Tomb Raider Movie Review

Tomb Raider Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review 2018! Alicia Vikander is Lara Croft! Breaks video game curse?!

Tomb Raider Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Tomb Raider, the 2018 reboot of the Tomb Raider video game movies! Alicia Vikander is Lara Croft! Did her workout payoff? Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Tomb Raider in 2018 and make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie news, trailer and review on YouTube today!

Pleasant Surprise – 00:00
Not X-Men But Blade – 00:22
Production Quality – 1:02
Female Gaze – 1:56
Alicia Vikander – 2:51
Role Model – 3:33
Physicality – 4:26
Dominic West – 6:02
Daniel Wu – 6:11
Walton Goggins – 7:03
Nick Frost – 7:24
Engaging Throughout – 7:35
Conclusion – 8:38

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!


Lucifer D says:

Grace your SJW is showing.

sith boss says:

Can’t wait 2 c this

Rascal2006 says:

Agree, it’s a fun enjoyable film & does brake the video game curse

sns sdn says:


Paula Abelenda says:

This movie won’t break the video game curse. Not only Tomb Raider is suffering through the same mixed reviews, as the previously video game adaptations did, but I also doubt this will be a box office success. But it’s good to hear that this isn’t hot garbage.

IROBB Artist says:

Yes, Hollywood is motivated by money not doing the right thing, speak the truth

Andy K says:

Would you recommend this movie in 3D?

Ravendra Kewlani says:

*spoiler *
I really thought about it being super natural but movie blended it into reality which i kind of liked.. But it felt like i have seen it b4 and yup i did…. In uncharted 1

Nick Salazar says:

Nice review Grace. Definitely more interested in seeing this movie.

EyesOfGehenna says:

Meh, this movie isn’t worth people’s time unless they really have nothing better to do, but hey, to each their own. I guess in a way I am glad it’s so far from the video game because that way it doesn’t kill the video game for me.

qarahiyo says:

only Grace will love shitty movies

DoktorPerryCox says:

Hi Grace, great review. I’m just out of the theater. I liked it. It’s not the movie of the year but for a video game adaption it’s a good work. Alica Vikander did a realy great job – for me she beats A.Jolie clear. I don’t liked *spoiler on* that nearly all side charactres from the 2013 game are out of the plot*spoiler out*. I give Tomb Raider 2013 finally a B-

V Ingram says:

After Atomic Blonde, I’m glad they showed her being ugly. Fighting, investigating and life can be ugly.

Patina77 says:

I loved the movie! I am shocked by the ‘not pretty enough’ comments. Makes me think how the men who say this look like themselves…

james williams says:

..avengers infinity war trailer 2 tomorrow !

MrShaun42088 says:

after i saw her avoid death nearly 20 times in the trailer.. I wouldn’t be able to handle all the eyerolling ‘yeah right’ moments in this.

DOWNIE 154 says:

I like your style, your kool

Chris Scorpio says:

Don’t believe the hype people. Mortal Kombat is still safe.

Stripling Warrior says:

Vikander forever!

Filipe Gomes says:

FFS this SJW AND PC BULLSHIT is getting out of hand!!! She looks nothing like Lara, nothing like any of the games! And I have them all! She is in no way Lara, in any aspect! How the fuck are you saying she was spot on? She looks like a Twig! She was a ‘Precision instrument’ Argh,

Potent Vision says:

Liked the Movie, could have used better visuals ,better writing and what not. But a fun movie to watch, though it does start off a little slow. I actually didn’t mind the brown hue look to it, I mean it’s supposed to have that grimey survivor feel to it.

Jason Lunden says:

Alicia Vikander looks perfect for this part. If there was a real Laura Croft, she would have to be top notch at Crossfit. Maybe her arms look a tad thinner, but other than that she looks like a young woman Crossfit champ. My expectations are not really high, but I’m hoping to enjoy this one.

winsron shelley says:

i hope for a trilogy too
loved the ending

V Ingram says:

Yeah!! I’ll take progress over disappointment! Comic book movies did the same and we got The Dark Knight and Black Panther eventually!!

NiGHTS1980 says:

I saw it last night. Enjoyed it a lot. It has the same basic plot of the new game but they changed a number of things which I was kinda disappointed about having played the games. But i guess you can’t have it all…

Omar Anzaldua says:

Less than three minutes in and Wonder Woman is brought up. Again. It seems like a movie can’t be its own topic without having to mention Patty Jenkins’ work.

Kicknowledge Smith says:

51% on rotten tomatoes is breaking the curse?!

roger nsong says:

Grace do you accept blind dates with random dudes just typing shit in the comments like this one?

Jacob Shury says:

aaaaaand I’m sold! 🙂 I love Tomb Raider especially since the 2013 reboot and I hope this will succeed.

Tara Farrell says:

I really enjoyed it. It kept me entertained for 2hrs and that’s all I wanted.

Edward Marges says:

I really enjoyed it, saw it last night and it didn’t feel like a video game movie, it just felt like a movie, took what worked about the game and brought it to the screen

Cabo Wabo says:

The movie is just like the Xbox One game. The brown muddy look is from the game. Also some of the movie’s scenes are direct takes from the game’s cut scenes.

Mike Stevenson says:

Good review – thanks Grace.

Serna Kelynack says:

Tomb Raider 2018 |f u L L M o v i e :


Full length pants. That’s so awesome!! It should be celebrated! Really tho?

Supreme says:

Saw it. It sucks. Don’t waste your money.

Arjun Kaycee says:

baby steps

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Well done grace…intelligent and upbeat review.

cslcastillo says:

you know what every movie ever reminds me of ?? ……..wonder woman.

PurushaDesa says:

Funny! My biggest fear was that they’ve made her overly serious and apart from the gun scene the trailer gave that impression. If it’s true that she’s good humoured too that’s great news as an Indiana Jones fan.

MrTbob418 says:

I’m very happy the movie is getting positive feedback. The main issue seemed to be tied to it being a game addaptation, which is great imo. Anyone can watch it and enjoy it but true fans of the games will appreciate it all the more.

Gabe P says:

Wasn’t Daisy considered for this role? Sort of glad that didn’t happen

D Reynolds. says:

Did you notice tween Lara is the same actress who played tween wonder woman?

Mark Cruz says:

The thing about older movies is that they use a lot of blue screen and actors do less stunts. Not to say that current movies dont use blue screen, but actor stunts and CGI actually makes up for making scenes believable.

Raiken Xion says:

Even from the trailer i felt it looked dull, and i do have to say while she may fit a more “realistic” interpretation of the character, she is very “standard” in her physical looks for Lara Croft. But yes i get it, this is not meant to be the sexualized Lara Croft i remember from the 90s.

Daniel Trindade says:

OMG, I wanna watch a movie next to Grace! ❤️

Linkman247 says:

Is it possible to just review a film without injecting a bunch of gender politics B.S. into it? What does that honestly have to do with how good the movie actually is? Can’t the film just be evaluated for the performances, technical aspects of the cinematography, the score/soundtrack, visual effects, narrative, etc?

I’m not kidding the film got a 5.5 (mediocre) on IGN. One of the criticisms was that…”Most of the men Lara meets either flirt with her or want to kill her — or both! And there are maybe three other women in Tomb Raider that have more than one line” because that reviewer appeared to have an agenda and was apparently using the Bechdel test.

I like the games because Lara is an interesting character. It seems like Vikander is a good fit for the role. I just wish ‘reviewers’ and critics would stop pushing an agenda when reviewing forms of entertainment.

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