Tomb Raider – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu. Directed by Roar Uthaug.


Baymax Hero says:

What’s the dirt on your right arm?

like water says:

The storyline did not deserve Alicia. She was good. Story was crap. It blows. Alot. Like, if the script was personified as a woman, I’d pay good money so it could blow me every night. Because I am forever alone. 4/10

noobie rice says:

That shirt!!! Where did you get it???!!!!

Perla Rodriguez says:

I saw this as soon as I received notification; and I may be late now but omg you are trending!

Ryan_Simons says:

Chris is on trending!!

Jeff Wickson says:

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought…and I never played the games. I would give it 6.75 to 7. Very good score, for a video game inspired movie. Vikander is awesome in this btw !!

Chris Mclaren says:

I loved this movie go see it

MJ Huggins says:

It doesn’t sound like your heart is really in this anymore. Hope everything is ok bruh.

MadAssassin’s Creed says:

Chris you hit 1M subscribers I’m so happy for you!

A SAVANT1 says:

This was nothing like the game, She did not acquire her weapons the same as she did in the game. This review was one of the biggest loads of hogwash I have ever heard you say. You are getting worse every time now.

Fernando Ferreira says:


Helios Sky says:


Vessel of Balon says:

Still a prick.

CABLE 715 says:

Um last 90’s action film, did you see any of the Expendables movies

Abraham Ering says:


C4RL0S TS4NG says:

Watching this movie as a Hong Kong people is cringe as fuck. It’s illegal to own any weapons in Hong Kong. There isn’t that much people doing fishing in Hong Kong. Robbery is not common in Hong Kong. He fired once in the movie. Normally the cops should be there with SWAT team under 7 minutes

Yousif Aljumaily says:

anyone knows the link to the t-shirt ?

King Gene says:


BioNichole says:

First you complain about a Marvel movie feeling like a Marvel movie, now you complain about a video game movie feeling like a video game.
Chris…you *are* paying attention to the movies you’re watching, right?

Medicated Movie Reviews says:

Agreed. Good adaptation and I too have a soft spot for the original tomb raider movies. I’m more of a cradle of life guy myself.

femiairboy94 says:

Cool shirt chris where did you get it? And awesome review as always.

Tim Walden says:

Chris Stuckmann is burnt the F out!

GrandJediMaster7860 says:

This is the second time I have agreed with one of your reviews over Jeremy Jahns’s….

Swoody says:

I liked it My only Issues with it Is its the same thing with Assassins Creed so much information In these games and they try to sum it up In a hour In a half or more when I would love to see them do a series on Netflix or Amazon or something.

Craig Bickerstaff says:

I think they got a lot of the imagery from the game but story wise it did seem to deviate quite a bit from the games plot line. For example and I hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler but in the game Lara comes to the island on her first expedition and if I remember it’s her work that leads to the discovery of the island. In the movie she seems to have no real interest in archaeology and goes to the island only in an attempt to find her father with the one person who captains the ship. Though I guess pairing down the characters was necessary for a feature length film. I did enjoy the film, Alicia was a great Lara Croft.

Caleb Gregory says:

congrats on being on trending

Price1way says:

Would this movie be considered the best adaptaton of a videogame?

Equus21 Writing & Films says:

I could not have asked for a more kick-ass and fun movie for my fav video game character. Alicia Vikander is breathtaking and the perfect Lara Croft.

Mitrik Gaduk says:

I took note of a couple things, when I first saw the trailer I had questioned 1. Why does she look like a girl next door rather than a “woman”? Sorry but she doesn’t hold a candle, you don’t have to have a huge bust to be a woman, she looks like a teenager. Not just this but her body type, she has a very small frame, Lara regardless of which version is atleast looking in her mid-20s, she doesn’t. 2. So we’ve had a problem in hollywood with white washing… Lara Croft has always been white, from the games to the movies, and every other form. At least to some extent, yeah the english accent has been a thing, but usually she’s white. I’m just saying that I’m surprised no one has bitched about this. It’s also a little funny that she’s married to Michael Fassbender considering the bomb that was Assassin’s Creed (I’m seeing a pattern here oddly). Honestly I just don’t see Lara in the slightest, yes I have played the recent Tomb Raider games, but regardless if I had or had not it still feels odd. I noticed a number of people even questioning “Who is she? Tomb Raider? Really? Her?” so I wasn’t the only one..

Greg Boyd says:

It’s not great

Justin Massop says:

finaliy, a good video game movie

R K says:

AJ just had her sex apeal. This Lara is more human.

Marcus Fossa says:

My main issue with the movie was Lara being emo. Real Lara is a badass who gets in a mayhem bicycle race to make 600 bucks for her badass MMA habit, not a sad emo girl with daddy issues.

Michael Minjares says:

This movie was an A- for me. I know some you will get butt hurt, but I found this movie more enjoyable than Black Panther.

Cassandra Amore says:

Alicia was really good her actions were amazing but I still prefer Angelina Jolie she was more sexy her action moves were more great angie she was more mature than offer girl I felt more worried for Alicia cause she was so young so when she was being attacked she hold her own but I just felt like she was too young to be in that situation I just prefer Angelina Jolie and more sex appeal to the movie and also the game

fluffimator says:

I love the games so I was kind of wanting to check the flick…looks good! Usually if you like them I do too so I’ll give it a go:-D Thank you Chris!

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