The Strangers: Prey at Night – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Strangers: Prey at Night, starring Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, Lewis Pullman. Directed by Johannes Roberts.


Shani Ayalonokqkqkqkqkqkqqkqkkq says:

Do a review of spirited away or howls moving castle

Edwin Navarro says:

But I…I enjoyed the movie

King cory Martin says:

It was wack I give it a D

marquise booker says:

(Spoiler alert) I just want to the movies last night to see strangers prey at night and the movie had some funny parts when the mom said okay fine I’ll get the door and like 2 other parts. Overall the movie didn’t have enough action and their could of been a another character in the family. But I agree with you on when any time they had a weapon they easy got rid of it for no reason like when the son had the gun and he didn’t use it at all. but I rate the movie as a ( 4 or D+ and on demand/dvd movie to watch)

Jonah Raleigh says:

Please review Thoroughbreds…I saw it yesterday and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Shannan Osnower says:

I’m a huge fan of the strangers. It was one of my childhood favorites, and I watched it on rainy days with my friends at night on my shitty tv so to hear this is really disappointing. I’ll probably go see it to laugh at it.

Facundo B says:

The firs strangers movie sucks. Full of cliches and jump scares

the seekers says:

for the love of god chris review death silence pls lmao

Shani Ayalonokqkqkqkqkqkqqkqkkq says:

Do a review of spirited away or howls moving castle

James Jamison says:

A waste of money acting was horrible

mike vineriono says:

im really surprised you didnt mention the christine scene haha

toebar diesel says:

You are a shill

Elijah Roark says:

I thought this was the best slasher flick EVER made and I’m a die hard fan of slasher flicks

Matrix Guy says:

Can I get a uhhhhhhh Roman J Israel review

Kristopher Michaels says:

I will take a pass on this one. Thank you for saving me some money 🙂 To be honest. I hated the first one so… Did you like the Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman?

Mariko True says:

This movie is taking up theater time in my local area than would be more profitably spent on (re) showing Get Out or It.

Idnem Ismaili says:

Alright, this film was okayyyyy….ehhhh i enjoyed it, I just thought it was a fun film to watch. It really wasn’t that good at all, lol. Everything he says is true. The pool scene was awesome to me.

Shani Ayalonokqkqkqkqkqkqqkqkkq says:

Do a review of spirited away or howls moving castle

1unknownable says:

Chris do a hilariocity review for
STREET FIGHTER 1994!!!!!!!!!

Steven O'Connor says:

loving all the dbz shirts lately

Simret Sekhon says:

My friends and I were laughing so hard in the theater and it wasn’t rude because everyone else was laughing too.

Cindy Ashley says:

Where did you buy that shirt?

Omi People says:

Can someone tell me what scene Chris was talking about, that was similar to Texas chainsaw ? I saw the movie but I just want to be sure.

cami kohn says:

review across the universe!

souperflipboi says:

Spoiler alert: the knocking on the door at the end of the movie was the hospital bill.

S0me Saiyan says:

I thought it was a pretty fun movie to watch.

Kai Prince says:

I actually really loved it…………..

Erick Navarro says:

At some points I do agree with you but I feel like this movie is more of a C rank. Due to being Less of a thriller and more of being a slasher, very different from the first. It had the feeling of an 80s Slasher film. Story is slow at the beginning but progresses in the middle. Too much unnecessary jumpscares. Great at building tension and suspense. The killers were okay, but they all had the same personality, and one of them had less time on the screen. The family is not even likable until the action starts, but that was for the brother and sister. Character development didn’t seem like it matter at all. The victims made a lot of stupid choices but that all Change until the end. The climax is very energitic. The kills overall were not creative, but what leads up to the kills themselves are entertaining. And It had a Alright ending.

*Final Verdict: 5/10* it isn’t Bad, it isn’t great, it’s just good. If you love horror slasher films, you will enjoy this.

Jaime V says:

I’m a fan of the first one.

Rand Miller says:

I haven’t seen this movie… but from what you said about it… it sort of reminds me of the sequel for Vacancy. Where Vacancy wasn’t nearly as popular or “good” as Strangers — I remember that I actually had a guilty pleasure with liking Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale in the original Vacancy and then the made this awful random sequel that seemed like it was more of a parody from the trailer, just like this movie… which doesn’t seem actually legitimate… it seems like a parody.

Odin's Beard says:

I just saw the movie. Came home and watched this right after seeing it and I completely agree for the most part. I may have enjoyed it a tad bit more than you did, but I was a pretty big fan of the first. I liked the psychological aspect of the first. Basically the way they “toyed” with their victims of the first movie and waiting till the very end to kill. They didn’t chase, they messed with their head and made sure they knew they weren’t going to escape nor get help, and i liked that about it. This one just turned into a chase to kill type movie and didn’t give me the same feeling the first one did. Wasn’t entirely disappointed, but I was far from satisfied.

ZackJ100 says:

It just looses so much of what made the first The Strangers it’s own unique thing.

Pelis express says:

Jessica jones season 2?????

Ryne Harris says:

I rarely disagree but this is one of them times. I found the sequel to be highly more entertaining.

TheGreatOnez says:

Where are the Halloween Reviews?

WatCH _DoGes says:

The ending is LITERALLY a doctor knocking on the room of kinsey(main character) while she watches over her brother sleep and the knock triggers some PTSD shit about a musical box one of the killers used to lure kinsey to kill her and then BLACK SCREEN. Fucking trash movie.

Gabriel Peza says:

Chris, you should review Thoroughbreds! That movie does deserve attention as opposed to this one 😛

luis gonzalez says:

Well I loved it

blacksnk says:

Hated the first one, so I’m definitely not going to waste my time with this one.

BIO out says:

I’ve seen original strangers and now I’ve seen this. I will be 1at to admit this movie deserved a C- not a D or F because it was at least an ok watch had some decent scenes of horror and drama. I enjoyed it even if harsh critics and you Chris hated it.

Heathen says:

I thought you were gonna like it cause of the thumbnail lol

Tim Walden says:

Two bad reviews back to back for two movies my lady is dying to see! And she’s going to drag me to see both! Grrrr.

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