tension for me, and it was a good movie.

Matthew Montanez says:

F u c k you

Edds big head meme slayer says:

I really hate people who say they would beat the crap out of the killer but they dont know how it feels to be put in something like that. Look this is them fights back with the killer gets stabbed falls then gets finished

Ric Legend says:

Well that sucks I was hoping this movie would atleast be decent

RandomMr411 says:

Ngl kinda enjoyed it.



Christian Gravemaker says:

Thanks.. I knew it would be bad. But I wanted it to be good. The Strangers (original) was amazing. I’ll skip this.

Brandon Condron says:

Jeremy Jahns you are my hero

Brent bromberg says:

I’m sub

KlaymenDel says:

Movies are still the form of escapism for me. Actually the very reason why I love them.

Equos says:

This movie is a rectal cancer.

Edds big head meme slayer says:

Getting stabbed has to hurt a lot


No no no. This sequel was better than other sequels!!!! Accept it. This was a great job!!!!

anthony cheesman says:

1 35 looks like Tom Hollands got fat

E MB says:

Answering to your question, Paranormal Activity is definitely the shittiest horror movie i have ever seen, i have no idea why everyone was obsessed with it, it is so damn boring, I was legit falling asleep and I’m like the most easily amused & most easily scared person ever

Savage Soul says:

Star Wars the Last Jedi should’ve been released online

Young Man says:

This movie did not need to be made. They destroyed a possibly good sequel. I get that their identity didn’t matter because they are just supposed to represent any posible stranger who could just be crazy but I personally would have liked them to have a character to the personality they portray

Adam Straub says:

a big fuck to all the people that made an assumption from the thumbnail without watching and spent money on a dogshit movie lol

hustlesurvivor says:

Lmao! Cabin in the Woods is underrated classic. It’s awesomely done.

Fernando Pina says:

Movie reviewers are bitter. They need a vacation.

anthony cheesman says:

this should of came out in Jan

Allie Boy says:

They should have made it took place in the 80’s would have made more sense and possible cooler. When I first saw the trailer I thought it was the 80’s. Cuz the girls Ramones short even made it seem like it wasn’t present day. But then I saw their smartphones lol

Sam M says:

So I can literally have ONE million subscribers just for giving my irrelevant opinion on YouTube? hmm

Brent bromberg says:

All I’m saying is you’re not a horror movie fan so you shouldn’t put out reviews on horror movies because it Cloud your mind because you don’t enjoy them and then it gives them a bad rap and they don’t make money and they don’t f****** put out movies and movie theater because reviewers like you give horror movies a bad rap

algol291 says:

Outside of the Kit-Kat commercials, no I did not know there was an 80’s craze going on. The music sucks really hard today though, and that’s half of the 80’s.

TheBraunMachine2011 says:

The Strangers was an intense movie, shame to hear this one wasn’t as good. LMAO, I loved that Jeremy couldn’t remember the subtitle was lmao

Ryne Harris says:

Highly disagree

Ray says:

The pool scene and the car chase scene on the bridge is cool, and really you made fun of the person who plays the brother by judging his looks

Sad Satan says:

Yeah, it was fucking stupid. It completely undoes everything that made the original so great. It adds nothing to the story once so ever, just takes away from it. It does leave it open for a third installment but the way the plot moves it leaves you with the feeling of not giving a shit.

scottieman2 says:

The sister had a Ramones shirt but no Ramones song.

Unknown Unknown says:

This all you do talk bad about every movie or do you have other life

Carsity says:


hustlesurvivor says:

80’s nostalgia looks awesome in “Stranger Things” and “The Duce”.

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