TIGER ZINDA HAI | Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif | Movie Review!

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Credit of my favorite movie reviews song:
Highlight Reel Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Farhan Akhtar says:

You guys didn’t talk about Paresh Rawal character name Soban

Bishal Bose says:

U seem to have lot of problem with the song bt if u could understand the lyrics U wouldn’t have said tat.

Vaibhav Kumar says:

watch Akshay Kumar’s BABY…
you will get blown away….
Hands down the best thiller movie of Bollywood

Naveed Ahmed says:

Can you please say tiger zinda “hey ” instead of “hai ” .. its pronounced as hey by d way

Sarah Farrell says:

Yes every bit of what you said is correct they could have made it better, but Indian public really don’t care, they go to watch Salman Khan as Salman Khan. people go berserk just to see him. So directors are expected to show some wow Salman moments.

Harshit Bhatt says:

I LOVED THE “MINDHUNTER CAPTIONS” THING that you used here Jaby HIGH 5 for that

AJIT JHA says:

Nobody is going to criticize uu..you are just being honest!:)

Rakesh Kumar says:

plz match monsoon shootout

Nitish shah says:

NO one talking about Abbu usman !!

Sarah Farrell says:

@Everyone : it’s just a reaction. Being disrespectful to others opinion or liking just over an actor(or a politician), is that how you define yourself ? If u think he/anyone has missed out on a point, information can always be exchanged by civil means. If u dont like it may be u r on a wrong channel, u can chose to avoid it.
@Jaby : I really admire your courage to handle all kinds of comments. I am new to your channel. The very fact that you are well researched sharing your knowledge with guests and others made me join it and it somehow makes me feel proud of India. Keep up the good work ! Please ignore the intolerance.

Sasiljung Shahi says:

Bollywood is all about Salman Khan… Megastarrr

Akshay Nariyani says:

Jaby now thats what we call typical Bollywood Masala Movie and most of people wont care about the commercial things which you complaining about including the machine gun scene which you didn’t liked.

Aditya Pandey says:

Tvf Bachelor s2 e4 plz

Aadhaar Kaleshwari says:

I am into 12 minutes amd dont wanna continue further… talk about fast n furious all the parts.. you find it real….??? I doubt… check out mission impossible series…. i mean iam sorry buddy

The Entertainment Show says:

Love your movie reviews.

Suraj Singh says:

That Stardust intro I thought is an ad…and I was waiting for the “skip ad” option….facepalm

Johnny Babegrace says:

too much talking
it’s like your trying to impress

narottam nayak says:

Over the top action and acting..I need refund….worse movie

Pendre3 says:

LOVE this review and love your appreciation for Katrina’s performance! She trained really hard for the film and it shows. You mentioned wanting to see more action from her – they actually shot another scene when she was in captivity, but it wasn’t included in the film. It’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ugxHITyGc Most likely cut for the reason you gave – they didn’t want her to upstage the male hero, even though she did it, anyway. SHE performed all of her stunts and he had a stunt double, so I don’t think it’s fair that her genuine hard work was cut out even though I do expect it in a SK film. The main reason she had such a substantial role in a Khan film is because her best friend Ali Abbas Zafar is the director and he has faith in her abilities and has worked actively to support/increase women’s roles in Hindi films. Again, fantastic review!

hrishikesh Mazumder says:

You said correct.
City this all songs and add more action stuff

Farhan Akhtar says:

Hit like if u think Achara is the biggest Salman Khan fan

Music lovers says:

best salman movie

Sweety Panwar says:

react to Goa gone wild with beingindian

Imran Sayeed says:

White actors in indian movies can’t act apart from Lagaan

danish hussain says:

Tiger is the guy who trained John McClain

Imteaj khondokar robin says:

The Paint is done by Salman khan and It’s real. It’s not photoshopped. Please google about salman khan’s painting… I hope you’ll get clear idea that he is a painter also.

Vikas Garje says:

No no no this is not done …..
Dear jaby you can say anything about this movie good bad anything…
But please please please please…..

Anamta Khan says:

The painting was made by him in real by eco colors

Movie Cat says:

Indian people like long movies, that is why they make extra long movies otherwise people complain lol

Abdul Wahab says:

Do react to Pakistani content!!

Tour Our Way says:

About white actors, what I understand is that, most of the Indian movie direction evolves from theatrical acting which appeases our culture. Mostly over reaction to a scenario or plot, so many of those white actors even if they are from UK or be it any, they probably are made to over react more like Indian viewers expect them to do so. They are mostly directed to act in a specific way than react their natural acting. There is a movie called “Shruddhi” which if you see, they casted white actress, she is well established one too, but the way they pulled her acting was too much dramatic. So yes they probably chosen some non US actors but they will be surely subjected to perform in a way Indians viewers see an expression as. They can’t do the natural acting as they are used to do in their own movies.
For example, Katrina Kaif is considered most bad actress among majority Indian viewers, similarly many actors too. And they get used to that tag and the way they are portrayed. If you remember Nawaazuddin or even Irfan was so sidelined due to this, but they started to do movies with different independent directors, bringing their real acting. Since Indians we are used or accustomed to that theatrical acting or over expressing of emotions to a certain degree. There are many good actors who can do better when a director see that in them rather push their perspective of how viewers expect them to “over act”

Sayan rocks says:

React on making of tiger vs wolf, tiger Zinda hai

Aakash Sai Raj says:

Superb review. Well done both of you!!!

Vikas Garje says:

Achara honey you too…
Comparing it with
Wonder woman…
What happened to you…
At least keep it mind what you are comparing it with…

Sartaj Alam says:

Not movie review
I know you already did that
But it was also very very short

Preeti N says:

I must say.. I am not a fan of Salman khan.. After your watching review I might change my mind now .

Prajwal Sawant says:

Y in america there is no intermission in cinemas??

Tarannum Shaikh says:

Salman rocks lol …..

Anmol Srivastava says:

When someone says I love Katrina kaif,I start questioning their taste in cinema.I’m sorry..can’t help it after all these yrs of seeing her not act

Abdul Wahab says:

Things are changing now.The people on both sides don’t hate each other anymore,its just politician who fight and promote hatred!!

Shyam Patel says:


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