Tomb Raider Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex take a look at the Tomb Raider Reboot Film and see how it compares to the Video Games and the previous Angelina Jolie Films! Is this one worth watching? Is it better than other Video Game Films? Find out!

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Josh Leivers says:

Lol who’s Laura?

OtterWild1 says:

Joe you’re so rude… let your friends speak and present their arguments. You just cut them off, and say they’re wrong.

The Silver Ninja says:

The worst video game movie is tough. Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon, Dungeon Siege, and House of the Dead.

Stanley po says:

Alicia do great in Tomb Raider and the movie itself is good.

EvolvingFetus says:

The Legend of Laura the Laurel and the Tomb Raider Lara.

TrueGamingPassion says:

When i heard LAURA first time i tought it was a mistake. The 3rd time fuckit it dislike and leave video…..

Mr Karate says:

So holly wood just picked out some skinny girl off the streets to play in this movie…… very poor choice

technically observant says:

and black panther is not dumb?

KublaiGenghis says:

Holy shit the pronunciation pricks in the comments. Look, people know how it’s supposed to be Lara, but they WANT to say Laura. I’ve pretty much gotten used to it already. Get over it.

Workopeace says:

The great thing about this movie is that, is pure adventure movie,without spec efects,lasers,and other bullsh…

Rift Shredder says:

The story of this movie was really really similar to the first Uncharted video game, so if Uncharted was ever gonna be made into a movie, they’ll have to use a different story lol

SuperSammyPro says:

I expect Lara to be black in the next movie.

Super Cando says:

As video game movies goes, this reboot really isn’t all that bad (compared to most video game movies anyway). Yes, there are some silly plot points. Yes, it’s not an Oscar winning production. But it entertains on a basic level. That’s more than I can say for the vast majority of video game movies (which of course sucks in general). That alone makes me recommend you to watch it.

ShinySilvery says:

Getting mixed reviews, even in this review panel. As a British viewer, just one question…
Who the hell is *Laura* Croft ???

Dennis Scott says:

I liked it

Andrea Piccolo says:

“I’m a huge fan of the series!”

Keep calling her “Laura”.

Good job, Joe.

Mr Karate says:

I don’t care for this tomb raider movie…..she is not sexy and she’s just some skinny girl with no ass or tits. I like the first tomb raider movie better just because she had a sexy body. I truly don’t care about the story. I just watch it for the body and action

Niall Campbell says:

I give it a 7/10 I thought it was pretty good

MadFinnTech says:

Best VG movie: Mortal Kombat
Worst VG movie: Bloodrayne, especially the sequel.

extremeteam27 says:

Worst is Mario best is the new Tomb Raider

Buccaneer_9 says:

Tomb Raider: The Movie That No One Asked For

InFmouS says:

Worst video game movie gotta be “House of the dead”, best I would say “Silent Hill”…

The Ginna says:

Can’t get past him calling her Laura constantly

Deviltamer says:

As a fanof both games I really liked this adaptation. It is changed in many ways yet you can find many details from game to appreciate. And you get a scenario you dont get in the games yet you wish it was there. It is a treat for fans of the games.

For fans: 8/10. Room for more action but still a good introduction to the new lara. I am completely with Joe on this one 🙂

BaneTheDestroyer says:

Legit the whole comment section is correcting them on the pronounciation of her name lol you people are something else. Good video lads.

Travis Gillespie says:

It was basically an origin story, other Joe’s. She wasn’t interested in the artifact because she felt like that all that non sense was what took her father away from her. But now that she has closure I’m sure the next film will show more of the passion that makes Lara Coft

Steve Walker says:

Bahaha, this was hilarious. Great job!

SupaaGrover says:

Best Video Game Movie:
Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

Worst Video Game Movie:
Super Mario Bros.


Looks like the Mary sue excuse is back. Good god. It’s such an overused word.

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