Thor: Ragnarok – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Thor: Ragnarok, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins. Directed by Taika Waititi.


Ivan Medina says:

I agree this movie was so funny even my girlfriend said this is her favorite movie now.

Manoj Varughese says:

Nothing special about the movie…just another comedy.

Buddhi Dev says:

I do like this movie too!

Sky Jordan says:

Such a bad movie but no one will realize it! Making a movie a comedy out of a comic doesn’t make it good! If winter solider was a comedy it would be Terrible! I want them to turn saving private ryan or something serious into a comedy with terrible jokes, slap Disney on it and you all will say it’s amazing. Give power boosts to everyone while we make Hulk a joke and make him weaker than his story counterparts. Saying you’re a fan and seeing a movie that makes a comedy and a joke out of your favorite story lines is not real… Come on now, I’m a very big Hulk fan and this was a waste of my time. Good references to the comics but nothing was serious. Thor ” As gard is on the verge of destruction” valkryie “drinks alcohol while the whole theatre laughs and Thor stops being serious about the destruction of this home”. Come on people.

M Hutch says:

I saw this movie last night, and it was amazing. As a New Zealander, and someone who has worked on Taika’s prior films I could not be more proud. I thought all the laughs were in the trailer, I was wrong. So awesome and so glad you liked it!

Movie Files says:

Watch our SPOILER REVIEW of Thor Ragnarok. We discuss the story, performances, debate whether director Taika Waititi’s humorous tone worked in the movie, and how this film fits into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Taylor Shockley says:

Just saw it was fucking amazing!!!!

hufnasty says:

Where can I get that shirt!!!

Trucktub GAMES says:

I loved this movie. I feel like this needs to be said…BUT…I feel like a FEW jokes could’ve been left out. I feel like some moments would have benefited from not having a joke…THAT BEING SAID; this movie is on par with GotG1 imo. It’s incredible. The humor, the action, the emotion. It’s fucking great. Everyone crushes it.

Raymond Mach says:

I thought this movie was horrible if I am being totally honest :/

omar suarez says:

This movie is arguably the best marvel movie eveeeeeeeerrrrr. If you don’t like it then you’re an idiot. D.C. Fan boys just rot already hahahaha. This movie is already better than all of the movies y’all have made and will make. Marvel is just a genius machine that can’t do anything wrong. What is this the 17th movie? And they are still rocking it. D.C. Already flopped on the second try hahahahahaha. D.C. Should be sold to marvel to revamp it and make it good. This movie is perfection.

Teri Starr says:

I love you in your thumbnails, that they give an impression of what the verdict is. Trying to stay away from Thor spoilers, you made that easy while giving me hope for the movie.

carlos arro says:

Tbh comedy was really good , I enjoyed it a lot and so many others did too , however I thought it was toooooooo funny , this movie is about the destruction of Asgard , that’s clearly not funny , however the director did say it would be a comedy so i enjoyed it either way , it was very awesome 🙂

cHeStEr5434 says:

My grades for the Marvel movies released so far…

Phase One:

Iron Man (2008) A
The Incredible Hulk (2008) B-
Iron Man 2 (2010) B+
Thor (2011) C+
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) B+
The Avengers (2012) A

Phase Two:

Iron Man 3 (2013) A-
Thor: The Dark World (2013) B-
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) A
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) B
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) A-
Ant-Man (2015) A

Phase Three:

Captain America: Civil War (2016) A
Doctor Strange (2016) B-
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) B+
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) A-
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) A-

Your turn…

Ofer Mizrahi says:

Here is better review:

Pac'sPerspective Reviews says:

THIS MOVIE gets a higher rating than Logan?????? Really Chris??

BATBR0 says:


Im tired of this comedy shit. They are doing too much. I literally gave no fucks when asguard got destroyed. The comedy over powers all of the serious scenes. Leave this shit for guardians of the galaxy smh.

Lex H. says:

There was only one thing about Ragnarok that I didn’t like: Hela continuously going back between her black hair and the thorn crown. After a while, it just seemed to be pointless; I’m sure wearing that thing was uncomfortable and Blanchett didn’t want to have it on constantly, but it really bugged me that she kept taking it down and then putting it back on a few seconds later.

Marli x says:

I watched it yesterday and I really really really loved it, I was jumping up and down in my chair of excitement. the scenes with him “calling” the thunder, or the Sherlock easter eggs etc. where just amazing. i’m thinking about going again tonight on my own. I’m following film school in my country so I think it’s so wonderful of you to help people with there movie making dreams!!

Wolf Heart says:

Worst Thor movie! Very silly and childish! I love the 1st two movies! give it a 6/10 , Definitely not an A

Gary Mike says:

It was fun and okay, but really it was kinda boring with really great colors… it was fun but not as fun as it was advertised… could have been better.

