Thor: Ragnarok – Movie Review

The 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the 3rd chapter in Thor, here’s my review of the 80’s rock comedy of the Asgardian Apocalypse THOR: RAGNAROK!

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Michael Warunek says:

Piss off ghost!

Jae Kaitch says:

Thulk and Hor got me

rawtruthmusic says:

I think the humor makes sense becus I feel like Thor picked up his sense of humor from earth and the avengers and stuff

JH Sounds says:

Whore and Thulk

SMM Gooz says:

i lost it in the theater when Thor was telling the story of the snake when they were kids

Bryan D. Wolfe says:

Gave it a Full Price, saw it in IMAX 3D Thursday Night!!!

King Sora2XXX says:

I will agree with you, Jeremy, about Korg talking during the ending, where *insert place’s name here* was totally destroyed. There really should have a long moment of silence. Although, on my end, I couldn’t help but laugh about him when THAT event took place. But that’s just me.

Jorge Abreu says:

this movie kinda sucked. Tried too hard to be like guardians of the galaxy.

Lyfe Jones says:

Literally how i felt abt the movie.

WaspHacker says:


Considering how Thor Ragnarok ended, Thors vision in AoU (you know, the one with blind Heimdall) have a whole new meaning to me.
Let’s say, I think we’re really gonna see that scene in Infinity War.

Josh Barnes says:

Don’t take life too seriously or you’ll never make it out alive.

Michael Warunek says:

I think Thor’s comedic tone was him growing as a person. Someone who’s more wise now and less impulsive. Doesn’t take everything so seriously. He’s been through a lot of shit and that’s his way of showing he’s on top of things now.

Gordoh20 says:

Action rocks rest of it stupid cheesy and corny one of the worst marvel films

HeAvEnSDeViLs12 says:

God of hammers

Otitis Grimm says:

Hated it! Too much comedy. Lost any dramatic moments because they had to throw a funny line in. Some worked. Most didn’t. It was like Seth McFarland wrote the script. Pure Dog Shit!

Holly Roxy says:

I think this movie is actually a dark action comedy. It has the most devastation out of any other MCU movie. They probably made the choice to be so comedic because of how dark the content was. Otherwise it would’ve been really depressing lol

Ricky T says:

Anybody else heard the Willy Wonka song in the movie?

Joshua Foley says:

I really disagree. The comedy was PERFECTLY placed. It was very well written and you were able to focus on many parts without it being to much of a distraction.

haruna haruna says:

suck a dick mother fucker…

LouieNtheRing says:

Loved the Movie, but way too many jokes in my opinion. I’d give movie A-

Aniket Narvekar says:

comedy is OK but marvel needs to make more serious movies

AMG Bros says:

Fuck anybody who says this movie wasn’t amazing

Thomas Kishman II says:

What time is it when Thor drinks?

Hammer Time

Jordan Baldwin says:

These marvel movies aren’t really films as much as they’re formulaic ads for toys.

That Guy on the Left says:

Taika Watitty

iam CruceWayne says:

How does Thor get shocked

Roshan Mathews says:

What a crap movie!! I wwent to watch the movie seeing your review. B-grade movie humour. Reminded me of watching the old He-man movie. They should have stuck with the original Planet Hulk storyline. See wonderwoman when the director stuck with the storyline from the comic.

johme54 says:

At first I was mad due to no soul stone but maybe the eternal flame is the soul stone?

Helen Rebecca says:

Awesome. Can’t wait to see the movie.
I already see the movie. It was really good.
Check it out for yourself [ ]

Paul Henri says:

It is no mistake why they gave Hulk a personality in this particular part of the movie is because they want to do Hulk world so they’re setting Hulk’s character up for when they do decide to do that movie.

BenRiley83 says:

Congratulations Jeremy, you now have the worst movie review on YouTube

Musa Mansa says:

It was a comedy from beginning to end is what my friends have told me. I’m not too happy about that. Ragnorak should’ve had a darker tone with moments of humor. That’s just how I feel.

Mr. username says:

Stan lee’s cameo was the best

Justin Bell says:

Not sure how I feel bout this film,It’s a good, fun, colourful film, with a solid story line but I’m not sure about the comedic moments Some were good but most were just m’eh and I feel didn’t need to be in the filmI

Paul Henri says:

What I liked about the Thor movie to was that rock Character the guy that was made of rock he was hilarious I like his character

Jackson Billingsley says:

On par with guardians 1 for best marvel movie

K McCoy says:

For the avg movie goers not following the comic, it’s a nice action comedy for the family. For ppl who actually know the real story base on the comics, this was a pile of shit put together. *Spoiler* Hela Thors sister? Forgot the Wolf name but nothing is explained about it, just a huge wolf. Hela held n crushed Thors hammer like it’s nothing. The voice actor for Hulk was cringe worthy for me. Odin died because….confused. When I saw the title Thor Ragnarok I was expecting epicness with serious story telling leading to destruction of Asgard or something…even deadpool was more serious with less comedy. Not a bad movie to watch but knowing Ragnarok this was meh.

DooM HomeGrown says:

Dang they made Hulk seem like a dumbass weakling

Ricardo Nunez says:

One thing I don’t understand is


If Thor defeated Sutur with quite ease then why did he summon him to take out Hela saying Sutur was able to defeat her. Doesn’t make sense. Thor whooped Sutur but can’t beat Hela

DamonM Roger says:

I loved the comedy in Ragnarok, but then again I was high so…

Michelle Manoo says:

Why isn’t Lady Sif in this movie.

Meda Purnama says:

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is better because there are genuine touching moments in it aside from being funny. Thor Ragnarok is pretty much a straight up comedy movie. 5.3/7

Paul Henri says:

What Marvel does is that they do not take themselves seriously and it works for them you only have to look to the DC Universe the find out how the darkness doesn’t always exactly work it’s not as if DC has had any really good movies except for Wonder Woman. Which was a great movie it did have a lot of the elements that Marvel had in it worked. Cuz you could tell that Wonder Woman was a good movie cuz it was a movie that didn’t take itself so seriously all the time. There were parts and Wonder Woman that were pretty funny which broke up some of the darkness that DC movies usually have.

BookTardis394 says:


Loki in this film was confusing…
Is he good or bad?
-1 point for impersonating Odin
+1 for loving Odin
-1 for not helping Thor on the Trash Planet
-1 for betraying Thor’s escape
+1 for coming to save Thor anyway?
-1 For stealing the Tesseract maybe?
+1 For helping start Ragnarok! (Therefore fulfilling his duty)

Is he good or bad?!?!

megaslayercho says:

Guardians of the galaxy started a trend that ruined marvel movies for me.
From epic action movies,the franchise turned into terribly cringy comedies with plot made by/for 7 year olds.

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