Marvin Husbands says:

I’m super happy for Chris. He must have known the Thor movies up until this point were trash. Especially compared to Iron Man and Captain America.

Finn Conroy says:

Jesus, somebody’s depressed.

Beat Body Training says:


Rei Zak says:

There was way too much comedy in this movie, and too much of an exposition dump rather than just showing what happened. It should have started with the goddess of death needing to be stopped so the valkyrie are called in, it skips over the fight (because you’ll see that later) to just the last one walking through the field of corpses, then it can show Odin sealing her away and she can say something ominous about being released upon his death blah blah blah, then the movie can return to current times. Instead you get a last minute exposition dump from Odin before he… turns to glitter? Then she just shows up without any explanation. It all just seemed so force-fed.
All of Thor’s friends were killed in the beginning but they did it in such an unfeeling way that I thought they would come back to help fight. Nope, they’re really dead, the movie just didn’t care enough to let you feel anything for these characters that we’ve seen in two previous movies…
All the stuff with Loki was great. The humor was good in his scenes because it showed their history but also that they’re brothers who have quarreled in the past. Honestly they should have made more of this movie about Loki.
Hulk was turned into a giant two-year-old. Him speaking was not something I needed to see in a film. It’s okay if he says very little, like in the avengers movies, but now he’s conveying entire thoughts in toddler-speak.
The scene with Dr. Strange was good, even the humor in it was okay, to an extent. They kind of added some in there that was a bit forced, but that scene wasn’t really meant to be serious anyway. The first half was really just showing the end credits scene for Dr. Strange, which I guess they did because not everyone has seen it. Despite the silliness of the scene, it did a good job of showing that Dr. Strange can hold his own against demi-gods, so it was a nice little setup for the future.
Honestly, this entire film was like watching one large SNL skit with the original cast. I’m not saying you can’t have lighthearted superhero films, but would it have killed them to balance it a little more? Even Guardians 2 had more substance, and that was one big joke-fest. I hope that Black Panther and Infinity Wars will be a little more grounded.

Dasdutt says:

YES Chris gave it an A! I am so happy. I’m a huge fan of Planet Hulk too.

s hudson says:

Thor loses an eye, whereupon he has a vision of Odin that helps him realize that only Ragnarök can defeat Hela. He, 142, and the Hulk distract Hela while Loki finds Surtur’s crown and places it in the Eternal Flame. Surtur is reborn and destroys Asgard, seemingly killing Hela.

Reckless youth 8 says:

And it felt more like dr. Strange/ GOTG. Nothing really to fresh funny Thor always has great funny moments in each Avengers film

Tower Films Canada says:

Really looking forward to this one, even more so after that comparison to the Winter Soldier.

Jessica Thornton says:


Reckless youth 8 says:

100% disagree. Felt no emotion. The emotional beats would of helped. Dialogue could of been better too.

D.J. Taylor says:

Bro I fucking love that fucking shirt you’re wearing!

Pevori Lopkins says:

“Planet hulk fans will love this” how about a planet hulk movie

MattysonDreamland says:

I saw Thor Ragnarok tonight, it’s extremely overrated. It’s meh at best. I give Thor Ragnarok a C+

Aadil Chaudry says:

Chris can you plz do review of dragonball pilot episode from robot underdog

Achuthan Prasad says:

Korg was BY FAR the funniest character in the movie! Taika is hilarious!

omar rey says:

Loved your T-shirt Chris, where did you get it, great review by the way, I loved the movie one of the best for me

mahadev murmu says:

Totally a fucked up movie.. A superhero movie or a comedy movie.. Can’t find it out. .. Totally shit movie.. No seriousness

BooBop1987 says:

Cool Review Man!

Shreyas Sanil says:

You cannot expect a comic undertone from all the SuperHero movies, but it seems as if you enjoy them the most in particular and rate them well. I know it’s subjective and I came here to listen to your thoughts about it(and I respect them), but we can leave the humourous ones to Marvel and also learn to appreciate the movies DC has to offer. I mean no offense, I love them both equally.

TheAllstar says:

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this movie. For being all about Ragnarok and the destruction of Asgard, I was hoping to see it a bit more serious. It feels like there’s repeated jokes that weren’t that funny the first time and 3/4ths of the movie were spent wandering around without much urgency. Then when it came to the Ragnarok moment, it was done in seconds! Overall, I did like it for being a colourful movie with a great soundtrack but I just feel it could and should have been better for being Thor’s nightmare of the destruction of his home…

DannyXD2010 says:

Chris hensworth sorry if I butchered his name but he literally saved this movie. his charisma and charm won me over.

Daley Radford says:

I feel like I’m not going to enjoy this movie at all. Too much humor, and no serious character development. Marvel movies should be serious and stay to the comics along with throwing some humor too it. I hope this movie doesn’t suck.

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